Friday, February 4, 2011

The Armchair Mamma

us2 Hello long-lost blog friends!  For those of you who have kindly kept me in your blog reader all these months (actually over a year now!) since my last post, Hello again and I hope 2010 was a great year for you all.  I want you to know that those of you whom I used to have regular contact with via this blog certainly were in my thoughts many times in the past year and a half since I regularly blogged, but life  was just too full to blog, and the fun that I started with The Armchair Housewife just had to take a backseat for a season.

2010_0514selah40043 Our baby “Bird”, just a week old

We had our beautiful baby girl in April of 2010.  Long story short is that I had a hard pregnancy- very physically difficult from start to finish.  Working, moving into a new home, and dealing with the ups and downs of a difficult pregnancy left me with zero time or energy for something like blogging.  Plus, truth me told, the sorts of things I used to like to blog about, mainly figuring out how to make my home more homey, was something that simply wasn’t happening in my life. I was just surviving when it came to my home, just doing the basics and something not even that!  And then of course when I had our sweet little Bird (that’s what she will be called here on the blog), I had her via C-section, and had a 2 months recovery before I was doing much in the way of homemaking, and since then have been learning to be a mamma for the first time.  It’s a steep learning curve for an old dog that doesn’t take easily to new tricks.  ;)  But of course it has been wonderful, nothing has ever brought me more joy (or less sleep!) than being a mom. 

Momma and Baby girl, about three months

It is only in the last month or two, that I have been able to really start focusing on my home again in any sort of way other than the basic basics, and there have been times when Ive though, after completing a project of some kind, “hmm… that’s something I would have blogged about.” Recently I organized my fridge and freezer and felt tempted to take photos of the finished product but realized i had no where to post such a thing.  I had really thought I had retired this blog, but after enough  thoughts running through my head along the lines of “oh this would be fun to blog about”, I have decided to resurrect the old darling.

a slideshow of some lovely family photos from late October

I still have forty-some followers, but I know as its been so long since I’ve regularly blogged, I don't expect you all to be faithful readers, and I don't expect to blog as frequently or as lengthy as I did in the past before our baby Bird came along, but i do plan to post things here and there about what Im trying to accomplish around the house, and feel free to keep me in your blog circulation if you’d like to come along on the ride with me.  I miss the old blogosphere comradery, and I do hope to reconnect with some of you, as time allows of course.


Baby Bird and Stuey the dog, last month

I have updated the look of the blog, this is probably a temporary look but it feels good to have a fresh and clean look for a fresh start at recording my journey as an Armchair Housewife (and now mamma, although there’s nothing armchair about motherhood- I am in up to my eyeballs 24/7!! :)  ).

christmas God Bless you all and look forward to reconnecting with you.  See you soon!


Love the Decor! said...

Welcome back and congrats on the new little one!!
Bet you will be busy planning a 1 yr birthday party soon!! Have a lovely weekend

Lianne said...

Yaaaaaaay!!! Welcome back! She's absolutely gorgeous and you look fabulous. I added a new addition in May of 2010, so I understand your blogging drought VERY well! :)

Congrats! I'm glad you've returned. said...

Congratulations and welcome back!

Laura said...

Your daughter is just beautiful. Congratulations on your lovely little family. :)

It is an adjustment going from no kids to having them for sure. Sounds like you're doing well though.

I'm so happy to have you back. I've thought about you many, many times over the past year.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

so glad your back. love it.

Angela said...

She is just so precious. My goodness what a beautiful little girl..I'm just in awe of all the changes that have happened in your life in almost a year girl!! Is that your house,,and are you by the lake???? That precious little 'Bird' sure doesn't take a bad pic..she just lights up the whole place doesn't she...Glad your back.