Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Heart-felt Statement

In a moment of soul-bearing honesty, ladies, I wanted to share my most recent facebook "status" with you all:

I'm really done with the whole liberal/conservative polemics thing. I'm tired of pitting people against each other and demonizing one side or the other. We're all humans, we all fall short of the glory of God, and we are all capable of being married to our ideologies past the point of reason. Give me rational, earnest truth, not talking points or partisan liturgy.

And this is the only comment on politics you're going to see from here on out on this blog, because my desire is to make this blog free of partisan rhetoric that is dividing our society right now. Don't get me wrong... I have opinions, and strong ones, and I even enjoy visiting certain blogs more dedicated to discussing politics, but as for me and my blog, we will serve the Lord, and my sisters in our pursuit to be better homemakers.

I am so blessed to be a part of this online community where we can encourage one another in our faith, and in our living out being better wives, mothers, sisters, friends, and daughters of the King. Blessings and it's a privilege to have my words read by you lovely ladies.

A report card on my homemaking goals coming soon!!!


Love the Decor! said...

Amen blogging sister!! i love to see women be bold in their faith and take a stand for what is truth. Love the statement. May you be blessed for sharing! :))

MiriamR said...

Hi there,
sorry I had hit follow yesterday so I thought I was following but I forgot to hit the final follow button yesterday and I didn't see it until later (it popped up in a new window) so yeah now I am following. Sorry about that.

sunshine said...

I agree with you. Everyone has their own opinions and their own reasons for them. In most cases, your own opinion isn't going to change someone elses.

Great statement!

Tammy @ Cappuccino Confessions said...

Nicole, I have the sneaky suspicion that this post is partially fuelled by my post on liberal and left debates this morning. I tried to address your concerns in my comment there. But I’m not sure if you re-visited to read my response. If you haven’t done so, then I hope that you will.

For the record, I am not hopelessly enamored with either end of the political spectrum. As a matter of fact, I’ve only recently experienced a sort of political and cultural awakening in which I am discovering my own self-willed ignorance on all things political. (Being pregnant and/or nursing for the past decade has forced me to be more concerned with the next diaper change than the next political debate!)

As a result, I’ve been conducting my own research and reflections to figure out where I stand on various political and cultural issues. By no means, have I figured it all out yet. . .but I do believe that there are serious deficiencies on both sides of the equation. I’m just simply trying to wade through the muck shoveled up from both parties to see where the truth can be found.

Please know that my intention was not to divide, but to reveal what I see to be inherent inconsistencies in liberal ideology and practice as displayed in my experiences with self-proclaimed liberals in various online discussions.

Nicole, you and I were only beginning to get to know each other in the blogosphere. However, I was already somewhat acquainted with your views via your contributions to Terry’s many thick & meaty posts. I have always been impressed by your ability to articulate your perspective intelligently, passionately, and unapologetically. I hope that you were not offended by my attempt to do the same.

Armchair Housewife said...

Hi Tammy,

I'll respond here and then at your blog. I confess that your post did help trigger my own, but by no means was it in response to what you said. I did revisit to see your comments, but I didn't leave another comment as I thought we had both said our perspective, and didn't want to engage in a tit-for-tat, because I didn't want to do that.

You have every right, as does everyone in a free and democratic society, to post their thoughts, feeling and expressions, in any way they wish, and we need discourse. As you pointed out, and as I said in my post above, I have strong feelings myself. But what I have grown tired of is the framework within which we have that discussion, demonizing people as part of one group or another.

I've just personally grown weary of what I see as secondary labels. Our identities are in the fact that we are made in the image of God, and if we are redeemed by Christ, and it is my conviction to rely more on those identifiers than those political or of a secondary philosophical nature. That doesn't mean I expect everyone else to do the same, but it's my conviction.

