Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flower Girl

I have really been wanting to have more flowers around the house lately but I don't grow any of my own (you saw how that worked out) and they are expensive to buy. Last night I was driving home from town during magic hour (that last hour of sunlight) and was enjoying the beauty of the farmland surrounding our town, when I noticed the Queen Anne's lace growing all long the road in the ditches.

It occurred to me that, likely, no one would mind if I picked some flowers out of their ditch, so I pulled over to harvest some posies.

I never used to have an appreciation for Queen Ann's lace, I saw it as a weed, really, but more recently I love the simply beauty of the white flower, and it grows so abundantly it's easy to make use of it in your home for free.

I am no floral artist, but I took the lace home, along with a few wild daisies I found in the ditch, and made the best arrangement I could. At first I thought of the milk glass vases I bought recently at the thrift store, which would have been cute, but then my heart went pitter patter as I considered a mason jar vase, and how cute and country that would look. Voila:

I'm not a huge doily fan but this seemed to fit nicely. I also added some simply off-white yarn as a bow around the top of the mason jar:

A little inspiration over the generations from my farmgirl ancestors. What do you think? I love it so much I'm going to "harvest" some more this afternoon and make some more free bouquets for arround the house. the only downside is that for whatever reason the plant chemicals released while cuttng the flowrs made me feel a little nauseated after it wall done, but that passed soon enough and I was loving my flowers.

I thank God for the simple pleasures, and that he gave me the guts to pull over and pick flowers from a ditch (I admit I felt a bit silly at first). He really is so good to answer our prayers, ladies. I have been praying to be a better home maker, and on a budget, and He was precious to provide this inspiration of a way to make my home more warm and invitng. He is good!!

Have a great day, ladies! I will be back soon with a post about my new home making goals the Lord is setting on my heart. I hope you'll join in the conversation.


Lianne said...

Pretty! I'm not a big fan of doilies either, but it just WORKS with those flowers.

I'm glad you can identify flowers by sight. I would've ended up with a jar-full of weeds. : )

Armchair Housewife said...

Oh I don't know most flowers by sight, Lianne, I just happen to know Queen Anne's lace because my mom used to like it when I was a kid. And I think QAL is a weed to a lot of people. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... one woman's weed is another woman's flower.

And thanks, as a fellow anti-doilyer (yes I coined that phrase) for supporting me in my doily choice. ;)

sunshine said...

They look beautiful!
I see a lot of people pull over and pick flowers/weeds in ditches. Especially when we lived in the country I noticed this.

I love fresh flowers! Not a big fan of fake. :)
Looking forward on your future homemaking posts you have planned.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Those are just beautiful. It always amazes me how wild flowers and weeds are prettier than any that I can grow!

Armchair Housewife said...

Aww, thanks ladies. :)

Pearl Maple said...

Lovely blog you have going on here. Followed your link from the beach cottage and appreciate all the vintage images you are sharing with us all. Good for you to decide to enjoy the freebie flowers, nature does have the nicest gifts to share.