Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kitchen Redux 2

Come on in and have a cup of coffee!

Ok, confession time: I don't look like that lovely lady when I'm pouring coffee in the morning. But I do have her bright smile thanks in part to how excited I am over the beautiful new kitchen cupboard my dear husband bought me this week!

So here's the deal: as stated before, our kitchen is a nice size for an apartment kitchen but there are not very many cupboards. In my last post, i showed you the pantry we got from Ikea. Next to that used to be these two items:

I forgot to take a picture before I moved them, but they were side by side like this. I have wanted a bereau-type cupboard for that place in the kitchen for some time now. What I would really like is a hoosier, but unfortunately our outlet is half-way up the wall and prevents us putting anything in that place that is over four feet tall. I have been keeping my eye out at Ikea and antique stores for something (prefering, of course, something old), but everything has either been the wrong size (usually too tall) or waaay too expensive (my budget was pretty modest).

But then, this weekend, when I was at the antique's warehouse going out of business sale, I saw this deco-style cupboard/bureau for.... wait for it.... 50 dollars! Yes ma'am, it was originally 100 but it was marked half off! Behold:

Now, this is no great heirloom antique. I don't know the details on it, but I'm guessing it's a remake in a deco-esque style, probably made mid-century. And it's been painted, which further indicates it's no rare gem. Also, it has some damage on the top:

Which is why they painted it, I imagine. BUT- it is perfect for the space, it fit righ in between the pantry, the window, and the outlet socket! And, it has drawers, which is super exciting, becuase I currently only had two tiny drawers, neither big enough even to put my silverware tray in, so it was sitting, as you can see above, on my kitchen island stand. Now the silverware has a home!

Also it has gorgeous deep cabinets with shelves, great for putting my bowls in and the overflow from the pantry that was keeping it in a shambles.

So, here is my new cupboard, all cozy in its new home:

I am keeping the moveable island that we bought at Ikea last year, it is very handy for extra counter space when I am cooking, and now that it has less stuff on it I will probably use it more!

I bought what I first thought was a cast iron pie rack but am now thinking it is a plate rack and I put a few of my white dishes on it and am using it for a fruit/veg/dessert stand. I think it looks very cute on my new cupboard. Best part? I bought it for two dollars at the thrift store.

Speaking of cast iron, I took the advice of Ruthann over at Warm Pie, Happy Home and bought myself a cast iron skillet. I used to be afraid of them but I really like mine! It's really nice and look great on my stove

You can see the red, white, and black theme I am trying to work in. More on this later... I am thinking about painting my cupboards but I am not naturally gifted at this sort of thing so... I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll take a picture of them and send it on and ask your opinions.

I have had a fabulous Sunday today; we went to church, had soup with my congregation after the service and got to know more people, gave a ride and worked on growing a friendship with a man who is seeking and coming to church, had a nap with my hubby and my puppy, blogged a bit, and now I'm going to go grocery shopping and do some cooking. Not too shabby!
Have a blessed day, ladies, and thanks for stopping by!


OhLookADuck said...

Your little nest is really coming along! Between clearing clutter (the ever present bane of our existence!) and finding those wonderful deals and turning them into beauties, your place is really becoming a visual version of your blog. I really like the way they mesh. Great work!

I'm about to paint one of my white living room walls a deep eggplant. Wish me luck. Yikes!

The Southern Housewife said...

First off- the comment you left for me was amazing. Truly amazing and it touched my heart in so many ways. I push to perfection because I'm a people pleaser. So you're right. I'm trying to do it all. My world feels like ti will fall apart if I don't finish my challenges of a certain blog carnival. I have to do it to prove to myself that I'm good at what I do. Maybe it's more for me than anyone else. I don't know. I'll be thinking about it and praying about it more. I think I had a little breakthrough in my struggle with this. I've even been to therapy because of THIS and nothing. I should have known better and should have turned to God in the first place. The Mary Heart/Martha World book just opened the floodgates of possibilities of not being perfect. And not feeling guilty for being imperfect. I've enjoyed these past days so much because of it.

ANYWAY- I gotta say your kitchen is adorable!!!! And your new catch fits and works perfectly in that area. I lvoe it all! You did an awesome job, sweetie! And I need to get myself a cast iron too! I've been wanting one for a while now and ruthann just sealed the deal!

Anonymous said...

Not too shabby, indeed! Totally awesome and extremely creative would be suitable words.

Love what you have done with the kitchen, and especially the special find in the new cabinet. Knowing you were short on drawer space, doubtless you are thrilled.

Incidentally, the red/white paint theme is a classic no fail. It will be a bright and invigorating colour in which to sculpt delectable delights of all sorts.

Congrats, inspiring homemaker!!!

Mom Mueller

Anonymous said...

absolutely love the pice you got.
all you need is the china cab dad just picked up. very art deco like yours. LOVE IT snd your blog. soryy i dont' get on as much as i shoud

Angela said...

I LOVE what you did. It looks beautiful.