Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eating Responsibly

I lovingly encourage (and exhort) all you ladies to watch the following video, produced by the Humane Society of America, on a Christ-centered approach to caring for the animals God has given us to Steward and to consider your participation in factory farming. I ask you to watch it, knowing it will be difficult, and to not turn away but allow yourself to be challenged.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Sunny Saturday at Home (and the Antique Store)

Hey Ladies, I hope your corner of the world was as lovely as ours was today. It was bright and sunny this morning and though we had a bit of rain in the afternoon it got sunny again and I LOVE how late the sun is setting these days. No more winter, yay!! Caleb and I went for a walk and had brunch together and I spent most of the rest of the day doing housewifery (with the important interuption of a trip to our towns newest antique store!!).

You all know I am NOT Martha Stewart and not much of an interior decorator, but I just couldn't look at my winter decorations anymore. You might remember them below:

So I got to putting the red and white stuff away:

Winter decor debris. If you look closely you will see 1) a decaf grande one pump vanilla nonfat latte from mmmmmmmmStarbucks, and 2) Mark Driscoll preaching the word on my laptop- two important accessories for a day of housework. I started playing around with what I had and tried to figure something out, and this was midway through:

Yeeeee-ikes. So, I realized I didn't really have anything, or any ideas, so I headed out to the new Antique Market in town (yay!).

I found this cool retro fan (which still works by the way) for a good deal.

I found these three lanters, also for a good deal.

So this is what I came up with for the piano top, simple but I like old stuff. :)

I also took this antique photo album out of storage and am using it in the livingroom now for decoration; I think it looks nice.
So it was a full day and it's church tomorrow so I am cozying up here in the couch with Stuart. And by the way, here is a recent, incredibly cute photo I took of Stuey:

I'm going to finish the evening by enjoying the following treasures I found at the antique store for five dollars each!! I can't WAIT to get all the great retro art out of these gems.

Thanks for stopping by, ladies! Hope you all have a great day of worship and fellowship at your churches tomorrow. More posts soon!