Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rednesday, the DIY Issue

Hello ladies, it's Rednesday over at It's a Very Cherry World and I'm excited to participate this week, because all of my Red goodies today are handmade by moi this week. I'm excited to share my little projects with you!

I think I was seeing red this weekend. Or, I wanted to see red. I went to the thrift store and bought a few items that I wanted to repurpose and repaint, and they all ended up with red in them. Once I got started, it seems I couldn't stop because then I started painting everything in my kitchen red. Here's the story.

I picked up this little goodie for 3 dollars at the thrift store. This is one of those wooden calender holders that you mount on the wall, and it was in good shape. I've been wanting a larger chalk board in my kitchen, and I looked at this and thought, "I could turn that into a chalkboard!" So I did!

I went and bought this can of chalkboard paint at the hardware store, and it was my fist time using it.

Here's the repurposed calender frame with the first coat of blackboard paint. Who has used this stuff before? It's very thick and goopy and smells terribly so do use it outside if you decide to make a chalk board. Two coats did the job.

I decided to take apicture of myself painting the frame because I realized I rarely include a a photo of myself in these posts. As you can see, I painted the frame red, a deep burgundy, the same color I used on the shelf I repainted in the spring.
You'll notice, also, that because it was a calender frame I was able to slide newpaper into the frame to protect the blackboard while painting the frame. This was great as I didn't have to tape anything. I see these calender frames all the time at thrift stores, and they are fantastic for repurposing for chalkboards if you are looking to create one.

Voila!! The finished product! I am really happy with the way it turned out. I hung it on the wall next to the three cute little signs I bought last week on a clearance table, and the colors match nicely.

Menu was planned for the week, too! Bonus!

I also bought a few shelves at the thrift store, all of which I am repainting and will be highlighted in later posts, but this weekend I repatined the small green shelf. I bought it for a dollar as I wanted a little shelf to hang my aprons on, and this was perfect.

The paint looks so different when it's first on. Look how bright red it looks after the first coat.

And how rich and warm it looks when it was done. Isn't it cute? Way better than that ugly faux-distressed green it was before.

The color of the shelf matches exactly the red in the shelf next to it on the wall, so i think it looks great. And there's my two aprons hanging happily. :)
My husband saw my hard at work painting like a mad woman, and he said, why don't you paint the ventilation frame above the stove? And I said, "yeah, why don't I?"

You can see how ugly and brown the metal frame was.


Ooooh, much better. Don't you agree?
And then the juice can-turned utensil holder next to the stove caught my eye, and I realized I had been using it for five years and had never done anything with it. So.. you'll never guess what I did...

Oh, you guessed correctly! Much sharper!

This photo isn't really bright enough, b ut if you scroll up and compare it to the "before" shot, I think you'll agree the painting the vent frame and the utensil holder improved them for sure.
And then, just when I thought it was safe to put the paint brush away, I spotted this, my trusty old paper towel holder.

And I realized this whole pineapple theme was no good and not matching anything in my kitchen. So... (you know where this is going...)...

Again, this picture could be better, but I think you get the idea. The only thing is... the acrylic paint is a bit less smooth than whatever finish was on the wood before, and so the papertowel roll doesn't turn as nicely before. But that' no big deal; I think it looks much better. :)
So, that was a fun Rednesday!! Thanks for stopping by, be sure to check out the other ladies' goodies over at It's a Very Cherry World. See you again soon with some more decor updates.
Blessings, ladies!


Angela said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME girl!!!! WOW!!!!!! I love it all...just amazing. Great job..and no you and I could never go yard saling together, our tastes are WAY too similar. We would be running for the same things at each yard sale,,LOL

~~Carol~~ said...

I wish I had a vent in my kitchen. Because if I did, I would paint it red! Yours looks fabulous, and I really like the red with your yellow walls!
I think I might be the only person in blogland who hasn't made a chalkboard yet, because I'm still looking for the perfect thing to use. Yours is the nicest I've seen so far! Love the curvy shape of the top and bottom. I'm still lookin...
Happy Rednesday!

Armchair Housewife said...

Angela- But that would make the sailing all that much more FUN! Haha!

Carol- this is my first chalkboard, too. They really are fun to make, though, keep looking! I also saw someone paint over an old mirror to make one, thats a cool idea, too.

And I agree about the yellow walls. When I first decided on red/white/black theme for my kitchen I thought I'd need to paint the walls white. But I thin the yellow gives a warmth and sort of mellows out the pallet instead of making it so cold, as red, white and black can be if done the wrong way.

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Lianne said...

I ADORE the chalkboard! It is awesome! I love all the kitchen improvements you did. You are making me want to paint something! Good job!

Shauna said...

Love that chalkboard!!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Dearie, rub a piece of old candle or better yet, a piece of old wax tart on the bottom of the paper towel holder, then buff. It ought to turn better then, won't drag.

I love all the redos! The chalkboard is the star, but the red hood and can look mighty spiffy too!

Tara said...

WOW! Great job on everything!!!

SueLovesCherries said...

Oh, my! You weren't kidding! And they all look so fab! Now everything matches and goes great with the yellow walls!

We'll borrow a line from The Rolling Stones: "I see a ____ ____, and I want it painted RED"!