Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friday Treasure Hunt

I found this comic in a 1950s edition of Ladies Home Journal. Isn't it funny? I guess stuff hasn't changed for some of us ladies in 50 years.... we just "need" those antiques! ;)

Ladies, I am updating this post as I am excited to have found a woman as much in love with second hand finds as I am, Miss Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. This post will be my first entry in her "Today's Thrifty Treasures" Carnaval. I have added the carnival button to the margin of my page and will add it to the top of my post the next time I enter, but if I add it now it will skew my entire entry, add spaces, etc, and I don't have time to fix it. But follow the link and enjoy all the great second hand finds at the carnival!

There is a store in a nearby town called "Dis n Dat" that had gone out of business three years ago. I noticed last week that the sign was back up, though, and discovered they had reopened for business on Thursday and Friday. Dis n Dat is the best kind of "antique" store, because it's really more retro/collectable stuff from mid-centruy, and it's super casual inside so you get bargain basement prices. I stopped in yesterday and was excited for find a few items. I also visited the antique store in twon and all together here is what I purchased:

Nothing like a table full of deals to decorate your home with. Notice the four new retro ladies magazines I found, to keep fun new retro art coming for the blog. It's one of my favorite things to do, find old art pieces in these great old magazines. And I found them for only 3 dollars a piece, which is a deal becaus often dealers want 8,10, or even 15 dollars for a magazine from the 40s or 50s, and I just won't pay that.

Ladies, if any of you are into antiques or just old junk like I am, you know that enamelware stuff is all the rage and can get jacked up to ridiculous prices. Well, I got these enamel bowls here for 3 for 5 dollars at Dis N Dat. 5 bucks! When I stopped into the antique store later in the day, I made note, and most of the enamel ware bowls of the same size went for at least 10 bucks each, if not more. Score deal. And I got a larger sized enamel bowl as well for only two dollars. A TOTAL steal. I am going to use them to decorate with, pictures to follow.

Now, this was, without a doubt, THE find of the day as far as deals went. Ladies, this is an old 1950s tin cooler. Do you see how cute it is? It's a bit rusty but that's part of what makes it look old and cool. It's a good size and a totally cute item for decoratin and GUESS how much I paid? SIX dollars. 6!!! It was marked 8 but the lady pointed out it had a 25%off sticker on it toboot. At the regular antique store, this would have been outrageously priced, probably 50 dollars or so. And I got it for 6 at Dis n Dat. GOTTA love junk stores. I will SO be back there again.

Now, I did NOT pay 6 dollars for this enamel ware teapot. :( But I still think it was an OK price at 14 at the antique store. Actually, after I got it hope I was sort of angry with myself for buying it... 14 is sort of high, usually I like ticket prices to be under 10 dollars but it was super cute and will look really nice in my kitchen. Im really getting into the enamel ware thing.

The other big score of the day with this Sentinel Wafer clock. it's a 1940s art deco clock which, according to an entry I found online, was "designed by leading Industrial Designer Henry Dreyfuss C.1940. This clock is in many important design collections and is on permanent display at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.". And it works! I paid 15 dollars for it, which isn't a bad price for any working clock, let alone a cute art deco find from the 1940s. And ladies, it's red white and black! How perfect for my kitchen! It found it's home right away:

I didn't want to hang it on the wall and have the old cord hanging down my wall, so I proped it up on a plate stand on my microwave.

I needed a clock for my kitchen, so this is perfect. Yay finds!

Now, this last find was discovered on my way back from the grocery store yesterday. Caleb and I have lived at our current address since April of 08. We live in a house that has been divided into upstairs and downstairs apartments, and there is parking behind the house. I have pulled into this driveway I don't know how many times.

Including the multiple times last summer I came and went. But yesterday, for the first time, I noticed a flash of color in what I presumed were just weeds against the back wall of the lot.

So I investigated a little further..

