Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Homemade Advent Wreath

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Hello Ladies!  Two posts in one day- whoa!  I’ve been wanting to share the advent wreath that I put together this week and I also wanted to take part in Rednesday, as I’ve missed the last few.  I know Im a little late in the game here as its already 7pm on Wednesday, but better late than never, right?

advent wreath 

This is our first year really observing Advent and I wanted to have a nice wreath to light when we took time to celebrate the approaching birth of Christ.  Traditionally, there are four (sometimes five) candles in an advent wreath, and they are usually purple and pink, and they symbolize Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love (and if you have a fifth candle, Jesus).  I had recently read an alternate symbolism for the candles that I prefer more:

Week 1- The Prophets who told of Christ’s coming
Week 2- Mary and Elizabeth
Week 3- John the Baptist
Week 4- Jesus Christ

I like this symbolism better, and we will be reading scripture and focusing on being thankful for each person or group who was an important part of the story of Christ’s birth and ministry. 

Picture 028

In the spirit of not buying more STUFF this year, I decided to make my own wreath, and I wanted to use things we already had in the house, or at most something I bought second hand.  Instead of the traditional evergreen wreath with taper candles, I decided to use pillar candles on a cake stand. This was super easy and I like the way it looks.  I already had some of the artificial winter berry garland and I shaped it to fit the outline of the cake stand.  Four candles I already had fit nicely into the wreath.  The candles do not match the traditional color palette of purple and pink, but to be honest I dont care much for those colours anyway, and I like the more natural palette of the browns, whites and reds together. 

Picture 026     Picture 027

For a final touch, I had purchased a big of pinecones from the thrift store and I simple set them in amongst the candles to give it an even more natural feeling.  Im very pleased with how it turned out and we have enjoyed being able to light the first candle in the evenings this week.

Do you celebrate Advent?  What are your traditions?

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LifeAfterPiggieSmalls said...

Love love LOVE this idea!

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Yes, we celebrate advent, but very low key. Scripture readings, a little calendar with a treat behind each door as you get closer to Christmas, and lots of baking!

Hope you're doing well.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

My husband and I started sharing this tradition a few years back, and we love it. Tonight I decided to make a public facebook group to share readings each Sunday.

Then I searched for wreaths on Pinterest. I came across yours, and I like it. I have been using an old silver platter laden with greenery and ornaments with pillar candles. I have an antique cake plate that I may use instead/also.

Love yours.

If you'd like to join us, I would be so touched.