Monday, July 27, 2009

Armchair Confessional VIII

Wow, it's been faaar to long since I posted a confessional! The last one was in January! Now you know this Armchair Housewife has had plenty I could have confessed between then and now, but let's just catch up with the following two items.

My Black Thumb- I decided to get some pretty potted flowers for my front porch in May, something to spruce up the front of the house a bit. They were lovely, but with all the travelling we did in May, June, and July of this year, they didn't stand a chance at living. Behold:

They were a pretty bright red flowers. Let's all have a moment of silence for these poor neglected plants. :(

Yikes. I threw them out today. I'll try again next year.

My Black Shower- This is more a confession of my lack of gratitude than it is a lack of effort around the house. I am very thankful for the home the Lord has blessed us with, but I must confess I do not like my shower one little bit. It's an older house that's been converted into multiple apartments and at some time in the last few decades they took the existing shower and put in a drop ceiling (with a cardboard lining, no less) and one of those bad, cheap plastic linings for the shower walls. The tubs is old and filthy and stained. See for yourself:

You can see what I mean in this wide shot of the bad plastic lining for the shower wall. I despise this cheap solution to shower fixing, because it looks bad to begin with and only gets worse as it gets stained.

Yuck! I have scrubbed and scrubbed this corner until I am blue in the face (and red raw in the hands) and nothing. I have tried various abbrasive cleaners,bleach, this stuff that's suppose to bleach grout and tile, etc, and nothing will remove the gross old rust stains and mildew stains on the porcelain and the cracks between the tub and the cheap plastic lining. If ANY of you have any other suggestions, please let me know. I took this photo after washing the tube today, so it was clean, but you can see it still looks filthy.

Of course the porcelain by the drain is stained as well, and also worn away. Again, I've soaked,srubbed, bleached. Nothing will fix it.

And the piece de resistance: The Drop Ceiling. Ugh.. .i get creeped out just looking at this. Some bright soul decided to put a drop ceiling in over the shower and the lining is this horrible, cheap cardboard-like material. And of course it is terribly mildew stained. Again, I've tried bleaching, scrubbing, and that's not easy to do with a ceiling, and nothing seems to help. It's like stained paper, you can't do anything about it. I am thinking about looking into some sort of water-resistant paint that I might be able to use. Again, any tips, ladies, i'd love them.

Here you can see where the tile once was , where it met the ceiling, and where the dreaded plastic lining starts. They didn't even put the plastic lining flush up to the ceiling. It's pretty bad.
I must say that this is the biggest, nicest apartment we've lived in since we've been married, with the one glaring exception of this horrid shower. To be honest I am glad we haven't had many people stay with us since moving in here, because I'd be a bit embarassed for them to use the shower. I know it's clean, so I don't mind using it, but I'd hate for someone to step in there and think it was just dirty. As a renter there's not much I can but cosmetic fixes.
So, again this is more of a confession of the heart; some days I just can't stand the shower and wish we had something different. If any of you ladies have any suggestions on how I could improve the way it looks, I'd love to hear them.
Thanks for stopping by for another installment of the Confessionals. Now it's your turn, ladies.. any housework or home making confessions you'd like to share?


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

My bookshelf is a mess- despite the fact that I'm organizing it every week.

I haven't cleaned my oven in a while but just typing the words has inspred me.

Angela said...

SCRUB FREE is what I use..and it also has mildew fighter in it..This is the only thing that I found works at getting the yuckies out...My tub is very similar to yours. Not only rust but now chips off paint or whatever is on that tub from me dropping stuff.LOL..I need a new bathroom,,lol

Sarah D. said...

I haven't read your post completely yet but I couldn't help but notice.... Your tub is already clean - it has those clean *sparkles* built right in! Am I right or what? :)

sunshine said...

I had a chuckle at your flowers. Been there done that. LOL

As for the shower et all... you know it's clean, you're cleaning it. As Sarah D. above me said, you can see that it's clean.
I really don't know of anything that will take it off. I have a rust stain on my upstairs bathtub. One of the kids (yeah right.. it was me) left a can that had a metal base on the side.. about the same spot as yours. I've tried pretty much everything, it won't be moved. The mold on the ceiling well.. that will have to be pulled out. I doubt there is anything that will clear off that stuff.
Our downstairs bathroom was full of mold and mildew. About a year or so ago we had it totally gutted and redone. Bathrooms are really hard to keep clean, that's for sure. ;)

Armchair Housewife said...

Thanks, ladies, for the funny and encouraging words. :) You know when we lived in Vancouver we had this ghastly mauve bathroom set that was likely put in in the 1960s (never thought I'd have a pink toilet...) BUT it was that durable plastic/fiberglass whatever that those one piece inserts are made from, and even though it was mauve, it always came clean. I would totally take a mauve bathroom set over the current situation.

BUT, again, I have to be thankful that at least I have a shower that runs hot water and I can get clean in it; that's what really matter. :)

Blessings, ladies,


Armchair Housewife said...

Oh and Terry, I *just* did my bookshelves last weekend when we went out and bought another shelf. They were overrun because there wasn't a space for everything. Best of luck on your venture.

Oven cleaning? Do people actually do that? Lol... now i better go check mine...

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I can so relate to this!! Our very first house had an awful bathroom. I hated it but it took years for us to change it. And we had a tub that no matter what I did, it never "looked" clean, even though I knew it was!!! And the worse was our toilet. It had this awful scratch at the bottom of the toilet bowl that looked like, well you can only imagine and it looked dirty, even though again I knew it wasn't!! I was mortified for guests to use our bathroom. We finally saved enough money to redo the whole bathroom only to move 2 years after that!

Can you see if the landlord would allow you to have the tub and tile resurfaced? Or reglazed? We did this in our second house and it looked so good!! And it wasn't that much money, maybe around $500, but so worth it to me.

Armchair Housewife said...


Thanks for the commiseration! :) I really don't think the landlord would be willing to retile, she's actually in the process of trying to get approval from the rent board to raise our rent as she says she is spending lots more on utilities these days, and so I doubt she's going to fork out money on improvements. I had asked about some improvements on our floors and she said now wouldn't work for her financially, so I'm guessing it won't work. And we certainly don't have 500 dollars to put into a property tht isn't ours, even if I do hate it. Haha! :)

Thanks, all you ladies, for coming by and caring and leaving comments, it blessed me so much.


Angela said... have a nephew that may be blessed by that stepping stool???? Thought I would put that little idea in your head if you want your name to be entered..((hugs))

Unreasonable Grace said...

Girlfriend, you are WAY more transparent than I am. LOL :) Lotsa guts!

Are you by any chance attending Proverbs 31 She Speaks this weekend?


dora said...

I have never commented on this site before, and I live in England, so I would once again like to say hello.

Concerning the mildew you have, I have had that problem in the past.

I used bleach on the bath. But I didn't scrub it. I let it sit for over 2 hours before I scrubbed it. To 'work' on the mildew if you like.

Then I scrubbed it and it went.

You might need to try this several times to see if it works.

Mine worked first time and now I just have to maintain it.

Hope this helps.

God bless.

Armchair Housewife said...


Thanks for stopping by, and for the tip! Welcome to The Armchair Housewife, and if you ever feel like doing a house-swap, let's do it: I LOVE the UK. :)