I have appreciated your blog and will continue to do so, friend, and I never intended for this to be a response to your blog post, I would never do that. (In fact, as you are not a follower of mine, I didn't expect you to even see my post). It's just a culmination of feelings I've had over the heightened political situation in the US right now, nothing specific to do with you. :)

Plus, I just want this blog to be a place where I focus on homemaking, and unifying sisters instead of dividing them.

Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!


Mrs. Amy @ Clothesline Alley said...

This polarizations and rhetoric always leave a bad taste in my mouth as well. Not only can such thinking easily devolve into harmful stereotypes, but it stops healthy sharing, discourse, and debate right in its track. To me, one of the most beautiful things of the right to free speech is the fact that we can have a meaningful exchange of ideas between people of differences galore, providing us with a pulling & tugging that helps keep powers in check and can forge towards solutions to social problems and political issues that can be more equitable all around. When we demonize others, set them up as the proverbial straw man, and fail to hear them out because of something as silly as a label they might wear, this process is stunted in its track and with it our growth as believers, citizens, and individuals.

I've recently been pondering the iron sharpening iron principle, while sharpening my chef's knife in the kitchen. When I sharpen my knife, I must grind metal against metal, in a way that produces much friction. When I take pause to consider the metaphorical doing of the same, when we interact and debate with fellow believers, I realize that just like the physical process of knife sharpening, the fine tuning of our intellects and understanding happen with the same friction as well. Both sides must give up comfort, and with it complacency, to look at the flaws in themselves, remove the log from their own eyes, and become sharp enough to cut through the meat of Scripture. Having this realization hit me over the head in the way it has has been an eye opening, tearful, and joyous realization, all rolled together into one.

I think all of us who seek meaningful discourse and sharing with out fellow humans need to get into the kitchen and watch how our knives become sharpened, to understand how we, too, are changed & pushed forward in life by others. :o)

Armchair Housewife said...

Thanks, Amy, for your lovely comment. Isn't God good to give us those moments of clarity? he is so faithful.

And I agree, about discourse and debate being healthy. I also think that there's a time and a place for everything. To everything, a season, as His word says in Ecclesiastes. So, as for this blog, we're going to stick to the desire of our hearts to be better homemakers, without getting into differences of opinion over public policy. Because the truth is that politics can be very divisive, simply for the fact that people have such strong feelings in opposite directions, and my purpose here is to unite, encourage, and celebrate, so i will leave my other, more politically-savvy sisters to host discussions of that nature on their blogs. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs. Amy @ Clothesline Alley said...

*nods* I not only agree with you about the seasons idea, but rarely venture into politics on my blog. Not only is the potential for division and upset great but the time to moderate such a debate as well. I've answered questions privately and have spoken about the realities of being a military wife, which might be "political" to some but is my reality, but this is as far as I'll venture nowadays. Two and a half years of a public has taught me well. ;o)

If only this "policy" stopped all debate on my blog. Sometimes it seems the most fluffy and boring of posts bring about the most ire. Would you believe I once had to moderate a brewing debate about raw vs pasteurized milk when I hadn't even mentioned milk in the post? Another time a *heated* debate cropped up about, of all things, how to properly roast a chicken. I actually had to reject comments! *shakes head* I hope that might give you a little giggle today. :P

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very good! I didn't know you were on Facebook. Friend me! Lois Behr Christensen! Thanks! Love all your finds from the previous post as well. Can't believe the handheld blender! Great!

Armchair Housewife said...


that's crazy. I wouldn't have that here, honesty. I want this blog to be fun and an encouragement, and if people started debating, I'd have to delete the comments or the post. I just want people to feel loved and welcomed here, and not on the defensive. There's different blogs for debate, and they are great, but not here at Armchair Housewife. :)

Thanks to everyone for weighing in.


Life is good! said...

i love the people i have met blogging, and it's nice to not know their political views or any of that. everyone wants the basically the same things in life we just go about them differently, hopefully not tearing each other down to build ourselves up!