Thursday, August 13, 2015

Least Favourite Chore (Uuuggghhh)

Today is Thursday, the day before grocery shopping.  That means its time to do my least favourite chore: 

Cleaning out the fridge.


Eeeew.  Didnt get to it last week soits extra groady today.

Everything out sweating...

Mama Grinch is less than excited.

The dread was mitigated by my new organizing idea of storing my veggies veryically in large ziplocks for easier access because i haaateee digging through the drawers going, "Whheeere did I put thaaat cucumbeeerrrr????"

A little elbow grease and a lot of sweating later and voila:

Clean, organized fridge makes mamma less grinchy.

Happy Scrubbing, friends. 

1 comment:

Sara Marler said...

Hey, just making sure you are still alive. I don't like this falling off the grid stuff. It turns me into a stalker. I worry. Where are you??