Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

Howdy ladies! Hope this blog post finds you all doing well. I’ve had a hectic week and not as much time to blog as Id like, and as I am now doing guest blogging over at the Loft Organic foods blog, that makes my blogging time even more divided! Oh well, life before blog, right? (Right?….)

I had a chance to stop in to one of my favourite new thrift stores this past week- The Bibles For Missions shop in our small city of Kitchener, Ontario. I love this little shop we found last year when we moved to the city- not only are the prices fabulously cheap (earlier in the year I got a large Le Crueset dutch oven there for TWO DOLLARS. TWO. They retail for over 300 dollars!) becuase they are an all-volunteer-run store so that helps keep the costs down, but all the proceeds go to a great cause- buying bibles! Free bibles are available at the front of the store, too, which is excellent. If you live in the KW area, check it out for sure.

So here are the groovy finds I made out with:

Picture 005

all the loot

Picture 006

someone with my exact same taste in magazines donated their stash!! I almost never buy magazines new because they are so bleetin’ expensive- but these were a quarter each!

Picture 007

just in time to get me in the mood for the season!

Picture 008

these were fantastic finds- all 1.50 each and in perfect shape! I have a hard time finding Christian fiction I enjoy, but i do like Frank Peretti and Ive been meaning to give Jan Karon a try. Anyone like these authors?

Picture 009

I am just starting to learn to sew (on a machine I got at this thrift store for 18 dollars!) and I was excited to find this old pattern set for kid’s stuffed animals as Id like to start making them for Bird instead of buying them. Only 50 cents!

Picture 010

we eat a lot food in this house where I need sectional dishes, like mexican food, salad bars, etc. I was excited for find this divided serving set, 2.00!

Picture 011

I also stocked up on cards, 2 for 25 cents, and now have a nice stash instead of paying the exorbitant price you pay for retail

Picture 012

I especially loved these cards with the Japanese woodblock prints on them- look at this detail below of a mother and child- precious!

Picture 014

Thanks for coming along with me on my trip to the thrift store! Blessings, ladies!


Angela said...

I've read all Frank P.'s books. You sure scored on some amazing finds..Loving those magazines. I have just finished cutting out inspirational words and pictures from my yard sale haul magazines..oh my do I need to get back to yard saling...I just finished making another journal from the pictures that I have cut out from all the magazines I went through. I have a beautiful storage wood cupboard that I store all my cut out items. I will have to do a video one day to share with everyone how I organize them...

The Armchair Housewife said...

Angela that is SO sweet of you to stop by and leave a message and you know what? I was thinking as I posted this "I hope Angela has a chance to see this because I know she appreciates a good second hand find!" Haha... and I agree, i cant wait for your weekly thrift store videos again.

And DO do a video on how your organize your cut outs, oh that sounds fab!

Anonymous said...

very cool finds magazines are sooooooo rediculously expensive

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole~
Ali is a HUGE fan of Peretti and pretty much has read all his books. I will be anxious to hear what you think about his writing. I'm told you either love it or hate it. We have a "Goodwill" store here, but I never go. I am always disappointed by how much they charge for their clothes. You can get new ones for the same price at Walmart and that is usually the brand at this "Goodwill" However, I take my clothes to a consignment shop and do shopping there as well. It is very clean and very affordably priced. Last year when I went in at Christmas time after taking clothes throughout the year that I wasn't wearing anymore I had a nice surprise of $175.00!! Not bad at all and was a great help for Christmas shopping! Blessings and Love!

Aunt Sheila

The Armchair Housewife said...

Aunt Sheila I hear you about over-priced thrift stores. We have a number of them in this area, sadly one of them is the Salvation Army. I think what it comes down to is whether they have to pay a staff or not. If they can get an all volunteer staff, like this store can, I think it helps to keep their prices down. But if they have to pay an entire staff of people, that seems to put the prices right up to not worth it for second hand stuff.

Now, i will say one more thing about second-hand, though, that I like. And this is my politics/consumer ethics showing: I also like second hand becuse it takes money out of the corporations that make everything in china or other third world nations where employees are treated poorly and are not paid a fair wage. Id rather give my money to a charity than to a business with questionable practices. also, its the ultimate in recycling- thats stuff that wont go the landfill! :)

Consignment shops are great, too, and I need to find a good on in our city. I used to use one in the small town we lived in, it was awesome. So glad you have one you like!

Love you and Ill let you know what I think of Peretti- I have read one of his books and really liked it- but you know me Im all into that sort of genre!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole - fun going through your pics of second hand stuff. I love to do that too but don't need so many things anymore. Great books you got. I like both Frank Perretti's writings and also Jan Karon's. Hers are such delightful, relaxing reading and I actually reread them after several years. Mary H

The Armchair Housewife said...

Mary I hear you and you know I try to keep my purchases to a minimum and just to stuff I really will *use*. It so tempting to buy a bunch fo stuff you dont need and will just collect dust. I almost didnt get the magazines but I rationalized that what Ill ikely do is look at them and give them right back to the thrift store to resell them- worth the few dollars I spent on them and it all goes to a good cause :) thanks for the sweet comment!

Laura said...

I love all of your finds! Fantastic. I love those magazines too but rarely buy them because as you say, they are so expensive when they are full priced.

Unfortunately, in my small town, there is very little by way of discount stores. We do have a Goodwill but even it can be a bit pricey...


Anonymous said...

Hey Nicole,

Love the blog! Where is this thrift store? I'm always looking for places like this. You found some fun finds!

The Armchair Housewife said...

Hi Shannon. Is this Shannon G from Elmira by chance? If you go up to where I give the name of the thrift store, it is a link and it will show you the address. Its on highland near the corner of highland and belmont. Its worth checking out especially if you are already going to be up in kitchener. :)