Thursday, August 11, 2011

Introducing Fencepost Fridays

fnce1 In the 50s, marketers knew that women gathered around the back fence to chat about all things home-related

Once upon a time, when our society was populated with housewives, ladies didnt need blogs to get together to share tips, stories, and encouragement about how to be the best homemakers they could be.  Instead, they simply met around the fencepost out back, having a chat while they hung up the wash or watched the kids play.  Or after the morning chores were done and lunch was served and cleaned up, a housewife  might invite the other ladies from the neighbourhood over for some coffee, or start up a knitting circle, or have a canning party. 

 fnc2       fnc3

Sadly (and I mean it when I say ‘sadly’… I think we’ve lost a lot in our society with so few women at home today), it can be hard today for the stay at home wife and/or mom to find a community of other like-minded women who have the same tasks and goals as they do.  I know for myself, I can count only four stay at home moms among my friends and acquaintances, even those ladies I go to church with.  This is not a demonization of women who work outside the home, especially as I know so many women who would love to be home if they could, but it is a call for those of us who are blessed to have home making as full time job to make the best of the community we have here in blogland to encourage and support one another in our work. 

Household 1936-10

To that end, I am introducing Fencepost Fridays.  I may not have any homemakers in my own neighborhood to chat with over my back fence, but I do have all of you!  And what I want to accomplish with these posts is to share those tips, stories, and encouragement that I really believe we are often missing today as wives and mothers; we all need to share our wisdom and our struggles in order to feel like we arent doing this alone and we are making a difference in the lives of our families, and our communities.

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 So, how is it going to work?  Each Friday I’ll pose a question to you all.  Ideas include things like, “what is your go-to meal on a busy day that helps you not buy take out?” or  “how do you daily teach your children to walk in faith?” or “what are your favorite homemaking books and magazines” or “how do you balance housework with being a mom and a wife?” and many other things that I would love to hear from you all about.  The very sorts of things that we love to talk about with those (often few precious) friends of ours that live the same kinds of lives we lead.  Of course all ladies who consider themselves home makers are invited to join in the conversation, not just those that are home full-time!  I know so many of you out there would love to be full time homemakers but for various reasons are still in the work world.  Please contribute to the conversation and share your wisdom with us!

Collier_s 1930-04-12

I really hope to hear from ALL of you.  As comments come in I will go back and add them to the post itself, at the bottom of the page, with your profile photo and a link to your blog.  I really want these posts to be a community effort, and maybe someday if it is successful enough and ladies want to do their own posts, I could start a link party.  But for now, I hope youll add your voice by leaving a comment (our modern day fencepost!) and join in the conversation!

Die Hausfrau 1940-07

Tomorrow will be the very first Fencepost Friday, and I hope you’ll all grab a cup of tea and join me at my cyber-table for a little encouragement!  See you then, ladies!


Mrs Evans said...

How exciting! I have been feeling a little lonely and blue today, since I am THE ONLY housewife amongst my friends, and I have been wishing I could be zapped back to the days when almost ALL wives were at home. I can't wait to see what your post is about, great idea!!!

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Oh, I TOTALLY love this idea!!


RetroRocketGal said...

Yeah, I miss those days! Your Friday posts will be wonderful.

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Oh I love this! I work outside the home and have never been a housewife but have wished all my life I could be! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this, its so long overdue and I can't wait to watch it unfold!