Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Armchair Report Card

Hello ladies! Right on the heels of Rednesday I wanted to share a little Homemaking Goals Report Card with you. So many of you were gracious enough to read and weigh in on my Homemaking Goals post last week, and I thank you for participating, and for being inspiration for me to keep going in my pursuit to be that Proverbs 31 gal I desire with God’s help to be.

Being in the Word daily: C

Ok, it’s fess-up time. Potentially the most important part of my endeavour and I’ve only been ok at it. As you’ll see momentarily, I’m not getting to bed early, which means I’m still not getting up early, and then the day gets away from me. I have been reading in the evening, but not as faithfully as I should be. I have been listening to a lot of good teaching during the workday or when I’m doing housework, wich does feed me, but Ladies there is no replacing the Word of God, not even sound teaching from it. Gonna improve this one with God’s grace.

Praying for my husband: B-

I’ve definitely gotten better about this, but I can still do b etter. I garuntee you that as goal #1 gets better grades, so will goal #2. They go hand in hand, ladies. But I have been praying more, and just being overwhelmed with *gratitude* for the wonderful husband the Lord has given me, and where He has brought us with His grace.

Watching my attitude/Listening better: B+

I think I’d really get the A for effort on this one if it weren’t for my one crying episode last week at dinner. Haha!!! Oh man do I get sensitive when I work hard to make a dinner special and Caleb doesn’t seem to like it. And what am I doing? Not listening to his words, and instead reading into his demeanor. Never a good idea with a man, ladies, they show their thoughts and feeling differently! (How long have I been married? When am I going to lewarn this? More grace, Lord!). Of course we ended up laughing about it and I apoligzed and we had a great dinner, but still... brought the grade down.

Cutting Costs: B

This will probably be my most lengthy answer, because I’ve been working at this quite a bit this week. Some of you may have seen my Sunday night post about my garage sailing adventure, and my determination to be more focused in getting out there and getting good deals. And i did this week, which was great. I’m going to keep that up.

In the same way, I’ve been working away at the meal menu/grocery savings goal. I have made a menu now for the past two weeks and have more or less stuck to it, and when I didn’t, I didn’t go out and buy more food, I just made something different that was already in the house. This is good news.

I’ve been getting those flyers on the weekend and looking for the deals, ladies! I’ve been managing my time better so I can get to the stores and buy up the loss-leaders. As well, I’ve been doing price comparison and found that the store I’ve been shopping at was WAY more expensive than one in an equal driving distance, and will likely switch my shopping for most items to the cheaper store. It’s not as pretty inside, but so what! I’m about saving the money!

In this photo, on the left are the loss-leaders I took advantage of, including campbell’s soup for 2/1.00, grapes for 1.00/lb, Chips ahoy cookies for 2.00, Shampoo and conditioner for a dollar each, Corn on the Cob 12/1.88, and blueberries for 1.20/pint. Great deals!

On the right in the picture are some items I discored I was paying WAAAY too m uch for at my regular store. Canned pork and beans, wh ich I use a good amount in chili, baked beans, and just plain old beans with a meal, I’m usually paying close to a dollar for. At this new store, .67 ladies. Way better. Also, that Ragu sause i am ashamed to say I’ve been paying over 2 dollars for a jar of sauce at the store (and thinking, “why is this so darn expensive?”), when it is .99 at No Frills, the store I’ll be shopping at more often. And not even on sale! Also, cans of Gold Seal tuna (I like Gold seal because it’s wild caught, not fish farmed) and which I usually pay probably 1.40 or so for, .88! Talk about a savings! So I was excited about finding all these good savings.

And I should say that there’s probably some awesome hardcore Proverbs 31 gals out ther who would say, ‘why not save even more money, honey, and make your own beans and your own pasta sauce and your own cookies?’ And I would say, all in good time, sister.... baby steps!

The reason I don’t get a big old A for effort here is because I also, sadly, had to throw out this bag of unused/spoiled food from my fridge/pantry this week. Totally NOT cool. So, that brings the score down a whole grade because thats a ton of waste. But that’s ok, just room to get better!

Eating in Restaraunts: B
We’re still eating out too much, in fact just today we were out and about and we pulled over and got lunch through a drive-through. Not good. BUT- int he past two weeks I think I’ve made dinner almost every night, which is a good step in the right direction. Also, I don’t think I’ve bought a coffee from Starbucks in like a month or more, and that ALONE bumps my grade up.

Making Breakfast for my husband every morning: A-
I have really made an effort in this area and while I haven’t been 100%, I really do get the A for effort here. I made muffins on Monday lat week and this week so there would be a quick and easy breakfast for both of us Tues-Th when I work. And as you can see below, I have made some nice hot breakfasts on the days I’m off. I even bought an iron for waffles, someting Caleb had said he’d enjoy having. And of course I make sure there is a carafe of coffee ready for him when he gets up.

