Friday, August 28, 2009

Shopping Spree

Hello ladies! I've been just about dying to share this haul of goods I got with you earlier in the week, but have had zero time to do up a proper post. Well, it's Friday morning, I got my man off to work with a good breakfast in his stomach and I have a little time here to enjoy a cup of coffee and share some finds with you.

So, on Monday afternoon while preparing dinner, I thoght to myself, "I am in terrible need of some clothes." The truth is I do not like clothes shopping becuase I am short and overweight and the whole process is usually quite frustrating. And as our income has gone up in the past couple of years, I am more reluctant to even bother with the thrift store, and instead go to the two stores I know have petite-cut clothes and just buy a few things there.

But, as a result, I have very little clothing, so Monday night I thought well I better just bite the bullet and go into town to the thrift store. Caleb agreed and we headed out.

We arrived at our local Talize store (ladies, if you live neara a Talize make sure to check it out, fabulous second hand store with good prices) and as we were getting out of the care we noticed big "SALE" signs on the windows, and on closer inspection discovered the store was having their bi-annual half off everything in the store sale! What were the odds of that? We got pretty excited and headed into the very busy store and while we had to fight the crowds, we both got a TON of stuff at highway robbery prices. When it was all said and done, we got two huge bags (think big black garbave bags) full of clothing and a few household items, for 90 dollars canadain (so about...70 dollars US). That's insane, ladies! And we got points on our Talize card and had two dollars taken off that price to boot! Needless to say, we were excited.

So, without further adieau, let me show you what I got. I'll show the housewares first and then the clothes, and read to the bottom because you won't believe the awesome stuff I got.

First, I got this cute cream pitcher, which you can see found its way to my kitchen shelf before I even had a chance to take a picture.

I also scored with this pretty green glass (to match with my Christmas dishes) cake stand, and this serving plate. Now here's what's cool about this servin dish: my mother in law recently gave me the pink glass dish set she had been using for holidays and nicer meals since my husband was born, and it's lovely but doesn't have a serving plate. Well, don't you know this one matches that dish set? And I got it for 1.50, thank you very much.

Now, as for clothing, without a doubt my biggest find was this retro shirt-dress that actually fit me. Ladies, I am short and heavy and finding tops in a second had store that fit is hard enoguh, but a DRESS? Almost impossible. And yet.. this one fit! Behold:

I know the pics aren't great, sorry. If Caleb were home, I would have asked him to take some, but this is what I could manage. But isn't it cute?

Look at the cute black, red and white detail on the dress. And you'll notice here that I am wearing a fabulously retro black and white chunky necklace that I also got, for a dollar, at the Talize!

You can see here I also scored another cute retro necklace, big red and clear plastic 'beads', I can't wait to be able to figure out something to wear with this one, too.

Ok, back to the dress. It's such a nice length and doesn't it look smart with my heels? Now the only downer about the dress as it was was that it clearly ws meant to have a belt (had the loops built in) but no belt came with it. I was bummed because I have a hard time finding fashionable belts in my size, but wouldn't you k now it..

I found a black belt that goes perfetly with the dress right there at Talize! And I only paid 50 cents for it. Crazy.

My next find was this blazer, great for the fall. This is another surprise becuase since I am so short (not even 5' 1"), I have a hard time finding long-sleeve tops, and especially jackets and blazers, that fit me becuase they are usually too long in the sleeve an dlook boxy. But this one must have been cut for petites because it fit me!

This will look great with jeans or slacks or even a plain skirt in just a few weeks when fall is here. I think with the half off I only paid three dollars for it. Sweet!

I also found this skirt, it's a black and white micro design and is lined so it will be nice for fall and winter.

I am the worst clothing photographer ever, but you can see I got a whole whack of shirts, dressy and casual,

Including this funky retro Elton John shirt. Fun!!

You already saw the necklaces I bought, but here are a few more accessories I picked up, including a couple of pairs of hoops earings, and a pair of Steve Madden wedge shoes.

Here's a better shot of the shoes. They are a dark blue, so they'll be good with jeans.

Well, I think that just about does it for that trip. I was really humbled by God's goodness, because He allowed us to just show up for a sale we didn't even know was going on, so we could afford to buy twice as much as we would have otherwise. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow, and I was feeling concerned I wouldn't have anything to wear, but now I'm excited to wear that fun retro dress, the matching necklace, and of course the hair is going to be retro-fabulous with one of the do's I've learned from The Glamorous Housewife. I'll take picutes when I'm all done to share.

