Saturday, September 12, 2009

My First "Button"

Hello Ladies! well, must be y'all have been a-prayin', because I feel better already! I'm still not doing any marathons or anything, but Im feeling well enough this afternoon to do some laundry and start dragging out my fall decorations and start putting summer away. Boy does this feel good!

I'm taking a break to unload photos from my trip to NY, and I decided to post my first "button". Many of you ladies have some of the cutest buttons, like The Vintage Housewife, and Aunt Ruthie over at Sugar Pie Farmhouse. I have wanted to make one for a while for any of my bloggy friends who might want to beautify their blog with some fun retro art, but haven't known what to do, especially as "Armchair Housewife" is actually a pejorative term, not one to embrace, so I'm not like to do a "I'm a Proud Armchair Housewife!" button. haha... that would sort of defy the point of the blog.

But I so liked the little graphic I put together for my intro to fall post a few days ago, and thought you ladies might like it, too, so I'm putting it up for any and all to use. I have now added my web address at the bottom, and if you use it as a decoration on your blog margins, I would appreciate you making it a link to my page as well, but there's no obligation. I want to figure out how you ladies create the button HTML, but for now, if you're handy enough to just click and save the photo above, and post it as a 'picture' gadget on your blog, you are more than welcome to. No obligation, of course, but thought it would be fun to share. :)

God Bless, ladies. More soon (if I can stay off the couch...). Thanks again for the prayers!


Angela said...

It looks beautiful Nicole. Great job. I'm happy to read that your feeling much better ((hugs)) I just got back from a golf tournament and buffet dinner with hubby and my side kick other half Yard Sale Diva and her husband...

No yard sales today..WAAA WAAAA..We only missed 15 from the newspaper supposedly, and who knows what else we would have found along the way. She was closing her pool and I was busy with Randy and getting siding done on our house..God willing, next week!!

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

What an adorable graphic!!

Lylah Ledner said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new button. It's adorable! Hope you fell well soon and that God puts a sweet fragrant wind under your wings and deposits a fresh touch of creativity!

Blessings...and Happy Sunday! Lylah

sunshine said...

I love it!
Glad that you are on the mend...