Friday, August 19, 2011

Fencepost Friday: What is your Routine?

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Hello Ladies!  Thank you for joining me for another Fencepost Friday!  it really touched my heart that many of you responded to last week’s post about finances.  I want you to know I appreciated the wisdom that each one of you brought, and your unique stories.  So awesome, this is what makes Blogland great. :)

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This week I want to talk about routine.  My bloggy friend Mrs. Evans did a post about her weekly routine the other day and it got me thinking again about my own routine and how really I could use a more formalized work schedule to help me accomplish more in my day and week.  While our little Bird was still tiny, and we were grabbing sleep when we could and nursing all day and she wasnt able to play on her own, trying to get any sort of schedule in place was impossible. 

meal planning

But now that she is sleeping well and I can actually plan stuff (to a degree, anyway!) Id like to get more of a weekly plan in place.  I will never be rigid type-A schedule keeper, its just not me.  But Id like to at least organize my major housekeeping chores in some order.  I think this will allow me not to feel like i have so much to do everyday, because if I can just do what is on the list for a day and know I’ll get to the other things in the rest of the week, I think it could help reduce stress!

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So, our question for today is this:

What is your routine? Specifically, what is your homemaking schedule or routine?  Do you have certain days of the week that you do specific chores, or do you have more of an ebb and flow to your day and week that just seems to emerge as you go along?  If you have children in the home, I am especially interested to know how you balance time with them and getting your housework done.  And if you are working outside the home, perhaps you can tell us how you balance getting stuff done around the house and having to work at a job (I know all about that!).  Feel free to share either your daily routine or your weekly, or both! 

Really looking forward to your responses, ladies.  I am thinking that because these answers might be a bit more lengthy (and thats ok, I want the details!), and because I have a TON of stuff to get done today in the kitchen (namely peach jam, pickles, and freezing green beans) I probably wont copy and paste answers into the main body of the text today.  Instead, lets just make sure we read the comment sections for everyone’s insights, and you can even subscribe to receive new comments by email if you want to continue to take part in the discussion as more thoughts come in.  I’ll start the comments off with my own daily routine, and I’m excited to hear from each and every one of you!

Blessings, ladies, and Happy Homemaking!


The Armchair Housewife said...

As I said in the post, I dont have a weekly routine laid out yet, but I have a basic daily routine the day tends to follow (sort of), which is the following:

7- rise and shower, get dressed
7:30- wake Bird, get breakfast for both of us
Morning- reading, blogging, housework (often i start a larger project like canning or cooking ahead in the morning)
11:00ish- lunch for the family
12:30ish naptime for Bird, and depending on the day, if I need it I get a bit of a rest during her nap by putting my feet up, reading my bible or working on a blog or reading a coobook or something. If not, I'll use this time to do chores I cant easily do with Bird underfoot, especially like jam-making, mopping floors, etc.
2:30- Bird wakes up, we have a snack and some story/cuddle time
Afternoon- more chores, working on dinner
6:00 dinner, followed by kitchen clean up while Dad sits with Bird
7:30- 8:30 family time
8:30- bedtime for Bird
9:00- I really try not to have anything left to do at the end of the day. This is when I will work on a blog if I have the energy, read my bible, watch a movie with the hubs, or just veg and read.

How about you? (dont feel like you need to time stamp it if you dont want to, thats just how I did it :) )

The Glamorous Housewife said...

At the moment it is still summer schedule for us, but I am going to give you my school year schedule because it takes up the majority of the year for us.

6:00- I wake up and have my cup of tea, play on the computer.
6:30- Time for the boys to get up and get ready for school. I make their lunches and nag at them to get dressed.
7:05- Leave to take the kids to the bus for school.
8:00- Home. Time to take a shower and get ready!
(now that I have a baby I am sure there will be feedings and cuddling during this time)
10:00- Stores are open, time to do errands!
12:00- Back home to work on the computer, cook, do chores, etc.
4:30- Time to cook dinner which is on the table by 5:00, when the kids are home (husband picks them up from the bus) and HUNGRY!
6:00- Dinner over, time for homework
7:00- Husband takes boy #2 to be washed and put to bed.
7:30- Boy #1 is told to take a shower and go to bed.
8:00-9:00- I watch tv and then I go to bed. Yes, I go to bed very early! I need my beauty sleep :)

*Like I said, with a new baby this routine will change somewhat. Plus I would love to get some time in the morning to exercise.

Cant wait to see everyones routines.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Angela said... it ready?

I am usually up by 5 a.m. This is my quiet time with the Lord. Coffee on. I pray the Rosary. Than I read two psalms (one is Psalm 91 I pray each day..the other is one that has been used back in the day in the Old Testament time there are certain Psalms the priests would pray for each day...found that out while reading a book and have used that for a few years now).After that, I read the proverb for the day, as it's the 19th, I read proverbs 19. Than I'm reading from start to finish in the bible, so I go to where I left off yesterday.

