Monday, February 2, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... It is a beautiful sunny day. The weather warmed up considerably yesterday but with all this snow we've had I am hoping we don't get flooding.

I am thinking... How incredibly blessed I am to be blogging from home on a Monday morning, with plans of grocery shopping, cooking, and organizing today. I think Monday is going to be my favorite day of the week once the craziness of year-end at work is over.

I am thankful for... Our church. As I get to know more people and feel more comfortable, going to church on Sunday feels like being with family. And I am so blessed by my pastor's teaching and love for the Lord. And if you're reading this pray for my church- they are going to be voting on leadershp soon and there are a few people in the church who want to have women elders... please pray that God's word would be honored and that this would not cause division.

From the kitchen... I got to make my hubby bacon, eggs, and toast this morning, with OJ and fresh ground coffee. For dinner, it'll be my homemade meatballs and pasta with Salad.

I am wearing... Still in my pjs. Shower is right after this.

I am creating... Last night, after I finally stopped cleaning around 11:30, I sat down on the couch and starting leafing through my old women's magazines and taking pictures of the beautiful photos and illustrations. I am excited to be able to use these images on my blog, and maybe elsewhere. My new camera is amazing- For instance, i took this picture without a flash, in a dimly-lit livingroom last night:

I am going... to the grocery store

I am reading... This little article on some of the ridiculous stuff in the stimulous package
I am hoping... that this week will be a bit more sane than last week.

I am hearing... the fan over my stove still going from bacon-making. :)

Around the house... I got a good amount done yesterday: a few loads of laundry, cleaned out the diningroom, and the livingroom closets. More on that later. :)

One of my favorite things... Is actually being able to have the time, energy, and mental space to do Simple Women's daybook!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, Awanna, and on Friday likely helping out the daycare again; my poor friend is still so weak from her sickness.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

These will probably be gone after today...

Oh I love him!


Jen said...

I enjoyed your daybook. Have a great week.

The Man Crew said...

Enjoyed the peek into your life. It's so refreshing to hear women who WANT to make hubby breakfast, look forward to being home and helping to care for kiddos! What a blessing!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I enjoyed the little peek into your life as well! Love the icicles and the little dog in the snow. Very cute!!! Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Awe.... I love my Granddog! He is just toooooo adorable!

Mom Mueller

50s Housewife said...

Wow! Now those are icicles! Glad we don't have any around here. :)

Anonymous said...

The icicle and puppy pictures were great. Your site looks like so much fun I can't wait to check everything out.

Elizabeth said...

How fun to have those fashion photos. I also enjoyed the lovely photo of icicles and your cute little dog in the snow.