Thursday, May 31, 2012

Touched By An Angel. . .

Hi, I am Jann from Have a Daily Cup from Mrs. Olson.  I am honored to be doing a guest post for The Old Fashioned Housewife.
For quite some time I have had a love for vintage dishes.  Call me silly, but each time I find a new piece I can’t help but wonder what the person was like that this dish once belonged to.
Most of my collection has been purchased from thrift stores, or estate sales.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You wont believe what I found in a .50 Thrift Store Frame

Moving Picture Stories 1925-11-24 Hello ladies.  I really DONT have time for a post today, but Im going to try to quickly do this post for today because I want so much for all of you to know about this amazing treasure I stumbled upon this week.
We were on vacation last week and the hubs graciously gave me a little play money to go to the thriftore.  I was on the hunt for frames I could fix up and repurpose,a nd came upon this cool tray:
Picture 029

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcome, 100th Friend!

Im really not sure how to go about figuring out who my newest follower is that put me over the 100 mark here on blogger.  But whomever you were, let me say thank you, and welcome!

I have to tell you seeing that 100 just made me smile.  I love blogging and love getting to "know" so many of you other bloggers and look forward to journeying and growing with each one of you.

God bless, ladies, and thanks for this fun milestone!

Making a Spice Drawer

Picture 008
Hello ladies!  Excited to be joining Nature’s Nurture for Tiny Tip Tuesday.  Do you know Mrs. Nurture’s blog yet?  You need to go check it out.  Right now. :)
Nature's Nurture

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Pioneer Woman’s Iced Coffee (with adjustments)

Picture 021
Its summer time, ladies, which means its time to get our iced drinks ready to keep us cool and collected during the warm weather months.  If you are a coffee drinker, there are few treats more delightful than a sweet, creamy glass of freezing cold iced coffee.  One could spend FAR too much money running to Starbucks, Tim Hortons, or even McDonalds (theirs is actually my favourite!) to meet that iced coffee “need”.  But let’s be frugal and make our own.
This is where that sweet gal The Pioneer Woman comes to our rescue.  My aunt shared this link to her post on the best iced coffee and I dare say she is right.

This will not be a step by step retelling of the recipe, you really need to check out the post over at Mrs Pioneer’s place.  But I thought I would share my adjustments, my review of the recipe, and how Im storing all of these glorious liquid black gold. :)
Picture 063
Miss Ree suggested making an entire pound of coffee at once, but I hesitated because 1) I dont have the storage for that much coffee at once, 2) I needed to make both decaf and regular and 3) I wanted to make sure we liked the recipe before I used the whole bag.
Picture 069  Picture 071
Please pay a little extra for the fair trade label.  Its worth it!
I used Starbucks fair trade blends, but plan to experiment with other coffees in the future (unlike Mr Old-Fashioned, Im actually not that big of a fan of Starbucks).  I decided to do half a lb (or 8oz) of regular and only a quarter pound (or 4 oz) of decaf. 
 Picture 072   Picture 002
I let the coffee make overnight for about ten hours and strained first thing in the morning.  I agree with Mrs Pioneer that you really do need the cheese cloth to strain properly.  In fact, I ran it through a second time with some thicker cheese cloth to get those last little bits of coffee. 
   Picture 008 Picture 012
I dont have a large pretty serving decanter as shown in the original post and I dont have the room in our regular-sized refrigerator for that, so I am storing our iced coffee concentrate in mason jars (is there anything mason jars CANT do?  Gosh I love them!) and keeping the extras downstairs in hubby’s office mini fridge as I wont really have the room for them in our kitchen fridge.  A half lb of coffee steeped gave me a little over 3 quarts of coffee concentrate, and 1/4 lb gave me a 1 1/2 quarts concentrate.
 Picture 016
Picture 014  Picture 018 
I definitely used the sweetened condensed milk (and if you’re looking for a great recipe for homemade sweetened condenses milk with variations- coconut or cows milk, sweetened with honey or maple syrup- check out this great recipe over at The Seasonal Family) and splash of 1% to add a little more creaminess.  I mixed it all up BEFORE I added the ice, this way I wasnt fighting the sweetened condensed milk gunking up from the cold temperature.
Picture 020  
It was, as promised, absolutely FABULOUS.  In fact, Im drinking it right now as I type this.  I totally recommend taking the time to make this.  Its delish!  Thanks, Pioneer Woman!
Do you ladies have a favourite iced coffee recipe or another great iced drink for the summer?  Please share your link in the comments and Ill come back and share the links at the bottom of this post. 
Yay summer!

