Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome To My New Home!

My new web-home, that is!

I thought the best way to celebrate my 100th post was to give my e-house a makeover. After searching many a website for a prefab blogskin, and seeing many beautiful ones but none that interested me, I decided to make my own by altering one of the basic three-column blogskins that I found here, thanks to Mary Jane (who has sadly seemed to disappear from blogland). I played around with the settings and the html until I got the color scheme I wanted (black, white, and red in celebration of the new color theme I am working into my kitchen) and created the new banner head. Not to brag, but I made that banner head in paint. I don't know if any of you ver use paint, but it's not exactly the most sophisticated photo editing program out there, but it's all I had and, after I am sad to say a number of hour of tinkering, I came up with the above collage of pictures- all my own pictures, including the Duz lady, whom I found in a 1951 addition of Good Housekeeping.

I intend to continue to improve and update the page, but hopefully you all like the new look! Also, wanted to say again that I am reading those blogs, ladies, just haven't had time to post comments.
I'll be back soon with part 2 of my kitchen redux post and more!

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Sarah D. said...

Yeah redo!! I like it!