Than I get my Prayers that Availeth Much and pray certain prayers for that particular day. There are certain ones I pray each day. Hubby, me, our marriage, my children's future, rebellious teenagers (Randan is no longer a teen but sure doesn't hurt to keep praying that over him)I have about 8 prayers that I pray each and every day, plus certain ones for the day.

Now for my cleaning schedule. I've divided up how many rooms I have in my home, than by 6 (Sundays are days off)...I clean those particular rooms. For instance, Mondays is bathrooms...Friday's is masterbedroom.

This helps me not be so overwhelmed and easy to keep up with the cleaning.

I do laundry for the most part every day. Between early morning, or later in the evening to save on hydro and gas peak time.

There you have

I try to write in my chore journal each day what needs to be done, than check it off. I also try to journal each day also. I LOVE that part....

Angela said...

I had this schedule also with the daycare children. I was on a tight schedule with the daycare children also...

Circle time by 9 a.m.
10 a.m. snacks.
back inside for lunch.

Circle time again.

Wash up, brush teeth.


Tidy up sleep area.

While they napped, I would try to get supper ready for the night. Sometimes I would have daycare children help me..(set table, make salad with me, etc.).

My children are older so they have their own routine.

When they were younger, I had them on the daycare routine also...It worked awesome.

They loved cleaning back than.

sigh..oh my, whatever happened to those times,,LOL

Mrs Evans said...

Thanks for the reference! I am honored:) As to my cleaning schedule, as I posted in my blog, I do "big" cleans on Monday and Friday, then catch up on laundry and keep things relatively tidy mid week. I don't have any children, so I don't have to work around other activities. I have a very laid back cleaning routine. If I do get behind though, due to being busy or sick, I tend to just take of the big things first (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and toilet) then work on the littler things (bed making, dusting, picking up, sweeping/mopping). Luckily I have a very good husband who just lets me get on with it, and never complains!

Jann Olson said...

I realize that now that I no longer have children at home my schedule is much more flexible. Funny though, I still have a routine. I am a (mental) list maker. Meaning, I don't write things down, but I always have a to do list in my head.
One habit I got into as a young working mother is that I make my bed almost immediately after I rise. Which is almost always 7 a.m.
I found when I was working that if I made my bed first I always managed to get myself ready on time. If I got ready first, with the intentions of making my bed after. I never had enough time. Weird, but so true! I do laundry every other day. Kindof have a dirty clothes fettish. Meaning, that I don't like them laying around. Mop, clean bathrooms, and dust once a week. Also, after making my bed I love to wander out into the gardens to water my pots. Love how fresh and new everything looks in the morning.
p.s. Have to tell you that we nic-named our oldest son, bird also. He had such skinny legs that even in Jr. High we still called him Lonnie bird. We could always tell which boy was him out on the football field because of his skinny legs. LOL!

The Armchair Housewife said...

Ladies I have so appreciated hearing about your daily routines as they have poured in over the past few days. thank you all so much for taking the time to tell me about your schedules, it means a lot and I've got lots of gret ideas here.

And Angela, I just love the idea of reaching a proverb everyday of the month- Ive started doing that as of this morning!

Thank you all for joining me around the fence post!

Mom Walds Place said...

What a snappy idea, sharing successful schedules. Unfortunately my schedule resembles a crime scene.

Laura said...

I usually get up around 6:30am. As you know, I get showered and dressed right away.
By 7am my bed is made and I am on my way to the kitchen. I make a small breakfast for myself then check my emails.
I empty my dishwasher, load it with any new dirty dishes, wipe down counter tops.
I do a quick clean of the washroom. Then start laundry. The kids are usually up by now so I make them breakfast.(I'm giving you my summer rundown, it's a bit different when school is on).

The rest of my morning consists of laundry washing and hanging outside if weather permits. I tidy up, dust and vacuum. A couple of times a week I venture downstairs and clean up the boys "man cave". In the afternoon, I try to go out and play with the kids for an hour or two. Just focus on them. And then it's time to begin to prepare dinner.
Truthfully, I'm almost always doing "something". Usually around 8 or so.. I stop.


The Armchair Housewife said...

Laura, you dust every day???? get out. Im trying to do it once a week over here! Haha!

Mom Wald, you cracked me up with your comment. i have felt the same way lately, so I have been trying to focus on a schedule.

Actually, just last night I sat down and worked on a weekly schedule. I am feeling good about it and hope I can put it into place. We'll see! :) Thanks again for all the input, ladies!

Laura said...

Well, I try to dust at least the "stuff" in one room each day. Not the whole house though. ;p
By the time I"m done each room, it's taken all week to do the house.