Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The End of an Era

This is not a partisan post and has nothing to do with the politics of Ted Kennedy. Just wanted to comment (and show this *gorgeous* photo of Kennedy from 1961- doesn't he look dashing? Men don't do dashing like they used to...) that his death feels like the end of what has really already been a bygone era. When I think of "The Kennedys", I picture Jackie O and the classical images of John and Bobby in the 1960s. And yet their brother lived on so much longer, a sort of touchstone to a time that some people view was a golden "Camelot" age in American politics.

He seems to have been
a very beloved Senator on both sides of the aisle if not for his politics then for his personality, and I pray his family is given God's comfort today.


sunshine said...

A wonderful picture. :)

Sarah D. said...


Love the Decor! said...

Well said. I agree about the end of an era and the "Dashing" thing as well

~~Carol~~ said...

I'll certainly miss dear old Teddy! Definitely the end of an era!

Angela said...

I just updated the post for the giveaway. Your ALREADY entered sis..This is my way of saying thank you to everyone that has joined me at Free Spirit Haven. I will be selecting the names from my follower's list to see who will win...((hugs))

Shady Creek Lane said...

Hi, Connie here from Shady Creek Lane. I have spray painted directly onto plates and trays and have found that it does "ok" but then I started spraying a primer on first and really like how the paint goes on. I will definately use primer from now on. I know it is an extra step but you get better adhering of the paint.

Also, I wouldn't use spray painted trays or plates for food, just for decoration.

I hope that helped.