Sunday, August 23, 2009

Smooth Sailing (Garage Sailing, that is...)

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Hello ladies! I am on the couch with my puppy on the left, a hot cop of joe on my right, and Murder She Wrote season three (specifically, that cross-over episode with Magnum P.I.!!) on the TV. This means it’s blogging time. I have lots of great bargains to share with you today, taking part of Miss Rhoda’s Today’s Thrifty Treasures over at Southern Hospitality.

Using the trusty “Angela method”, as I call it, I got to a number of garage sales Saturday morning and got some great deals. The first stop was pretty dry, but I did pick up these little saucers (i use them for serving sauces, dips, etc, when entertaining) and some Mexican earrings, all for 4.00.

The second stop was a bit more exciting. I bought a good-sized chalkboard that needs a bit of clean up and some paint for a dollar. And, more importantly, I got this big, heavy, beautiful antique mirror for five dollars! I wish I knew more about furniture, because I think this is pretty old. Can you ladies tell? Is my grandmother would say, it’s as heavy as a dead preacher, and the backing in particular looks very old.

I want to find out if it’s truly an antique. If it is, and it’s worth something, I will leave it as. If, however , it’s newer than I think and/or it’s just not worth much, I might refinish the frame and chance it’s color. For now I’m planning on putting it on the piano “mantle” with the fall display that will be coming before you know it.

Next, I hit the mother-load.
There was this great estate sale going on, and to my dismay, I discoverd it was week Two of the sale, and that means the first week there would have been even MORE great stuff. I bought all the items in the above picture for FIVE DOLLARS.
Yes, you read that right, five dollars. The sale was run by the grandchildren of a 101 year old woman who just recently went to a nursng home. I would love to meet this elderly German lady... we have very similar tastes. You should have SEEN the amazing Deco diningroom set she had, worth thousands, which of course I had neither the room nor the money for. I wish I had taken my camera. What I did take, though, were the following:

Hello! Red and white enamel pot set??!!! How excited was I, especially considering I got all these for less than a dollar. Incredible. They already have a home on my kitchen shelf. I’m not sure if I’ll actually used them, but nested like this they are super cute as decoration. Also, behind them you'll see a shallow pot/deep saute pan that is just the size I've been looking for.

And then there's this love black and white enamelware pot, which I believe is probably a canning pot. Do you ladies know? If it is a canning pot, can I still use it for a soup/ stock pot, or is that not a good idea? Need your advice, ladies.

Also included in the five dollars was this selection of lovely linens, all red , white and black!! There were a couple of lovely table-runners, a white tablecloth with simple but elegant detail, and a white and red striped cloth with tassles that I’m not entirel sure the use for. Any ideas ladies? It seems to thin to be a rug, but pretty small to be a table cloth. What do you think it’s for?
Another stop turned up this picnic basket set for a dollar.

And this old ceramic crock for a dollar. I know it’s chipped at the top, but I think it will be lovely as either an umbrella holder or some other creative decorative use, especially for a dollar! It weighs a ton!

The same sale, which obviously had some great prices, had a few boxes of great old hardcover books, all five for a dollar. Look at the cute books I got for a buck!

This cool book, a pictoral history of the movies, was written in 1950, and it’s a neat read.

This lovely novel is about the life of 19th century Canadian pioneers; I’m excited to read what promises to me a lovely time travel experience. And look at the lovely skteches inside the book:

Last but not least, I stopped into the Bibles for Missions thrift store in town, and bought this lovely milkglass lamp. I really don’t like the gold metal trim, but I’m thinking I can paint that somehow. I did pay five dollars for it, but it’s for a good cause and that shopp has great prices overall.

I think that just about does it, ladies. Lots of bargains this week, eh? Be sure to mozey over to Miss Rhoda's to see more Thrifty Treasures, and for those of you stopping by from TTT, be sure to check out my Vintage Apron Give-away, on until the end of August.

See you again soon, ladies! Blessings!


Pam @ This Humble House said...

You got some good deals! Love the crock and all the linens! I don't know much about antiques either! Enjoy your bargains!

Gwen said...

I have a collection of movie books and that Pictorial book is worth some money. I bought mine on Ebay years ago and paid like $20 for it in horrible shape. You might want to shop that one around:)

Can I go with you the next time? You found some amazing things for so cheap!

stefanie said...

oh my goodness, you did soooooo good!!! love all your goodies

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Wonderful finds! I love the milk glass lamp and the crock is AWESOME! You got alot of great deals!

Thanks for Stoppin by to See me!

Angela said...

My goodness gracious girl, you definitely scored a 10!! That one dollar for that piece, can remember what you call it but I'm tellin ya, they can go for 30 to 40 dollars, even with a chip on it. Those ARE very expensive. I've been trying to find some myself..I refuse to pay 30 dollars for them.

That mirror is just divine!! Can't wait to see what it looks like up. It definitely does look old, especially with the backing of it. Similar to the one I purchased a few weeks back.

Loved the pots!! Oh my!! That tassel thing could be used as a runner on top of one of your shelves?

I have a perfect place for it,,LOL...

Wendy said...

Holy cow, you hit the mother load! Love that lamp, that enamel looks like its in excellent condition, and that mirror is just fabulous!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I am a Big fan of enamel ware and love your set of three nesting pans! That black and white pot is just too good to be true! Great find! I believe it was intended for a canner, but it is perfectly alright to use as a soup pot. I like to cook beans and soup in enamel pots. Have a nice week! Twyla

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

You did hit the MOTHERLODE girl I loved every thing you got...I think the mirror is an old one...wished you had a better picture of it so I could tell ha ha!! The silver still looks good on it...if its an Antique PLEASE don't paint will lose its value...Thanks for sharing...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Unreasonable Grace said...

Wow! Can't let my husband see that crock - he collects those things. The enamel cooking set and picnic basket were absolute steals! Good shopping, girl!

Armchair Housewife said...

Thanks, ladies for all the comments. I agree that that ceramic crock was a steal. When I asked her how much she wanted for it and she said "a dollar" I had to make a conscious effort not to let my jaw drop. I thought for sure she'd say ten, even with the chip. :)

Thanks, ladies!

sunshine said...

Wow! You did do great!
I love everything that you got. Especially the crock. I can remember my nonna had one of those and she used to store cookies in it for Christmas.

Great job!!! Loved looking at your finds.

Shauna said...

Wow, you found a lot of stuff! I love that mirror and that enamel ware.

The Mangerchine's said...

I LOVE the lamp and picnic basket... you got some great deals!