Sunday, June 24, 2012

Roasted New Potatoes with Leeks and Tarragon

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If you didn’t know better you would think this was a food blog, not a homemaking blog, because so many of  my posts of late are about food.  But alas… the truth is I spend the bulk of my time cooking or cleaning, and while I occasionally have something interesting to say or show you about cleaning, usually the food is a bit more exciting than the scrubbed toilet.  So hopefully you readers enjoy a good recipe!

I made my favorite Barbq Beef Roast in the crockpot earlier in the week (each time I make it I kick myself that I didn’t take pictures because it’s a fabulously easy recipe that I need to share with you all) and I wanted some potatoes to go with.  But I just couldn’t bring myself to use my lovely new potatoes from the farmer’s market for mashers.  I wanted something a bit more exciting. I browsed around the spice drawer and tarragon called my name. I realized I was out of fresh garlic and decided that my granulated garlic would do (oh come on, don’t be a foodie snob… that’s what dried spices are for- when you’re stuck without the fresh! ).
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Roasted New Potatoes with Leeks and Tarragon
  • 8 medium new potatoes
  • Whites of two leeks
  • 1/2 Tblspoon granulated garlic
  • 1 Tblspoon dried tarragon
  • 1/8 cup butter
  • 1/8 cup EVOO
  • 1/2 Tblspoon kosher salt
  • Pepper
1. Scrub and rinse your potatoes well, but do not peel them.  Cut them into roughly 1 inch cubes.
2. Fill a large mixing bowl with cold water from the tap (let it run a minute until it gets crisp and cool) and soak your potatoes in the water for ten minutes (this takes a bit of the starch out which allows the potatoes to crisp nicely when roasted).
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3. On a clean, lint-free paper towel, dry your potatoes on the counter.  Allow them to air about 10 minutes or so so they dry nicely. You want nice, dry potatoes for two reasons: it will help them to roast and crisp instead of steam, and it will allow the oil and seasonings to adhere better to them.
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4. Preheat oven to 500 degrees. While the potatoes are airing, slice and dice your leeks.  In a medium saucepan, melt your butter on medium heat.  Add the leaks and sauté, stirring a bit, for two minutes.
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5.  Add you garlic and your tarragon, stirring well and saute for two more minutes, stirring all the white, until the tarragon is nice an aromatic but no longer.
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6. In a large mixing bowl, add our dried potatoes and the leeks and tarragon.  Toss well.  Add your EVOO and toss.  Add more oil if needed (you want a nice sheen on the potatoes but they don’t need to be greasy).  Add salt and pepper.
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7.  If you have parchment paper, I highly recommend lining your baking sheet with it for these potatoes to save yourself a good scrubbing later on. If no parchment paper is at hand, just add a small amount of oil to the pan before adding the taters.
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8. Bake for about 30 minutes, stirring and flipping once about 15 minutes in.  Of course watch your oven as heat my vary and you may need less time.
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These were a hit with the hubs and even the kiddo, who usually passes on potato product of any kind, and I must say I thought they were delish.  Leftovers can be refrigerated and warmed up in the oven the next day on 400 for just a few minutes until they are warm. 
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Bon Appetite!
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Lisa said...

This looks so good! I love anything potato! Glad I found your blog through "Blessed with Grace." I am putting this recipe on my "to-make" list. Please feel free to come over and link it up at "Try a New Recipe Tuesday." I'd love to have you join us. Many blessings, Lisa

Anna said...

This looks divine! I love potato and leek in anything!!

Diane Balch said...

Leeks and tarragon sound like a great combo on potatoes.

allisamazing said...

These look delicious!

Miz Helen said...

Just pinned your great recipe, thanks for sharing on Full Plate Thursday and hope you are having a great week end!
Miz Helen