Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Bit of Fall Decorating

happy fall  

Hello ladies!  I wanted to take a minute to say Happy Fall to you all and also to share with you the wee little bit of fall decorating i have done thus far in my home.  Some of you may have heard me say either here on the blog or on facebook that I actually developed a very strong aversion to all fall decorations (sad, right??!) during my pregnancy two falls ago.  i was deep in the throes of my first trimester of pregnancy (or should I say deep in the “throw-ups?” Too much information?  :) ) and I was so sick that anything I was surrounded with at the time triggered a nauseous response in me for a long time thereafter.  So, that meant fall decorations, antiques (no joke, sad, right??), and tv shows that I watched while prone on the couch like The Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote.

falldecor  the little fall vignette I created for my dining room buffet

By God’s grace, most of those things subsided after about a year.  BUT the fall decorations thing was really holding on.   Even at the end of this August when I was looking through my decorations in the garage and I saw the fall stuff, my stomach got queasy.  But I put my foot down with myself and I said I am going to retrain my mind and get back fall decorations.  They used to be my favourite, after all!!

 Picture 006    Picture 014

I dont have too many open, flat surfaces in our home that I can use purely for decoration, but my buffet (which is situated right in between my living room and dining room) is one such location.  I put some fabric fall leaves I bought at a yard sale years ago in a simple white flower vase- nothing difficult or fancy.  I filled a white ceramic cornucopia with some gourds from the local farmers market, and paired these very autumnal items with a pear in a cloche jar and a pretty vintage book on an easelRebecca from Stony Brook Farm it’s called,and I love the sweet little farm scenes on the cloth cover- makes me think of harvest time and perfect for fall decorating.

Picture 008   Picture 010  

On the other half of the buffet, I put some cute mini pumpkins and a few white gourds in my glass cake stand, where they are holding down the fort until I can make some yummy pumpkin or apple cinnamon muffins to go in there. :)  Finally, to bring a little light and warmth, I filled two mason jars with coffee beans and a small votive candle.  They look nice atop a vintage copy of the complete works of Shakespeare, dont you think?

Picture 020    Picture 022    

The other splash of fall is on my dining room table, where I have a simple and functional display of fruit, along with a pretty cloth pumpkin.  You may recognize these two white dishes from the post I did about my vacation vintage finds.  They have become mainstays on my dining room table since I purchased them, a great showcase for seasonal fruits, making the table pretty and putting delicious, nutritious food in easy reach. 

Picture 024     Picture 025

What says early fall better than beautiful Bartlett pears and extra sweet German plums?  Yum!

So, in between batches of canning, chasing after a busy toddler, and trying to keep the house in some kind of order,this is the little bit of fall decorating I’ve managed to do so far.  I hope you enjoyed, and I am also hoping this post will be the start of my return to blogging more regularly.  Summer is gone, fall is here, and canning season in nearly over.  Love seeing all your fall stuff on your blogs, too, ladies, Im catching up!

Please stay tuned as I plan to do a post this week on the 1914 Fall Fair I attended last weekend, I think you’ll find it almost as fun to read about as I did to attend.  Blessings, ladies, and Happy Fall!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Introducing the Old-Fashioned Housewife


Hello ladies!  I hope any of you taking a moment to read my blog post are doing well and enjoying the last bits of summer before fall sets in on us. I have been SUPER busy these past couple of weeks trying to get the rest of the summer harvest preserved before the growing season is over.  When Im not canning, freezing, or drying something, I’ve been chasing a toddler and trying to clean out some very neglected spaces in our home.  In addition, Im just in one of those periods where I am pouring over God’s Word and if my few free moments am more inclined to get ahead on my bible study homework than do a blog post.  While I miss blogging, it’s been a pretty good couple of weeks. :)


So, you might have noticed that there’s been a bit of a name change!  This is something I have been contemplating for sometime now, but I have been The Armchair Housewife for so long now that it’s been a bittersweet decision.  As I explained years ago, the title of the blog was a reference to the fact that I was so often guilty of being an “armchair” homemaker, much like an “armchair” detective or quarterback, one who sits on the sidelines and lives vicariously through others and has strong opinions about something that they dont actually participate in themselves.  It was a confession of sorts and a beginning on a new journey to take my responsibilities as a homemaker more seriously.  I’ll always have a tender spot in my heart for that phrase as I think it was inspired. :)


However, more and more I feel that it is no longer fitting.  I have FAR from “arrived” when it comes to being the wife, mother, and homemaker that I want to be.  However, I am no longer sitting on the sidelines.  I may still be struggling daily to learn how to do this very important job well, and I have a lot of learning to do, but theres no doubt that, by God’s grace, I am fighting the good fight in the trenches.  Proof of this is the fact that I havent blogged for a couple of weeks- there was just too much to do to read or write blog posts, and I’m proud to say I’ve at least come far enough to have made the right decision and no stay parked in the armchair!  Praise the Lord!


With this in mind, may I reintroduce myself as The Old-Fashioned Housewife!  I plan to write more as time goes on about why I prefer this name, but I am sure than any of you who have read this blog with any frequency can guess that I believe it reflects my desire to be that traditional wife and mother that viewed her role as homemaker as a full-time occupation and calling worthy of her best efforts.  My dear hubs purchased the domain name for me, so my web address is now!  For the near future I will continue to host at Blogger so as you can see the blog address is still the Armchair address, but if you enter the .com domain name into your web address bar, you will indeed be directed here to my home sweet home.  And I would go one step further and ask you kind, sweet ladies who have me listed in a blogroll on your page, if it isnt too much trouble, to rename me and enter the .com address if you are able.  No biggie if you can’t, people will still be directed here.


I hope the name change will reflect my desire to be a good old-fashioned housewife, focusing on being a wife, mother, and homemaker to the glory of God.  I am so thankful to have so many of you along for the journey and I hope to be blogging more soon (and checking in on all my bloggy friends!) 

Blessings, ladies!