Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good Will Goodies!


Hello ladies!  We’re having a great time on vacation here on Lake Erie; in fact we’re having so much fun we’ve decided to stay a few extra days.  I just couldnt wait until next week to share my second hand goodies with you all, so I’ll be doing two posts, this one on the goodies I found at the thrift store, and another on the treasures I bought at the antique store in town.

Picture 101

I simply can’t hold out on you and must share first the COOLEST find from Goodwill of the week.  I say “of the week” because Bird and I have gone three times now!  The fun of being on vacation is you have the free time to just pour over one section of the store each time you go, taking your time and looking at everything, and that way there’s more store to look at another day! 

   Picture 004        Picture 006

Isn’t she a beauty???  This is a Rival Juice-o-Mat, probably from the 40s or 50s.  I was checking out when I noticed this piece behind the glass counter and my heart went pitter-patter.  :)  I love vintage kitchen stuff, and this fit the bill wonderfully.  It is a very solid piece- very heavy and sturdy, and look how great it looks when it opens up:

Picture 007

Im pretty sure if I clean it up I can still use it- its definitely still functioning beautifully and Im interested to see how well it juices. But even if it doesnt work, its going to look *gorgeous* on my kitchen pantry shelf.  Now, at an antique store you could expect to pay at least 20 dollars or this, maybe more depending on where you are.  But the beauty of thrift stores is that they price things so cheaply, and guess how much I got this piece for?

Picture 109

Yes!!  Five dollars!!  Oh boy was I excited! 

Now on to the other lovely things i purchased… not as excited as the juice-o-mat but still good second hand finds:

Picture 001   

Picture 002   Picture 003

I’ll be using these milk glass decorative bowls (what do you calls these bowls on a pedestal?) for displaying seasonal fruit on my dining room table.  Whats funny about thrift stores is that they often dont know the value of things; in this case the larger bowl is clearly a made in china milk glass wanna-be, and it was marked two dollars.  The smaller one, on the other hand, is an authentic milk glass piece, made nearby in Cleveland, not super valuable but certainly worth more than the dollar they charged me!  But thats why thrift stores are awesome. :)

The main thing I’ve been on the hunt for this week are pictures for my walls at home.  I found a few cute cheapies at the Good Will:

Picture 103         Picture 104

This one on the right is not the fanciest picture ever but it was just so homey and cute that for a dollar I figured I could find a home for it somewhere on my wall or on a shelf.

Picture 110

These are the two backpacks I bought (2 dollars each), both in brand new condition, because I am switching from my cute but useless Vera Bradley handbag to  hands-free set-up because I find Im just having to simplify as a mom of a busy toddler (who is just learning to walk at 15 months so I still have to carry her everywhere!)

Picture 111       Picture 112    

While I was in the bag section I also came across this cute thing and had to get it, not to use for a bag but likely to hold towels in my bathroom.  Look at the cute red and white pokadot lining- how could I resist for one dollar?

Picture 006

I was able to get a number of books both for little Bird and a few classics for me (Great Gatsby, Cold Mountain).  But the real “find” was this sweet science book for kids from the early 60s. 

 Picture 007     Picture 008  


Lastly, I got this cute little set of vintage tins.  Im not much for knick-knacky stuff these days as I dont have a lot of space for them and Im not a big fan of stuff that just collects dusts, but at  quarter a pop these were too cute to pass up and will look groovy on one of my pantry shelves. 

Ok, ladies, well I’d say that was enough feasting for the eyes for one post.  Hope you enjoyed reviewing my finds as much as I enjoyed hunting them up.  My next post will be even more groovy as I’ll be highlighting my finds from the Antique store in town- cute as a button and *awesome* deals.  See you soon!

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~~Carol~~ said...

I bet that juicer still works like a champ, because back then they made things to last! You sure found alot of great things at that Goodwill. Ours has nothing but junk!

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Great finds!! We always seek out thrifty stores when we vacation too. When my friend came to visit earlier this summer from VA, she was so eager to *see* my Goodwill that I always post about :)


Laura said...

Those are some awesome finds. I love Goodwill too. You really can find some great stuff there.
I love everything!


Mrs Evans said...

Great stuff! I like the milk glass, and I'll be looking for hand baskets next time I'm at my goodwill:) Now that we are shopping at farm stands it will make sense to have some baskets to keep the delicate fruits and veg in! Hope you have a great last few days of vacation!

Mom Walds Place said...

Every good vacation includes milkglass!

Bloggymom said...

Absolutely love the milk glass compotes that you found. The vintage tins are also great finds.