Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good Company

It is 11:15 and I am on my couch doing some data entry for work, hoping to be able to pack it in around midnight, and what is arguably my favorite movie is keeping me company as it has countless times before (literally countless... I have no idea how many times i've seen this movie, but it's a lot). Val Guest's The Day the Earth Caught Fire is a lesser-known 1961 sci-fi flick starring Janet Munro and Edward Judd (two names you probably don't know) and Leo McKern (Rumpole of the Bailey? Number 2 on The Prisoner? Not a fan of British TV? Nevermind...).

Unlike a lot of the cheesy, terrible sci fi movies of the time (think Godzilla or that one about mutant tomatoes) this film is low on the special effects (and what they do is pretty well done) and is beautifully shot. The character development is wonderful and the dialogue is fantastic. It's a very smart story, about a newspaper man tracking down the cause of sudden shifts in the earth's climate, and in the process falls for a girl who works for a goverment office that is hiding a horrible truth: the earth is moving closer to the sun. It's black and white, it's British, all the women look amazing and the men handsome, the lines are classic and... well, i just love it. I watch it a lot when I'm half doing something else: cleaning, crocheting, working, etc.

It's not that easy to come by, we did find it on netflix and then we purchased it online. If you are a movie fan, I highly recommend this one. And asside from an implied love scene between the two main characters (who are admittedly not married) the movie is family-friendly.

Here's a ten minute clip toward the beginning... maybe it will whet your appetite.

Back to my data entry!

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