Im so honored to be linking up with  Simple Living for Foodie Fridays, Life as Mom for Frugal Fridays and Cheerios and Lattes for Saturday Show and Tell!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Guest-Bloging, New About Page and Blogroll


Hi Ladies!  Just a little “blogger maintenance” going on here and wanted to let you know that I am looking to do some guest-posting and would be open to having some other bloggers write a post here at The Old-Fashioned Housewife as well.  I would love to share a recipe, or maybe a post sharing some of my favourite vintage illustrations (they are always popular!) or something else you think might be interesting to your readers.  If you’re interested, le me know in the comments section and Ill be in touch. :)

Picture 131

I also wanted to let you know I have a new About page, as I realized I hadn’t shared the basic info about The Old-Fashioned Family in some time.

Also, I nixed the Blogroll page and instead added some blogroll widgets to my sidebar.  If your site was previously listed in my blogroll you should be able to find it there, plus some of my new favourite blogs.  If you like my blog in any way, be sure to scroll down and check out some of my bloggy friends- I wouldnt link to them if I didnt think they had great content!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Few of My Favourite Things

If you’ll indulge, me, just a few of my favourite things from vacation this week.
Picture 011
The way my daughter took to the water like a fish.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Making Vacation Affordable

Hello ladies!  Long time no talk!  I love seeing many of you on facebook; it helps me feel like we’re in touch even when Im a bit too distracted with life to be participating in blog land.  We are on vacation this week and I thought instead of doing a post of just photos of our family’s adventures and taking the risk of boring you to death, I would share some tips that my family uses to keep the costs of holidays down, and making it possible for us to get away with our modest income. 

Picture 004
Go Local
You dont have to get on an airplane or a ship in order to have a great vacation.  We re blessed to live in south-western Ontario, Canada, which is surrounded by 4 of the beautiful Great Lakes.  There are many small beach-side towns with inexpensive vacation home rentals, bed and breakfasts, and campsites.  There are also a number of great provincial parks within a 3-4 hour drive of our home that boast beautiful  beaches and hiking trails.  What is in your state or province that you are overlooking?  For our family, just getting out of our town and exploring a new place together is what we call vacation.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Flavour Yogurt with Jam

Picture 005
Ladies, are you still buying the flavoured yogurts at the store?  It seems these days there is an entire aisle devoted to Yogurt at the grocery store and so much of it is flavoured and sweetened with either loads of sugar or artificial sweeteners, along with artificial flavours and even colors.  In addition to all the extra calories and chemicals, if you’re buying the individually-portioned yogurts, you are wasting a lot of money for the convenience of having them divvy up yogurt into disposable plastic containers for you, saving you all of 2 minutes it takes to put yogurt into a small tupperware container.  Now that I have berated you, may I suggest an alternative?

How to Price-Match at the Grocery Store

Picture 013
Hello, Ladies!  I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s day, I sure had a great one.  For my third instalment in my current series, The Old-Fashioned Kitchen, I wanted to share with you all my system for price-matching at the grocery store.  This is one of those posts that could read like Gone With the Wind if Im not careful, because there is so much to say.  I’m going to try to keep it as readable as possible, but if I dont cover something you want to know, dont hesitate to ask!
food stores

Sunday, May 13, 2012

We Have a Winner

Country Living The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen: Live Well, Laugh Often, Cook Much

I want to thank all of you who entered the Farm Chicks in the Kitchen Give-away this month and I want to congratulate Robin from Knead to Cook on winning the book!  Everyone should take a minute and go check out her super-cute blog full of delicious recipes!  God bless, ladies!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Funny (and Creepy) Vintage Ads

Hello ladies!  For this week’s Rednesday, Vintage Thingies Thursday, and Share Your Cup Thursday, as is often the case I am giving you a peak into my vintage womens’ magazine collection.  This week, however, I am sharing with you some of the funny, awkward, and even scary ads that I have collected over the years.  I hope you enjoy a laugh (or a wince) with me as I take you on a little tour of these weird vintage ads.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Refrigerator Whiteboards

Hello, ladies, I am excited to be taking part in the first-ever Tiny Tip Tuesdays blog carnival over at Nature’s Nurture.  This is a great blog for practical tips on how to live frugally and naturally; I highly recommend it. :) 

How I Meal Plan

Hello ladies!  I am going to be starting a series of posts on the system I have been developing for planning, organizing, and saving money on food purchasing, storing, and preparing.  I find that this skill set is so important to keeping a well-running, sane, and loving home (not to mention a frugal one!).  I’m calling the series The Old Fashioned Kitchen and while I dont claim to be an expert in these areas I hope to have some fun passing on the little system I have begun to call my own. This will be the first in said series, and I want to share with you how I do my weekly meal planning.