Friday, August 22, 2014

Bloom Where You’re Planted


I have a quiet house to myself this evening as the hubs has taken a well-deserved road trip to the Drive-In, and I thought I would treat myself to a blog post. I think of blogging quite often these days, now that I am finally coming out of the exhaustion of our son’s first year of life (I marvel at women who still blog with infants- my hat is off to you, ladies), but even with more sleep and a little more breathing room now that the kids are 4 and 17 months, there is so much catching up to do around our home, and around my life, and so much of the everyday joys and drudges to work away at that things like blog posts take a back seat. Actually, they arent in the back seat…they arent even on the bus. But the thoughts are there, and I hope to find the time to occasional share what’s going on around hour home.


My husband very kindly painted my entire main floor (living room, dining room, and kitchen, as well as two of the bedrooms upstairs) earlier this summer and I was SO happy to have the red and butter-cream colour off my walls and a beautiful, warm brown up instead. I had been wanting for some time to start using aqua/turquoise as the accent colour around my home, but with dark red walls that was not an option. But I’ve slowly been working away at getting the house more decluttered, organized, and even a little decorated.
I found some aqua vases on clearance last month and I filled one today with a wild flower bouquet that Birdy girl and I picked.  We live in a pretty urban environment but even amidst the concrete, asphalt, highways and chain-link fences, nature makes her mark.  We walked the 3/4 mile or so to Target from our home and along the way there is a little field sandwiched in between the bus depot and the highway sound barrier wall where an array of wildflowers and plants grow.  My daughter loved watching all the white butterflies fluttering around the flowers and wanted to stop to pick every daisy she saw.  It go me thinking about how we have to bloom where we’re planted.  So often we can busy ourselves thinking about how life is going to be awesome, or could be awesome, if our environments could change, if external circumstances were different.  But in the plan of God’s grace and sovereignty, He has put us right where we need to be, and will give us the strength and guidance to bloom if we let Him.  I’m learning this lesson daily.
This is as close to “crafty” as I get.  I bought these faux flowers from Michaels and put them in a vase with some turquoise beads and it makes a cute centerpiece, surrounded by my 67cent candle holders from JYSK and one of Bird’s bouquets (she insists on picking flowers for mommy or daddy whenever we go outside now, bless her) in an old medicine bottle I bought at the JunkMan’s Daughter.  I thought about cropping the photo so it would look more picturesque but my daughter’s oatmeal bowl and colouring sheets and random toy plate are just as lovely as the decorations.  Signs of life.
This too me forever to accomplish, but I took three family photos that had aqua blue as a primary colour in the picture, had them made into 8X10s and framed them for the space over the buffet in our dining room.  It looks beautiful now that it’s up, Im so pleased with it, but getting pictures printed, framed, and hung is like a 237 step process that this mamma of two little kids takes a long time to get done.
I found a bag of pretty yarn balls at the thrift store for a dollar, and they matched y décor so I brought them home and put them in one of my enamelware pans.  Simple but pretty in my estimation.
Another close up of some decorative items on my buffet.  I bought the tray at Zehrs (one of our grocery stores) on sale as they were trying to get rid of their summer stock. 
DSC_0843    DSC_0844
I’ve really been trying to get our home organized this summer.  It’s never going to look like a Martha Stewart magazine layout but remember.. this is A Mary House, not a Martha House. Winking smile  I found those nice, sturdy aqua bins on clearance at target and the woven baskets at Zehrs, also on sale.  I love that my accent colour is so in right now- I have found lots of good deals.
Our amazing daughter, Birdy girl.  She is not even four and a half yet but reads at what has to be about a third grade level (at least) and can write far ahead of her age as well.  She has a memory like a steal trap and a nearly photographic memory it seems sometimes.  It’s amazing to see the gifts that Autism brings.
Tonight before bed Bird said she wanted to be a princess when she grew up.  And also a mommy.  Here is my little princess wearing mommy’s shoes.  Be-still my heart.
Onto Chubby Monkey.  After a long morning of fighting his nap, I found little dude passed out on the floor of his sisters room holding a drum stick over his lips.  It was so good I actually risked waking him up to take this photo.  You couldn’t make that up if you tried.
First time using a fork.  Digging mamma’s Linguine Alfredo.
So there is just a little glimpse of what is going on around the Mary House.  I pray you’re all doing well and thanks for stopping by!  God bless you!

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Love this and YOU too :-) I love the turquoise too!