Monday, April 9, 2012

De-Cluttering My Closet


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My goodness gravy was my bedroom closet getting out of hand!! I’ve never been a true hoarder and in fact I’ve always enjoyed a good toss-out of surface clutter, but reading Peter Walsh’s book Its All Too Much made me take a good, hard look at why I was holding onto the possessions I keep that take up space (and thus time and energy) in my home and life.  One thing that Walsh said in the book (which I highly recommend) is that often we hold onto objects because they represent a life that we think we should be living, or that we would like to live, or that we lived in the past, instead of keeping only those things which are useful and edifying the life we are really living today.  So often I have kept things under the rationale of “what if”….. “what if I need it someday?”… “what if I gain/lose weight?”… “what if I find time to do X hobby or interest that Id like to do but never have”… etc, etc.  A big part of this spring’s clean out for me has been making the conscious decision to stop holding onto things for any of those reasons.  If Im not using it now, or do not know for sure Ill be using it sometime within the year (ie seasonal items), then it needs to go.

Here is my before photo:

Picture 035

Yikes!  Eegads!  [enter another exclamation of shock and disgust here

Picture 039

Here I am starting my giveaway pile, and you’ll notice the garbage bag to the right for the tihngs that just plain needed to be thrown away 

  Picture 036    Picture 038 

Now here is an example of something that you hold onto for the wrong reasons.  This is a Led Zeppelin tshirt I got for my 13th birthday in 8th grade from my best friend at the time.  I have very few things from my teen years and this was something that represented a very happy memory for me, so I just kept wearing it and wearing it, mostly as pajamas or workout clothes.  Which was fine until earlier this year when it started to get holes in it.  And the holes became bigger holes, until finally, as you can see above, I can put my whole hand through some of the tears!  And yet I didnt want to throw it away… until now.  I took a photo to immortalize it here on the blog and then it went straight into the garbage. 

Picture 040

And now here’s an example of stuff you can FIND when you declutter.  I came upon these old shoes I used to wear when I waited tables.  I asked myself why I was holding onto it and I said to myself, “because you paid a lot of money for these orthotic shoes and you’re saving them in case you ever have a job again where you are on your feet a lot.”

Hello!!!!  I DO have a job right NOW where I am on my feet a lot!  Haha… so I started wearing them around the house as my housekeeping shoes.  They arent much to look at it but they give more support than regular sneakers. (and by the way my pants are pulled up so you can see the shoes….. I dont usually wear high-water pants haha).

Picture 046

Mommy’s little helper!!

And now for the after photo:

Picture 042


Picture 044    Picture 045

All I kept from that giant mess were a couple of bags, a couple of pairs of shoes, a few maternity items should the Lord bless us with baby #2, and a couple of sweaters  Check out how completely clear the bottom shelves are!  Wow!

Picture 048     

As a bonus I also cleaned out and organized my dresser drawers. I didnt take any before photos but rest assured it was overflowing in a few of those drawers, too.

Picture 035     Picture 042

A final look at before and after.

Thanks, ladies, for coming along with me on my de-cluttering journey.  As time allows Ill be doing more posts this week of other rooms I de-cluttered, along with some good simplifying and organizing tips I have been acquiring and putting into place.  God bless you ladies and Happy Spring Cleaning!

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