Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm Fabulous!!

I have a confession to make, ladies. Since starting this homemaking blog I have seen many of the blogs I adore proudly displaying their "Your Blog is Fabulous" award, and have thought to myself, "now that would be a fun award to be given." Who doesn't want to be thought of as fabulous?

And because God is gracious and allows not only the things we need but even the things we want, my new bloggy friend Miss Shauna over at They call Me Lucy, bequethed the award to me this weekend. Thanks, Shauna, I am touched!

The rules of this award are that I am supposed to share five things that I am currently obsessed with, and t hen pass the award on to five blogs I think are fabulous. I am more than happy to share some things I'm obsessing with lately:

1. The minor prophets: you know those small books with the crazy names at the end of the Old Testament that don't usually get a lot of attention? They've got a lot of amazing stuff (including a prophet who got his point across to Israel by prophesying naked in public) in those books, namely God's grace and patience with us, and I have been spending my devotional time in them as of late.

2. Mark Driscoll's preaching: If you haven't listened to Pastor Mark of Mars Hill in Seattle preach, you need to remedy that. I have so appreciated working through the various sermons series that the folks at Mars Hill have been so kind to put online in both audio and video format. I have been blessed by his biblical and honest teaching. Check out the sermon archive here, and as I've worked my way through most of them, let me know if you have any questions or want a suggestion.

3. LOST: This obsession I share with my hubby, and we enable one another. We are counting down the days until the sixth and final season starts in January. We watch the show during the season, own most of the older seasons on DVD and go back and watch them during the off season, I listen to the podcasts online, and I even watched the Comic-Con panel when they posted it online recently. Does anyone else have this same obsession? Is it not the best show ever?

4. British Mysteries: this is nothing new, but a stable obsession in my life. I love all the BBC mysteries but some of my favorites are Cadfael, Midsommer Murders, Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Allen and Touch of Frost. My current favorite, though, is Foyle's War, which is a police drama that takes place during WWII in England. L-O-V-E it. Ladies, if you aren't watching British mysteries, you aren't enjoying the finer things of life.

5. WKHR 95.1 Cleveland: I have posted on this radio station before, but it merits another mention and I really have been listening just about every day lately. It's a wondering listener-supported (that means Commercial-Free!!) radio station that plays big band, swing, jazz and jazz-pop from the 20s, 30s, and 40s. it's reall yhe most magical music ever made and you can stream it online for free here. I put it on all the time while doing housework, it sets the mood!

It's hard for me to pick 5 specific blogs that I think are fabulous, because if I think a blog is fabulous, I follow it, and I think I'm currently following like 25 blogs or more! I would say that these are the five blogs I have most recently found that I think are fabulous:

Farm House Country Style- Super cute blog highlighting the farmhouse style of one country girl named dee. Check her out today.

The Return Home- A truly lovely blog about a country girl and her journey home. Miss A is a wonderful photographer and she has great taste.

Southern Hospitality- Seeing as Miss Rhoda has over 2000 followers to her blog, I am sure she is not "news" to many of you, but I have only recently discovered her blog and love everyting abot it, but love especially her dedication to decorating with second hand finds. Close to my heart!

Old Glory Cottage- I believe miss Carol and I are a match made in bloggy heaven for our love for all things red and retro. Cute as a button blog.

It's a Very Cherry World- Miss Sue likes her cherries, and I've always said any friend of the color red is a friend of mine. She hosts Rednesdays, my new favorite carnival,and her blog is super cute.

Bugaboos Creations- ok, so this makes six, but I really like Nicole's cute crafting style and her posts are good inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by, ladies, I really think you are ALL fabulous!


Shauna said...

You are very welcome! My boys share the same Lost obsession, down to rewatching the old episodes and listening to pod casts!

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Girl you are so Sweet!!! Seriously! I am going through emails now and just read through your comments, Thanks So Much for all of them! I appreciate each one so much and always look forward to reading them!

I love the red paint on the cubby thing that I posted to, I do think I will keep it that way with the chicken wire as well! Thanks for your suggestions, loved hearing them and am going with them! I was going to paint it as we have red walls where I wanted it and it clashed but I think I will leave it and use it elsewhere, lol! Saves me time and it is pretty as is, so why mess it up, right?

I really enjoy reading your blog, I too love your blog name ( your first name too, haha! )!! My blog name came from my Grandma, she always calls the little grandkids Bugaboos and then I started calling my littles that so there we have it, lol.

Thanks Again So Much!! It is readers/friends like you that make blogging so much fun!

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

So sorry for the book but I didn't see a way to email you, lol! I can be a bit of a chatterbox!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Congrats on your award! I think your blog is fabulous as well! Need to check out some of the other ones you listed! Enjoy your day!

Sarah D. said...

Nicole, I've always known you were Absolutely Fabulous.

sunshine said...

Congratulations! I always knew you were Fabulous!!! Now you have the award to prove it!


~~Carol~~ said...

No......YOU'RE fabulous! I love your blog, not just because of the retro love, but because you are very inspirational to me! Thank you so much for passing the award to me. It's my first! Now what do I do? I've never done this before!

Armchair Housewife said...


Thank you all for your very sweet comments. It's so nice to meet new bloggy friends, and to keep in touch with my long-time friends. You're all the best!

Carol, I'm leaving a note at your blog about how to post your award.


Anonymous said...

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