Thanks for coming along on my Shopping Spree! I've actually got even more to show you from another thrift store stop I made later in the week, but I'll probably save that for Today's Thrifty Treasures on the weekend.

God Bless, ladies, thanks for going on the journey with me!


Angela said...

Ok,,we REALLY must have been separated at birth girl. Not only do I have similar taste to decorating items, I WANT all those

That dress is GORGEOUS girl..Oh my goodness gracious. those shoes,,I've been looking for something similar..that jacket is way to awesome..I can't get over the prices..WOW WOW WOW!!

~*~Kate~*~ said...

We don't ahve a Talize around us but that looks like an amazing place to shop.

Love the Decor! said...

No such store where I live! I absolutely love the dress You scored very well My friend! It looks great on you too. :))

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Way to go! You scored big time. Very cute clothes, you will fab tomorrow!

The Mangerchine's said...

Wow, awesome finds!!!! Good for you!


The Glamorous Housewife said...

Wow! Those are wonderful finds! I am very impressed.

Just out of curiosity, where do you find your vintage graphics? I love the one at the top of this post.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Sarah D. said...

I'm coming to your house and stealing that blazer!

sunshine said...

I love everything that you bought!
Especially the dress and the jacket.
I have trouble finding clothes too. I'm tall but built funny. Long torso, short legs. Believe it or not, I usually buy petite pants .. and I'm almost 5'9!!!
Good for you on your finds. I'm really looking forward to Mass being in school this fall. I plan on hitting some of the second hand stores to see what I can find. (impossible to do with kids that don't want to shop!)

Shauna said...

I love it all! I want the Elton John tee!
The dress looks so good on you! So does the blazer. I never have any luck at thrift stores when it comes to clothes.

Amanda said...

Super fun finds!

~~Carol~~ said...

That dress is just perfect! I love that style of dress so much, and that necklace goes perfectly with it. You look so pretty in it! Will you put your hair in an updo for the wedding?
I also have a hard time finding clothes that fit. I am a shorty too. I got so lucky today at a garage sale. I never find clothes in my size at them. I found several cute tops and a jacket, and I'm going back tomorrow to see if she will let me take some jeans home to try on. Pants are the worst for me!

Ruby said...

OK, I'm not often in to clothes but I love the black and white with a touch of red.

What I really love is the cake plate and server. The green looks like the thumb print design from the 50's. And the pink could be 30's depression glass. It's hard to tell,they have made reproductions. Either way they are lovely pieces.

Mrs Tailleur said...

I love that dress great pick!!! Looks good on you.

Armchair Housewife said...

Thank you all so much, ladies, for the sweet and encouraging words. And Mrs.Tailleur, welcome to Armchair Housewife, I always love to see new names around here.

Blessings, all!

Elise said...

Hi, just had to leave a comment for you because of your wonderful blog ! I've really enjoyed reading your interesting and creative posts, and you have fabulous pictures as well. Best wishes and thank you for sharing them all ....

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

That dress is cute on you and those shoes rock! I hate clothes shopping! I also hate shoe shopping. You did so good - you found lots of great things!


Angela said...

Went on Ebay and one of those books I got was 11.99, the other one was 4.99..That one, believe it or not, was signed by the Author!!!!!!

The washboard, I knew it was worth something, just not sure what..Will have to take a pic of it to share soon..I thought of you actually when I bought it. I wasn't going to get it, but than I could hear you in my head,,'buy it buy it'

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Not that you care what I think, but I have to say that the black pumps are to die for!!! I love those. The dress, not so much but that's because I'm a Plain Jane and don't do many prints, not because tere's anything wrong with it.In fact, it looks good on you.

But that micro skirt? Love that!! Told you I like the simple stuff, lol.

I am very glad that you took the time to go out and buy yourself some clothes. It's okay to buy yourself something soemtimes. You needed some snazzy new stuff to compliment that gorgeous up-do.

Besides, should the Lord bless you with kids in the near future, you will quickly find yourself shocked at the stretches of time between personal shopping trips. Caleb will be begging you to buy yourslef some clothes...please!!