Monday, July 8, 2013

Creating a Coffee Corner


Confession: we drink a lot of coffee up in this piece.  And since my generous hubby gifted me with a Kuerig this Christmas, we drink even more.  How into our coffee are we?  Well… check out our coffee cupboard:


Uh-huh.  So… I was reading this super cute blog the other day and stole the idea to make a coffee corner in our kitchen near the kuerig, one where I would keep all the goodies we need for a good cup of coffee in one location.  I tried my best with what I had, et Voila:

IMG_4107  IMG_4108

I didn’t take any before photos but this was part of a clean up I did of this third of the kitchen in general.

I used to have baking goods and my old fashioned mixer and jucier on the top shelf and the Kuerig on the bottom, with all the various boxes of coffee just sort of lazily piled beside it (hey, I have a new born… things have been more relaxed than usual lately). 


So I swapped those pots and pans out of a covered cupboard above my countertop where I prepare food for the baking supplies, cleaned out the cupboard you saw above (it was the graveyard of plastic bags and other infrequently used bis of kitchen paraphanalia) and made it the coffee cupboard.

IMG_4110  IMG_4109

Then, to make the coffee corner complete, I moved my cute little vintage sugar decanter, my creamer (which I now just fill up with half and half in the mornng and let it ride, baby… theres so much fat in that cream that it doesn’t go bad by the 3ish when we’re done drinking coffee for the day), and these nifty little white spoons that were doing nothing in my flatware drawer, over to the Kuerig shelf. 

IMG_4111  IMG_4113

For a little more decoration and added pleasure, I stocked one of my white compoe dishes that was just collecting dust up high on a shelf somewhere with some random KCups that we bought in sampler packs and another compote dish with some dark chocolate squares (who doesn’t like a little dark chocolate with their coffee??). 

In the end Im happy with the completed look, especially for a decorationally-challenged woman like me (yes I made that word up).
Now, lest I give the impression that my kitchen is this cute and organized all together,  let me zoom back and show you the bigger, less nifty, more messy picture:

baby swing, laundry basket (our machines are in the kitchen which may not be aesthetically pleasing but they sure are practical for this busy mom of two little kids), other stuff.
And to really be brave I took a quick shot of the other corner of the kitchen…


eeegads, lets look away again, my counters all junky.
Hope you’re having a great day, ladies!


The Kopers said...

I love your coffee corner! I've always wanted one. Maybe one day I'll have a beautiful coffee corner like my, cousin :) and can I just say - your kitchen was looking pretty good all around. If you saw mine right now....yikes!

Liesel Veld said...

I love this! I don't have a coffee corner (yet!), but I have moved my coffee machine to the living room. My kitchen is just so small and I couldn't afford the counter space (studio apartment). I usually drink coffee sitting on the couch anyway, so it's great having the machine at arms length.

Colleen Parker said...

Since the weather is getting warm, I have a nice, ice cold glass of Iced Vanilla coffee every morning. I get excited when I wake up because I can't wait to make it. I love my iced coffee!!