Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Red, White, and Mess All Over

Towards the end of December, after Christmas but before New Years when I got sick, I got to thinking about what i was going to do for decorations after I took all the Christmas stuff down. I had wreaths up on the walls and windows, topiary trees and glass vases of bulbs on my book shelves, and all my Christmas chatchki on the piano top. I got thinking that red and white would be a nice, fresh theme for the new year, and would carry me past Valentine's Day and into spring. I already had some white and red things and I picked up some more at thrift stores and my trusty dusty antique stores. I was excited about experimenting more and trying to learn more about decorating and making my home more warm and inviting.

Then I got sick, terribly sick, right after the New Year and was juggling sickness and a pretty crazy work schedule, and house sittin on top of that, throughout January. So, I didn't actually take my tree down and get all of my Christmas "stuff" put away until early February, and I was left with an accumulation of red and white things on my piano top, waiting to be dealt with.

Wow, looks great, doesnt it? Really warm and inviting, eh? More like Bleh.

On Monday I finally took the time to sort it all out and figure something out. Ladies... i am really still working at this. It does NOT come intuitive to me. But I gave it my best shot. I put some red and white candles up (didn't take pictures for some reason) around the livingroom and diningroom, and I ended up with this on my piano top:

It's hard to see from this picture but that box that the compote dish (or whatever that's called) is on is just a mandarine oranges box that I painted white.

Basic white acrylic paint. It was so warm out on Monday (above freezing!) that I was able to do this out on my porch.

To prop up the apples in the compote dish I just filled it with newspapers.

Easy cheesy!

I wanted to buy some fresh red flowers forthe vases but MAN are they expensive this time of year, so i just went with my pretty little faux winter berry bundles (that had been in my Christmas wreaths).

And of course I had my best little helper with me, Stuart. You can also see to the right of me a shot down through our apartment: Stuart and I are in the kitchen, that blue room behind us (with the internet cable running on the floor next to Stuart's toy dragon) is the dining room, and beyond that is the infamously unpainted foyer and ito the livingroom. Also visible behind me is my next project: the top section of my pantry: yikes!
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sunshine said...

Wow you did an amazing job! Looks great.
I need to do something with my Fireplace mantel.


Lianne said...

Simple and classy--I like it! I like Stuart too. He's a cutie!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

We think alike!! You should see what's underneath my collections on top of my kitchen cabinets! I have never thought to use newspaper, but will keep that in mind! I love the way you decorated with the white pieces. Beautiful and simple and very elegant! I'm finally getting around to posting the wonderful award you gave me, tomorrow. I've really been battling my pain and have had a hard time getting on the computer. Doctor said to try and lay flat. Well what's a blogging girl to do laying flat??? I will check out your give-a-way as well. Can't wait!!! Thanks again for all your kind words and prayers!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Please stop by tomorrow...I gave you an award!

Ticia said...

Very very nice!
I am also partial to red but I mix mine with a lot of green.
I learned early on that odd numbers and different heights are more pleasing to the eye than
even numbered and even heightened things.
It is kind of funny because we have a natural tendency to make things even. Thanks for sharing your home with us! Leticia

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole - So, that's where you get all these "50s" pictures - from old magazines. Well, I remember the 50s well and it all looks so typical! Yes housewives were housewives in those days. I didn't know a single married woman who "went to work" in those days. Oh, I do remember there was a lady in town who shared the switchboard operating job with her husband. Please do not enter me for the apron although it's cute. We thought we were nifty when we took to wearing half aprons rather than full aprons. Mary Horst

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Thanks for your prayers!!! They mean so much to me that people I have never met are so kind and thoughtful!!! May the Lord bless you for your kindness!

Brenda said...

I think the top of the piano looks great! I love symmetry! :)