Monday, February 16, 2009

Sick (again!)

Oy vey, ladies, I am sick AGAIN. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat, and didn't even have coffee before church (that's major). The symptoms just got worse during the day, with sore throat moving to stuffy nose, and that cold, achy feeling I get when my body is fighting something. After not a great night of sleep, I was up this morning and I can feel my sinuses impacted and I'm coughing a bit, whcih is not a good sign at all.

Please pray for me ladies. I am driving on Thursday afternoon down to New York to visit my family, whom I haven't seen since American THanksgiving, despite the fact that my beloved nephew Devon came home from the hospital (after being in it since he was born in July) in December. I miss my family a lot and really need to see them, and have had this weekend planned for a while as its the only one that works for a while. Buf of course I can't travel if I am sick, not only for me but also becuase I can't share this sickypoo germs with little Devon- his health is very important.

SO- please pray. Sometimes when I get these sinus infections they go away in a day or two, sometimes they stay longer. Please pray for day or two and then complete recovery. Also, work is nuts right now, I have so much on my desk (I keep joking "just one match... just one match would clear it all away!" and this week especially as it will be a bit shorter for me. I can't afford to be sick!

This past six weeks has been a rough one for me health wise. This is my fourth time being sick in one fashion or another in these past six weeks. On top of that, and this is probably TMI but I'm sure you'll forgive the indiscretion, I am now officially 3 weeks late for my period. 3 weeks! And NO, I am NOT pregnant. I have taken three pregnancy tests and have no symptoms of pregnancy. But something is not good, as I am a very regular kind of gal. My guess is it's the combined affects of all the illnesses at the begninng of January and the stress from work. But it's not helping me feel any better... I need my body to start cooperating here!! :)

I am hoping that I will have the strength to make this day worth something, despite being sick. I have so been enjoying my Mondays lately as it's been a great at home day of productivity, but I'm no so sure about today.

Thanks for your prayers, ladies, they mean a lot!


sunshine said...

Definatly will pray!!!
(((Hugs))) Laura

Angela said...

Holding you close in prayers beloved sister.

Tara said...

Oh Nicole!!! We are both praying for a speedy recovery!!!

Armchair Housewife said...

Oh thanks, ladies. That means a lot coming from you, Tara, God bless you! I'm praying for you, too, sister.

It's really important that I get to go home and visit my family this weekend, so your prayers are so appreciated!

Lianne said...

Oh, I hope you are restored to health quickly, Nicole! You might want to see a doctor if you think you have a sinus infection. He could get you a steroid shot and antibiotics that would have you well on the road to recovery before Thursday.

And I had the same thing happen with the "other" problem...Long story short, the doc told me that it was a result of stress, weight loss, and my body not producing enough hormones. He said it wasn't a big deal until you've missed 3 or 4 in a row (which I did), then he prescribed some medicine that kicked me in the ovaries (to put it lightly) and got things back on track. Maybe yours will be back to normal soon!

You are in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

nicole, pleasse don't make the trip if you are sick. Did you see a dr. I believe in our prayers, but you shouldn't be sick again. I love you mom

Walking on Sunshine... said...

So sorry you're sick again!! I will definitely pray that things clear up and you can make your trip!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Nicole, thank you for stopping by & introducing yourself. I'm so glad you found me! I hope you'll come back often. My only regret is that the bigger my blog gets, it's just impossible for me to read ALL of your blogs too & keep doing what I do. But, I love to get new readers!

Anonymous said...

May our God who is the Greatest Physican heal you completely! Rest in His love, His Power and His Encouragemnt knowing His plan is perfect all the time. I am praying God gives you His perfect wisdom and discernment. I am praying for you my precious niece.
Much Love,
Aunt Sheila

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

May the God of all comfort heal you, body and mind. May He give you strength for the journey ahead and keep you safe in His loving arms and care.

Be well, Nicole!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

yes, Nicole, I will pray for you! I certainly hope that feel our prayers and get to feeling better soon!

(You just might be pregnant - sometimes it takes awhile for the hormone to show up!)

In Him,

Molly said...

Praying that you feel better soon! Not fun being sick!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Nicole. Again? Please do go and see your doctor now. And just maybe.....hoping for you. I will pray too.

Mary H.

OhLookADuck said...

I know we are at opposite ends of the continent so I don't know how we did it, but I am one day ahead of your illness! It is yucky--sinus infection included. I'm very prone to sinus infections but I found out some years ago that eating a lot of garlic would clear it up faster than antibiotics. I'm an RN (before retiring to be a SAHM) and I totally rely on garlic for my first line defense on sinus infections.

Also, our whole family is either in Awana or are leaders. We try and do tremendous handwashing after Awana, but being around a lot of little kids this time of year, we end up getting sick more than usual. I know you are involved in Awana as well and that might be the source of your illnesses.

I so hope you make it this weekend. There are many days before that--garlic up and have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

I should have mentioned this yesterday, but I would highly recommend a Neti Pot. If you can get past what some people think is gross they really do an incredible job. I have had terrible sinus used the pot and found great relief and healing within a day. Just make sure you have lots of kleenex on hand because it will clear you out like no other. It is kind of like an enema for your sinues. This sure beats using all the antibiotics and I will never be without mine again. Here is the website so you can see one.
Be Blessed my precious one...
Aunt Sheila