Monday, May 14, 2012

Flavour Yogurt with Jam

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Ladies, are you still buying the flavoured yogurts at the store?  It seems these days there is an entire aisle devoted to Yogurt at the grocery store and so much of it is flavoured and sweetened with either loads of sugar or artificial sweeteners, along with artificial flavours and even colors.  In addition to all the extra calories and chemicals, if you’re buying the individually-portioned yogurts, you are wasting a lot of money for the convenience of having them divvy up yogurt into disposable plastic containers for you, saving you all of 2 minutes it takes to put yogurt into a small tupperware container.  Now that I have berated you, may I suggest an alternative?

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It is so easy to flavour your own yogurt, ladies!  There are many ways to do it- you can simply add a little honey or maple syrup, you can add some fruit puree or fresh or canned fruit, or, if you are going for a taste that mimics (but improves upon) the fruit-at-the-bottom style yogurt you are used to buying at the store, here is your solution: flavour your yogurt with jam.
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I began making and canning my own jam last summer and had a blast doing it.  I was able to control the sugar levels in my jam this way and it is a much more cost-effective approach than buying the stuff at the store.  Plus, you can support your local growers by buying fruit in season and canning when its at its peak.  I cant tell you how amazing a can of homemade strawberry jam smells in the middle of winter- its like summer in a jar!
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But whether you can your own jam or buy it at the store, its a great way to flavour your yogurt and be able to save money, as well as save calories and chemicals from your diet.
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Simply purchase a larger container of an all-natural (organic is even better!) plain yogurt at the fat content that you prefer, and add jam to taste.  I only need about half of a teaspoon’s worth for my daughter to love her big bowl of yogurt in the morning.
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This tip is definitely kid-approved! 
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Do you flavour your own yogurt?  What are your favourite tricks?
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Allegra said...

Thank you for sharing this! I hate that most of the flavored yogurt at the store is "low fat" since "low fat" usually means more sugar. I've been getting a big tub of organic plain yogurt plus a big tub of organic vanilla yogurt, and then mixing the two because there's so much sugar in yogurt. Totally unecessary! I want vanilla yogurt darn it! But not soooo sweet!

But I never thought to just get plain and then put my own fruit in it. So thanks!

Mackenzie said...

This is a great idea that I can use with my boys. Thank you for posting on Saturday Show and Tell, I hope you'll be back this week.

Tracey said...

Oh jam! I'd forgotten about that for yoghurt. We make our own yoghurt and use honey, brown sugar or ice-cream topping, but using our homemade strawberry jam would be fantastic! Thanks!