Monday, April 16, 2012

Mommy’s Little Helper

 mary_cassatt_27 breakfast in bed by Mary Cassat

The Old-Fashioned Family has been sick sick sick this week with one super-nasty cough/cold/sinus infection.  It all started Easter afternoon when we rushed our little Bird to the hospital when she couldnt breathe upon waking from her nap.  Turns out it was croup, but as we had never seen that before, it was really scary!  Soon after my husband and I both became ill as well, and we’re still not totally over it. 

The only good things about being this sick is that it afford us a lot of family time together, even if it was sick and miserable time! :)  And, I go to do more blog posts than normal, which was also fun for me.

Picture 051

I have so many more posts that I want to do soon but for now I just wanted to share this darling video of our little Bird helping me with the laundry.  I was encouraged by a mentor of mine a few months ago that children can start helping with chores even when they are very little.  I took up the challenge and was amazed that indeed our little bird, only 22 months in this video, was able to help me put an entire basket of laundry in the dryer by herself.  The only downside: she likes helping so much that when the basket is empty she gets sad and cries a little when we have to close the door!  So sweet!

In the comments I would love to hear from you moms out there what chores your little toddlers are able to help with around the house.  Thanks for stopping by, ladies, and hope your Spring is as happy, and hopefully a little more healthy, than ours has been!

God bless, ladies!


Anonymous said...

Sorry you guys were all so sick, especially little bird. Good that you're getting much better now. We are getting over that yucky cold thingy too, seems to hang on. Just as you think you're having a much better day and feeling great, the next day isn't so good with coughing, sneezing & runny nose stuff.

The video is precious! My kids are all older now, but when they were toddlers they would help pick up things & put away, or get on a chair and watch or help in the kitchen. So darn cute.

The Old-Fashioned Housewife said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, Keepininnatural.. we have the same thing you had.. you think you're getting better and then have another bad day. Still dont have my voice back yet, either... maybe the Lord's trying to tell me something haha. :) Blessings!

livingnaturally said...

My baby girl is 20 months old and when I'm folding laundry I pass her 2-3 articles at a time and say "put it in your room". She knows how to take it to her room, open her bottom drawer, put the clothes in, and close it. Sure it means everything ends up in the bottom drawer, but at least it's in the right area for a quick put-away later :) She also loves giving massages to whoever lays on the living room floor!