Getting to bed by 10:30: F
Big fat F, ladies. I’ve not been making this a priority as I should. I’ve been up until 1am many nights, in fact. Not good... I told you I needed prayer for this one, I’ve got to repent and change!

Laundry and dishes: A-
I’ve been doing a good job of staying on top of this, even when it means doing dishes at 11pm (happened a few times these past two weeks as we did entertaining). It’s a minus, though, because I’ve been doing all my laundry on one day instead of getting in a few loads during the week.

Well, hopefully ladies that post wasn't too long and I would love to hear how YOU all are doing on your homemaking goals. What are you excelling at? What are you still struggling to accomplish or improve on? I want to hear!
Blessings, ladies, if I don't see you before I hope to see you on Sunday evening for another Today's Thrifty Finds. See you then!


Sarah D. said...

I think you're doing a great job and I know Caleb appreciates all your hard work! As for me, I am losing the battle to paper piles - mail, things to be filed, receipts, etc etc etc... And I already have a bill organizer and a coupon book so it's not a matter of organization but motivation. UGG!

Mama Hen said...

Wow, sounds like you are doing pretty well to me. I like how you want to do better, but are giving yourself grace to go slowly and do things the right way. So much of it is a learning curve (like the grocery deals) and so much is just discipline (like the dishes and laundry). But throw in real life some weeks and you have to know that relationships are the most important things!

Angela said...

I so enjoy posts that share about our homemaking skills, desiring to be a Proverbs 31 Woman (my hearts desire)..thanks for sharing....I have quite a bit of food that I will be throwing out today also..grrrr..all left overs...GRRRRRR..

Isn't it awesome how the Lord is working in us, changing us, transforming us and truly having Christ increase and we decrease!!

sunshine said...
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Twyla and Lindsey said...

What a wonderfully honest post! I need improvement in every area and definitely I get an F for getting to bed by 10:30 (does it matter if your husband works nights?) Have a nice day! Twyla

Cass @ That Old House said...

change comes slowly but surely -- and you are surely making excellent progress!

I have heard that if you do something 7 times in a row then you have picked up that habit -- making a bed when you get out of it, pulling the clean dishes out of the DW and putting them away -- whatever.

I'm not sure it works, but I've got a list of my own "improvements" and maybe I'll give that 7-times a try. I'll let you know!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Wow! I say you should get an "A" for bravery for even posting this! I definitely do not want to even attempt to grade my work around here! Things get done, but with hubby gone during the week I can be a bit lazy at times! Love how you're taking care of your hubby with the breakfast. What a sweet effort you are making for him! Great job!

~~Carol~~ said...

I think you're being too hard on yourself, because to me it looks like you're doing a great job! And you've got such great intentions too!
I get an F for keeping up with the laundry. I need to get it in my head that my husband needs clean work clothes EVERY Wednesday!
I get a C for meal planning. I need to get better at this, because it's easier and cheaper.
I get an A for praying for my husband. It's pretty easy, because he is so unhappy at his job right now, so he comes home very frustrated. I'll usually take a moment right then to pray for him.
Your crying at the dinner table reminds me of myself! It has taken me years to "fight" with my husband like an adult. I used to cry and run upstairs, making him come to me. Now we can talk things through, and I rarely have to yell at him at all anymore ;^)

Barb said...

Good post, especially the reminder abort being in the word and there is no substitute for that.

I tend to spend 2 hours walking in the morning, fellow shipping with our Lord, reciting scripture, praying, but not the time sitting and reading that i should be.

We'll hang in there together. The only way we fail, is if we quit trying. =0))

Barbara Jean

Anonymous said...

I agree when mama hen says WOW.
I am proud to say both my daughters inhereted their fathers skills organization skills.
You inspired me off to the kitchen.

Lynn said...

Wow, you are doing GREAT in reaching your goals. Your frugal shopping is especially impressive. Amazing how much it's possible to save when we pay more attention to prices at different places. I don't know if you have any Target stores near you, but a friend recently told me that they have great prices on food; and sure enough, I've found they're much cheaper than my grocery store on milk, breakfast cereals, stuff like granola bars or trail mix. Keep up the great work; your successes are really inspiring.

The Mangerchine's said...

You have some great goals, and it sounds like you're doing a great job with them! I love how you are being intentional with all of this. Through God's grace, I'm confident that you'll continue to grow in these areas. Thanks for sharing!!!! Now I'm inspired, and may need to come up with a similar list.


Anonymous said...

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