Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update on Bob- Praise and Prayer

another photo of Bob with his beloved Romanian kids

Hi Friends!

Thank you all so so much for your prayers for Bob. They mean the world to me and his family. I received the following update fron his wife Jan. He is doing better, but still needs lots of prayer as this is a long road to recovery. I am truly humbled by all who have said they are praying. Thank you again, and I'll be back soon with more housewifery. :)

April 2nd Bob donated a kidney in Ottawa to his nephew
Two weeks of great recovery for them both and then Bob began to feel a bit unwell.
Things turned serious last Thursday when Bob and Jan went to emergency to see about what was going on. What followed was an emergency surgery on Saturday morning to remove Bob's colon. Today, Wednesday almost a week later and he is beginning to improve. Today was a good day and it seems possible yet unbelievable that he will be able to come home from the hospital in possibly 3-4 days if he continues to progress. He got to begin to "drink" fluids today and I've never seen someone so excited about apple juice.

Friends, family, neighbours, colleagues...everyone has been amazing. It has been quite a week for our whole extended family and we continue to journey it together.

Please continue to remember us in your thoughts and prayers, and our nephew Bryan as he continues his journey to full recovery as well.

Bob's humor is back....lots of comments that I could insert here due to my sleep depraved mood, but I know I would regret it. I guess this is a good sign, that his humor is back I mean.

I am very thankful and humbled by this situation. Each day brings something new into our lives, this past week has brought unexpected challenges and unexpected encouragements.
Thank you for your friendship and love.



sunshine said...

I will continue to keep him in my prayers. I'm so thankful that he is coming around!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

We prayed for him in church last night. The girls in the group I teach were very moved by his situation. Am glad things are improving. Will keep him and his family in my prayers! Hope you and Caleb are doing well also!

Armchair Housewife said...

God bless you ladies, so much, for your prayers, I am so touched, and God is hearing them.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

I'm glad your friend is doing better.

This is my third attempt to comment on your blog. Each comment, as you can imagine, is getting shorter.

Here's to hoping the 3rd time's the charm!