Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Funny (and Creepy) Vintage Ads

Hello ladies!  For this week’s Rednesday, Vintage Thingies Thursday, and Share Your Cup Thursday, as is often the case I am giving you a peak into my vintage womens’ magazine collection.  This week, however, I am sharing with you some of the funny, awkward, and even scary ads that I have collected over the years.  I hope you enjoy a laugh (or a wince) with me as I take you on a little tour of these weird vintage ads.

Picture 001
My first one is this ad for instant corn bread mix.  On first glance you may not think anything is all that odd about it, but if you look up close, you’ll  notice they must have gone cheap with the illustrator for this ad.  While women were normally illustrated to beautiful perfection in these 40s and 50s ads, this woman is… well… a little less than ideal in her visage.  Check out her close up and see if she doesnt remind you of a certain 80s film character…
closeup1   sloth_goonies-431x300
Next on the “funny ads” list we have the classic women’s sanitary item ad that filled these mid-century magazines.  Tampons were a relatively new item in 1949 when the following ad was posted, and Tampax was trying to discreetly suggest that if you were intimidated to try this new form of menstrual aid, you were “backwards”:
Picture 008
After a paragraph of ad copy assuring you that you are behind the times if you aren’t using their produce, they offer a mail in form to receive your products in the mail wrapped in plain brown paper.  I guess thats easier than running to the drug store. :)
Picture 009  If it wasnt her “monthlies” that had a 1950s housewife worried, it was her family’s constipation. I cant tell you how many ads like this I’ve come across in my magazine collection:
Picture 070
What I want to know is, is this mom a giant?  it seems as though she has ripped off the roof of the house and is peering in over the top of the wall.  Hmm…
This next one is funny because it shows how much times have changed.  Check out this ad for a carseat for babies:
Notice your toddler can either sit OR stand in their “safety seat” while you drive 55 miles an hour down the highway.  I guess this was one step up from what my grandmother said she used to do with her babies in the 50s, “Oh I would just lay them on the seat beside me and if I made a sudden stop they would just go rolling down onto the floor!”  Yikes!
What was the number one enemy of kids in the 1920s?  You guessed it:  Freckles!
But thankfully there was a miracle cream that could remove them for 50 cents.  Not too high a price to be rid of the disgrace of freckles, right?
Now this one makes me laugh but also cringe because I think it typifies what a lot of people think a housewife does all day, and apparently that is not new to this generation.
    kraft dinner
Ladies, do not take the advice in this ad… do not just read your book and eat candy and then serve your family Kraft Dinner!!  This is terrible! :)
Now ladies, we move into the realm of Creepy Ads.  I only have two examples for you today, but they’re pretty good.  First up is disturbingly racist ad for rayon curtains circa 1949:
Picture 048So not only does the poor woman have to wash your stupid curtains for you, and smile while doing it, but she also has to endure being mocked for her supposedly inferior English.  Nice job, white folks.
The next one is La Creme du la Creme of all the creepy ads I have ever seen.  It shocked me so much that when I saw it I yelled out to my husband to come look at it with me (not something i usually do when reading a woman’s magazine).  Ladies, I submit for your approval, the ad for Trimz, the DDT Childrens wallpaper:
Picture 002
Now please just take a minute to let this one sink in.  In case you are too young to know about the horror that is DDT, check out the wiki article on it’s health hazards to humans (not to mention other creatures in nature which got in banned in the US in the late 1970s). If it wasnt bad enough that people were being encouraged to spray their crops and their front lawns with DDT in the 1940s and 50s, apparently they were also being told to marinate their infants in in while they slept.  Can you even imagine?  I didnt know such a thing existed!!
Picture 003 Yes, Trimz wallpaper will kill flies, mosquitos, ants, bald eagles, any other flora and fauna, and will give your children diabetes and cancer! 
Picture 005
If you read the article it was a scare tactic telling moms that the common household flie carried over 6 million bateria on them and thus…. the answer was clearly DDT. And just in case you think that DDY wallpaper might be ugly or difficult to install, no worries:
Picture 004  Picture 007
It now comes in adorable Disney prints and all mom has to do is submerge her delicate skin in a toxic DDT water bath and apply!
Picture 006
In all seriousness… I really pray that not too many people too Trimz up on their offer for this stuff.  Can you imagine?  I just wonder what our generation will be horrified that we exposed our children to in 20 years.  I pray its nothing quite as toxic is DDT!!
Well, ladies, I hope you enjoyed a peak into some of the funny (and creepy!) vintage ads I have collected over the years.  I hope to share some more with you in the future… its always an interesting blast into the past!
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Happy Homemaking!


