Monday, March 21, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Congratulations to Twyla and Lindsey from Two Crazy Crafters, you are the winners of The Waltons Giveaway!  I’ll be contacting you at your blog this morning to make sure you know you are the winner.  Ladies, be sure to check out their website, it is super cute!


Thanks for those who entered the contest, and be sure to stay tuned- I like giving away stuff, its fun!  So Ill be having more give-aways soon.  Blessings!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, how exciting! We look forward to watching. Could you email me and I will send you my address. Thank you so much for your generosity! Have a wonderful day! Twyla

Laura said...

Congratulations to Twyla & Lindsey! Enjoy. :)

Thanks so much for having the giveaway! It's always fun to participate in them.

P.S. Thanks for the link you left on my blog too. I'll be sure to check out that blog soon! :)

Our Family said...

You made some updates I see. I LOVE this blog. Love all of your photos and updates!

The Armchair Housewife said...

Oh thanks so much, Courtney, thats a sweet comment. And yes I have been working to spiff it up a bit :)

Denise said...

Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately, I'm way behind on my blogging so I missed your giveaway. :( Maybe next time! So happy that you are blogging again.