Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some Exciting News

Hello Ladies, I am sorry I have been away so long, owing many of you a visit to your blog, one of you a give-away goody, and just lots of blog-world catching up to do.

The truth is, however, I just haven't been feeling up to it. And truth is, I haven't been feeling up to much these days. And if you look above this post, and notice my shiney new ticker, you'll understand why. :) Caleb and I are expecting a baby in late April, and I am about 11 weeks along today. God has blessed us, I am very excited and thankful to our good and gracious God for blessing us in this way. I of course appreciate prayer for my little peapod and his or her development.

As excited as I am about the pregnancy, I have been more sick than I thought possible! I didn't know you could feel so terribly unwell as an expectant mother. I have not felt well in about a month now, having a hard time eating anything, not just in the morning, either, but all day! I'm tired mostof the time and have a hard time doing much. And so blogging, both reading and writing and other things, have really, really taken a backseat. In fact, I get extra nauseated if I'm online for very long, so I don't promise to be blogging regularly until I am feeling better. I start my second trimester next week, and I know many ladies start to feel better around that time, so i am praying this will be the case for me. Again, I appreciate your prayers in this area as well, because I am behing in my housework and at the office, and really in every way! :)

God bless all you ladies and hope to see you soon!