Shelley Germann said...

Very funny and then horrifying! Thanks for sharing them. I would have never believed the DDT ad unless I had seen it with my own eye. Wow!

Dorothy said...

Hi there, your blog is very pretty, I like the background and header. I really enjoyed looking at the old ads, they were funny. Maybe the mom in the laxative ad was like that man in the 50's movie "The Collosal Man". Scary! :0
And DDT used to be sprayed everywhere! Have Mercy!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

I love these old adds. Makes me wonder if my mom wished for that wall paper but didn't get it! I'm glad we were poor! ♥

Ann said...

Love the dishpan add--really cute, wouldn't you hate to have to that today!

Linda Ruthie said...

I wanted to stop over and thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog. I see we do have things in common.
Now about those ads...where to begin? Ok, first and most importantly, take a look at the address for Tampax in the ad, that's my town! They packed up and moved quite a few years ago ( big job losses) but they started right here where I live.
I remember those vinyl plaid car seats. I'm not sure if there was one in any of our Ford station wagons, but I know I've seen them before.
The giant mom is hilarious. And DDT wallpaper... I'm speechless. Sorry to say, but I'm sure we're still doing things our children will some day find unbelievable. Live and learn.

LV said...

What a grand trip back in time. Brought back a lot of memories. Great posters.

Stacey @flickerwhips said...

That was a great post! Made me crack up and how about that ddt wall paper OMGOSH? I know we used to spray it on everything up until what...the 80's? No wonder their are so many illnesses.

DearHelenHartman said...

That winker scared me. YIKES. I have noticed that from the 30-50s especially there was an obsession with constipation. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

I actually sat in a car see like that! Amazing we are still around. I can remember sleeping in the back window on a trip to califorina! The one for the tampons is so funny! Visiting from Vintage Thursday, hope you can come by. Blessings, Debbie

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Funny and sooooooo scary too! YIKES! I can't get over that wallpaper with DDT, holy cow!

Melody said...

I too collect vintage magazines. What a hoot! Never saw that wallpaper either....guess they don't have a problem with bedbugs either.

Wendy said...

Omg, these are too much! Thank you for making me bust out laughing this morning. :)

Jann Olson said...

Oh my, first I'm laughing then I'm crying (well, almost) I can not imagine that wallpaper. Sure hope my mama never bought any of that deadly weapon. Love seeing your vintage ads. Boy have times changed! Thanks for sharing it with Share Your Cup!

Sandy said...

Just goes to show you that we baby boomers are a hardy bunch....jeez! DDT!!!!!!!

What a difference of a generation or two makes, huh? I think the parents raising children now are either too protective or just haven't got a clue what can happen to a child not being supervised...I drank out of a garden hose, I ate dirt, I ate paste, they made it sweet and minty because they knew kids would try it! lol My friend and I were just commenting yesterday about how Cracker Jacks now only has paper prizes, afraid that some child will die never dawned on me to take a Cracker Jacks trinket and eat it! Or stuff it up my nose...but of course I wasn't allowed Cracker Jacks until I could understand I saw a toddler eating Cracker Jacks the other my soap box...these ads were fun and scary as all get a out...:)

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Thanks for the entertaining post! I came across a really funny one the other day in one of my old magazines. It was for women's undergarments. And the cartoon woman says "I used to look like such a sausage in this dress!"
LOL Can you imagine?

Have a great day, Erica

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