Friday, June 7, 2013

Old Fashioned Update: Now with more babies!

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Hello ladies!  Talk about a long time since I last posted.  As I said when I returned to blogging after baby number 1, my pregnancies are just too difficult to blog through.  Truth be told I really lose a lot of my nesting/homemaking instinct and desire when I am pregnant, and the longer Im pregnant the worse it gets (though I do get about a month reprieve where I feel creative again, around the six month mark, and youll notice that is when I did a post for Halloween!  Smile  But for the most part pregnancy consists of getting through the days and making the baby and focusing on my health and doing the basics to get my family through a tough season. 


But of course its ALL worth it because we got this wonderful addition to our family, our son whom I am going to refer to as Little Dude on the blog.  He was born March 21st and weighed in at a whopping 9lbs 2 Oz!  He was delivered via C-Section as his sister was, and this time the recovery was longer and harder for mom than last time, so it took me a good two months to get back to feeling anything close to normal.  Now, by God’s grace, Im all healed and my Im so loving every day of being a mother of two.  Its an adjustment for sure, but its such an amazing blessing. 


As my homemaking instinct has returned I am getting excited about cooking good meals, catching up with organizing and cleaning my house, and of course I want to blog again!  I miss the fun of putting together a post and sharing it with you and checking in on what you other ladies are doing in the blogosphere.  But as I don’t have to tell any of you who have kids, juggling a toddler and a newborn is a lot of work and I have just about zero time for creative pursuits right now.


our beautiful Birdie Girl on a recent trip to the beach

In addition to that, our brilliant daughter Birdie Girl was diagnosed with Autism in January and so I am quite busy with reading reading reading all about the world of autism, therapies, etc, which takes up what little “free” time (read: what I do while breast feeding haha!) I have. So, in short: blogging feels like an impossibility!  And yet it is probably my only real creative outlet, so I hope to be able to return to it in some fashion.


I think for the time being my goal is going ot be one blog post a week.  I know it’s a lot, and I likely wont have time to read other blogs just yet, but Im hoping to ease myself back into blogging with a few posts a month about recipes, parenting, faith, or whatever I have the brain space and time to get typed up.  I will also likely start sharing links and thoughts on my facebook page again, as that was a fun, quick way to share information and feel part of a community even when I couldn’t get a post done. 

I have so appreciated all the people who have read and participated in my blog here over the years, and I hope you are all doing so well.  God bless you all and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!!


Mecky said...

Congratulations! Babies are such a blessing. He is adorable! So is your DD!

Happy Homemaking!!

Molly Bierens said...

Congratulations! He is adorable!

Jann Olson said...

Bless your sweet birdie girl. I know that you will be awesome at learning all that you can to help her. Sorry to hear that pregnancy is hard for you. Like you say, so worth it. I was lucky and felt wonderful for all 5 of my pregnancies. 9 months can be awfully long when you don't feel well. So glad that you are back!