Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You wont believe what I found in a .50 Thrift Store Frame

Moving Picture Stories 1925-11-24 Hello ladies.  I really DONT have time for a post today, but Im going to try to quickly do this post for today because I want so much for all of you to know about this amazing treasure I stumbled upon this week.
We were on vacation last week and the hubs graciously gave me a little play money to go to the thriftore.  I was on the hunt for frames I could fix up and repurpose,a nd came upon this cool tray:
Picture 029

Its had a nice wood frame, cool handles, and a nice glass top, but had a hideous and boring  insert that needed to go!
Picture 030 Picture 031
I paid all of .50 for the tray because it was originally marked a dollar but as half-off on the day I picked it up.  I was excited about replacing the brown ugliness behind the glass with something beautiful and using the tray to serve tasty summer drinks to my friends.
I get it home and take off the backing, which was clearly just some piece of thin cardboard someone has cut to fit the tray, which when I turned it over I found this:
Picture 057
Someone had cut up this GORGEOUS movie poster (just wait, it gets more interesting) to use as the BACKIGN for this ugly brown piece of paper with a triangle on it!  Who was this person?  Oh if I could give them a good, stern talking-to.
Picture 059  look at them side by side… which would YOU  want decorating your home?  No contest!
So after I got over the initial shock of the fact that they had used something so gorgeous as backing and had CUT it up to do so, I started really looking at the piece and realized it was likely an original lithograph.
My husband (who is in the know about these sorts of things) looked at it and confirmed it was in fact a lithograph, and I looked up the stamping “Lithographed in the USA by the HC Milner Litho Co NY”, and found out this neat info about the lithograph company.
I also looked up the movie, and while I couldnt find a specific listing of this lithograph anywhere, I surmised it was circa 1930 when the film came out.  So how cool is that?  I wasnt able upon a quick search, to figure out what this gorgeous thing would have been worth if this goofball hadnt cut it up to make it the tray backing, but its sort of a moot point as it is damaged.
Picture 024
But its just so gorgeous and such a neat find that I decided to clean up the tray and put it in its rightful place as the beautiful decor that it is.  I know it isnt perfect, but hey, neither am I.  And what a fun story for 50 cents!
   Picture 025
Happy Thrifting, ladies!
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♥ a little of me♥ said...

nice post thanks for sharing...wanted to invite all blog friends to my tuesday's bloghops...the purpuse is to share with others...the lord love friendship ..this is own choice but will be glad if you join...thank you if you do...blessings

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

What a great story! I think the tray looks so cool now! And I love that you can now tell people about how you came to find this neat treasure!
Erica :)

ashleynewman said...

That is awesome. I would love that kind of old cool stuff in my house. Never see enough of I t. What a great find and cool story.

ashleynewman said...

That is awesome. I would love that kind of old cool stuff in my house. Never see enough of I t. What a great find and cool story.

The Old-Fashioned Housewife said...

Thanks ladies! I thought it was pretty cool, too!

Jann Olson said...

wow, what a find! Glad that you bought the tray and saved this cool piece of art from it's demise.

LV said...

You were very lucky to find that. I probably would never have taken it apart as you did. Lucky you and it is definitely a keeper.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

At least you saved a piece of this amazing Lithograph! Love the tray and what a find for .50!