Monday, April 9, 2012

De-Cluttering Madness!!


Hello ladies!  Last month I was starting to feel very discouraged about my home as I had gotten out of some good habits with regard to my routines, and I felt like I had let some things go.  But as the Lord has been energizing me in Him I’ve been wanting to put my best foot forward for my family and serve them better in our home once more.  I was looking at homemaking-related books at the library last month and came across this book:


I can assure you that I am not receiving even a penny for endorsing this Peter Walsh’s book on de-cluttering and organizing, yet I do SO love it and strongly recommend to everyone one of you fellow homemaking ladies.  When I checked the book out I didnt think i had all that much de-cluttering to do, I never considered myself much of a hoarder, but working through this book not only helped me to see that I did indeed need to de-clutter, but more importantly that i needed to revaluate each corner of my home and ask myself what purpose did I want each room to serve, and how could I make my home a more efficient, warm, and welcoming place.  It also made me take a good hard look at why I hold onto the STUFF that I do, and I can tell you that over a two week time frame in March, I think I might have de-cluttered about 1/4 of my home contents (not counting furniture and appliances).  It felt wonderful to give things away to people, take carloads of things to the Bible for Missions Thrift store, and yes even recycle or throw things away that were just plain rubbish. 

OFHW clutter

Doing this major de-clutter and spring cleaning project really made me feel like I had control back over my home.  When you know what is in every corner of your home, and you know that each nook and cranny is filled only with the things you are really using and need to make your house a home, you just feel better and more able in your role as a homemaker (or at least, I do!). And this has helped cut down on the messes in our home because I realized that often there was no room for certain objects that just ended up “floating” around the house in various places and piles, but now just about everything has a place.  It feels great!

Because I dont want this post to go on too long, I will share some of the specific parts of the house that I de-cluttered in separate posts.  Thanks for joining me as my passion for homemaking is rekindled.  And I hope to hear lots of stories from you ladies about de-cluttering and organizing, too! :)

Blessings, Ladies!


Angela said...

I ended up sharing two posts: Got Me Some SOD Going! and Keeping On Trace With SOD (sod is simplify, organize and declutter). I asked others to share they cleaning schedule and if they had one..Great to 'see' you and awesome post.

Jann Olson said...

Hi cutie, glad to see a post from you! Decluttering always makes me feel so good. I really enjoy doing it. One problem, I clutter back up again. lol! Guess I still haven't learned the rule to take out more than I bring in.