Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1927 Needlecraft Magazine

Picture 077

Hello ladies!  I am so excited to be back joining the fun blog carnivals Rednesday and Vintage Thingies Thursday!  I have been anxious to share this lovely vintage women’s magazine I purchased over a year ago with you all and this seemed like the perfect post to do it.

Typically when I am at an antique store and come across a stash of vintage magazines, they range from the 40s up into the 70s, with a bulk of them landing in the 50s and 60s.  Rarely have I come across something from the 20s, and especially in such nice condition (and such a nice price- I think I paid 5 dollars for it!).  I am not a needlework enthusiast myself but I so enjoy looking at all the beautiful illustrations, both in the articles and the advertisements, that my lack of knowledge of the subject matter was inconsequential.  I’d like to share some of the beautiful images from the magazine with you below (and look out for lots of RED!).

Picture 079

I love love love all the homey domestic scenes that magazines used to include in their pages.  Look at this sweet illustration of a mamma on the floor reading with her little girl.  Precious!


Picture 080    Picture 081

This article about table linens and aprons showed ladies enjoying teatime together and they appreciate each other’s handiwork.  Look how glamorous those gals look with their flapper-style bobs and dresses.  So cute!


Picture 087

Now this was probably my favourite ad in the magazine, because as an advocate for breastfeeding I thought it was so cool to see an ad encouraging nursing even back in 1927. 

Picture 082

Red fans will love this old ad for Campbell's Tomato Soup!


Picture 091

Another great domestic scene in an ad for baking powders.  I love how moms used to take so much pride in feeding their family, and we can still take pride in that today!

   Picture 093

And finally, Il leave you with this glamour shot advertising the movies- does it get more 1920s than this??  Love it!

Thank you for stopping by at my blog and enjoying a little time-warp fun with me.  God bless!


craftyles said...

I love the magazine, especially the reds in it. I can't wait to come back and visit your blog!
Leslie from Brookhollow LAne

Fran said...

Love your blog and all the graphics you've shared in this post! I've never been lucky enough to find a magazine from the '20's. The "watch them scamper" pic is my favorite.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Fran from Hey, Mom, What's For Dinner

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Great photos and ads! Amazing you found a magazine that old, thanks for sharing!

Jann Olson said...

Oh I love it! What a fantastic magazine. Our magazines today do not hold a candle to this. Love all of the illustrations. I love the Campbells. Years ago I started collecting Campbells Christmas ornaments. Have not used them for quite some time, but too cute to part with. Thanks for sharing, and yes PLEASE do share this with my party!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

So happy to find and now follow your blog! I just love you 20's find. The artwok and the ideas behind them are so wonderful. I like that breastfeeding one, as well. So happy you found this and in such wonderful condition! Awesome!

Genie said...

What a steal at that price. I adore the pictures. Being born in ’39, I just adore old magazines like this. Thanks for taking the time to either scan or photograph the pages. genie

keepinitruralinthemidwest said...

Thank you for sharing, I love the all the pics. What a great find OFH.

I went to a couple stores the other day and didn't find any. Oh well, I just love second hand and antique stores, so it was worth it. Maybe next time I'll find something.

Sue McPeak said...

You are indeed lucky to find the 1920's magazine. Loved all the ads and graphics. Since I am a needleworks gal, I really loved seeing this. Great post for VTT. Thanks for sharing.

LV said...

You featured a great vintage post today.