And look what I found! They were all raspberry bushes back there!!! Who knew??!! Not me, that's for sure. I am totally bummed to think of an entire summer's worth of raspberries that went unpicked last summer! I got so excited I could barely get the groceries put away before I headed down with a bowl and some siscors.

Look what I ended up with! They are totally ripe and yum-o. The problem is I don't know anything about gardening or plants, but it seems to me there are lots more berries that are working their way towards maturity and will be available for the picking soon. Ladies, I can't tell you what a feeling of gratitued washed over me as I was picking these raspberries. Just the day befor the Lord blessed me with free flowers to bless my home along the roadside, and now it's like He has afforded me this treasure in my very own raspberry bushes that I never knew existed! I am going to seek out info from my gardening friends so I can steward those plants the best. Isn't God good, ladies?
I pray your Saturday is a good one. I've got lots to get done today. I really hope I can work on my homemaking goals post today, but likely it will be tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by, ladies!


Tara said...

What an exciting find!!!

sunshine said...

Great finds! I especially love the tin cooler. The clock looks like it was made for your kitchen. I never would have thought of just putting it on a plate stand! Great idea!

Congrats on the raspberries. Something similar happened to me actually. The summer before my Dad died (our last summer on the farm).. I found tons of raspberry bushes on our property that no one had known were there. I mean TONS! We had a blast picking them. When we would go out to visit my Mum would hand me and the boys bowls and out we would go. I was so angry that I had grown up there and never known they exsisted! LOL

I know I've said it before but I REALLY am looking forward to your "behind the scenes" homemaking posts! I'm actually quite pumped!

I'm having a lovely Saturday. I hope that you are as well. Oh, and I am definatly NOT tired of your treasures. Keep showing us. I love it!


Angela said...

awesome finds and great deals. I have one of those tin picnic baskets...I LOVE mine so much. I have it sitting on my deck.....the clock looks so pretty like that...I so love enamel....yum yum raspberries.

Tarva said...

Looking at the pictures of your treasures takes me back 40 years to my Grandmother. She had bowls and a kettle just like yours.

Visiting from Rhoda's.

Bonnie said...

Ooooh, love the enamelware! And I love how you decorate, very pretty!

~~Carol~~ said...

I knew right away, when I saw your header picture, that I would like your blog, and I was right! I love that cooler! I got excited at first because I thought it was a picnic basket, but it's still! That teapot is great too, and the clock! Going to snoop around your blog some more now!

Anny said...

That clock is gorgeous - what a lucky find :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! An awesome lot of goodies. Thanks so much for sharing--I truly enjoyed taking a peek!

Darlene said...

Stopping by from Rhoda's. It sounds like that store is really neat and you found some great goodies!! The tin cooler and the clock are my favorites!

How neat to have raspberry bushes to pick from. I love raspberries!! We used to have fields around my home (growing up) that had blackberries and I remember many days of picking and pigging out on blackberries...such fun!

Armchair Housewife said...

Ladies, I want to thank you all for stopping by from the carnival at Rhoda's, I am excited to get to know you and check out your pages as well. Glad to have you here at Armchair Housewife


abeachcottage said...

wow you got some finds! love the enamelware I would lurve to come across that on my adventures in thrift

stopping by from Rhoda's party, here's to thrifting!

Sue said...

Cute vintage finds! I like your enamelware- reminds me of the great aunts we used to visit when I was really young. And the clock- just too neat!
:-) Sue

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Oh how delicious!! Amazing find!

When I saw the picture at the top of your post, I thought of you immediately BEFORE even reading the rest of your post! Great finds! They look great in your kitchen!

I've been going back and forth on my giveaway and I do think I need to keep it for the US followers. ONLY because I have other followers who are overseas!! I hate to do this! But I need to be practical. Hope you understand! Cross over the border for a few days and enter!!

Enjoy your day!

Shauna said...

I love the enamelware! What a nice surprise on the raspberry find!

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Love your finds! Especially those old magazines!! That old tin cooler is awesome too!