Thursday, July 23, 2009

Recent Second Hand Finds

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Hello ladies!! I want to say a big THANK YOU for all the well-wishes on my return to blogland and all the lovely remarks on my last two posts. SO good to be back!

I am kicking back, watching an episode of Father Knows Best (I've rewatched these DVDs about 100 times, I love the show) and decided to post on some recent second hand finds. Y'all know me and my second hand shopping! Below are some treasures I found mostly at the local Value Village, with a few items from a Sunday trip to the antique store:

I was particularly excited about these milk glass vases that I got for a dollar each and the little milkclass candy dish (is that what those are? I'm not 100% sure) also for a dollar. The candy dish went on my shelf from the previous post and I haven't decided yet on a home for the vases.

I was also excited to see these pretty little creamers, each about a dollar each as well, which also found their home on my redone shelf in the kitchen. Cute!

This one is sort of hard to see, but it's a cast iron 'basket' built for two bottles of wine,with a cute little rooster on the front. I think I paid 3 dollars for it.

These aren't very glamorous, but they are just what I needed: two little bags of assorted plate stands. I have some plates and also some books that I'd like to use as decorations around the house but haven't had any plate stands to use to prop them up. Now i've got about ten, for 2 dollars.

Unfortunately this picture is blury, but hopefully you can see that I got three old LP records with really cute retro covers. I am going to use them when I update my mantle soon. Isn't this college songs one from the 50s super cute? One dollar!

Yesterday I popped into the MCC Thrift store in town and found these little treasures:

I got a few mason jars to make more of those coffee bean candle holders from the last post, for a quarter each, a pretty hurricane glass that I'll use with a nice candle, and a bright red dish I have stored with my Christmas dishes and will fit in beautifully on my holiday table this year. I also got this lovely white cookie jar, which is something I really needed:

Isn't it cute? I paid 3 dollars for it, which is sort of high for my uber-cheap self at a thrift store, but it's a nice size, good condition, nice and sturdy, and it's milky white and fits my kitchen decor well. And last but not leaast, I found this fantastic treasure:

It's a book called Happiness for Husbands and Wives, and was written by a Christian doctor in 1950. Look at the adorable cover pages:

What a sweet little family, dad coming home from a long day at work, little girls happy to greet him, and our sister in an apron, the loving housewife at the door to say 'Welcome Home'. So sweet!

And I love the font on the title page- so 1950. I've been reading it some already and find it to be a beautiful little book. Times have really changed since 1950, but the challenges and joys of marriage, and the truth of God's word concerning love and life remain the same. And I paid a wopping 1.50 for this vintage find.
Well, that just about does it for the evening. Time to turn off Father Knows Best and spend some time with my heavenly Father. I'm reading the minor prophets right now, and they are amazing, regularly overlooked gems.
See you soon, ladies! Thanks for stopping by!


Lianne said...

It is so good to have you back in bloggyworld! Now if I could just go shopping with you... We would have some fun!

I love the red pedestal dish. That would be pretty with some Christmas ball ornaments or some fruit or Valentine conversational hearts or...well, just lots of stuff! Good find.

sunshine said...

I'll be back to comment on this post later.
Just wanted to let you know that I posted a reply after you regarding the Health Care post on SPFH.
(not as spiffy as yours lol, just that I agreed with you and such.)
Be back later......

The Southern Housewife said...

So happy you're back! It's good to see your pretty face. :) Ok, as soon as I saw the first picture, I was like, wow- that's such a treasure trove of possibilities! I can't wait to see what you do with it all. And the vintage marriage book and record covers- those are sooo cute! I bet those records played the kind of songs I was talking about in my last post! ;)

Unreasonable Grace said...

Hi Nicole,
I just jumped to your blog from your comment on the LPM blog. What caught my eye was title of your blog. Now I love the turn of a phrase and a witty moniker, but Armchair Housewife kinda struck a chord with me, so I had to investigate. Read your explanation for the name and have to agree that it sounds a lot like me. I've come to realize that I love getting the information, but it just never makes it back out of my brain, through my hands. I'm still working out of the home 40 hours per week, so I've got a lot of work to do at home. Love your writing style! Keep it up! I'll visit again soon!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Hey - long time no see!

I love all your "finds" - they are fabulous. We don't have anyplace that that around here.

Glad to see you back around.

Angela said...

awesome blessings sis..You and I definitely have the same tastes..I can just picture us together yard saling..going after the same stuff..LOL

Armchair Housewife said...


Hey, you're in Ontario, one of these days we might just have to make that happen, go garagae sailing and duke it out over the tresures. ;)

Thanks so much, all you ladies, for your sweet comments and ideas and your love and support. You're all so the best!

sunshine said...

Oooo I love everything! Especially those milkglass candy dishes! They are adorable.
That book looks like it would great to take a peek at that old book too. What fun!

Leilani said...

Hey Nicole!
I was in the MCC Tuesday afternoon (with my sister and her children) and my 6 year old nephew called me over to see the red pedestal dish: "Look! Isn't that a pretty offering plate?!"

Glad to see you in the virtual world again... you are loved.

Theo Trollbeads said...

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