Monday, January 26, 2009


I write to you all this evening from a most spectacular location: my couch. Well, love seat to be exact, but at 5'1/2", I can stretch my legs out and I am quite cozy. This is the first time I've been able to do this; my laptop is not wired for wireless, so i have to be connected directly to the network cable in my house, and that has thus far limited me to the dining room table. But, as my beloved husband was kind enough to help me, I have a network cable cutting across the foyer to the couch so i can be in a more comfy spot whilst typing.

This was not done so I could blog in more comfort,although that is a bonus! Rather, I have been hooked up, via , to my computer at work and am now able to do some of my work from home. This is terfiffically wonderful news becuase I have so much extra work right now at year's end and I have been dreading the extra hours I've been spending at the office. This way, I should be able to put in my regular hours, Tues-Thurs 9-3, and do my extra stuff here at home. his means, while I am still spending time working, 1.) I am in the comfort of my own home, and 2.) I can be keeping an eye on a stew on the stove, or a load of laundry in the basement, etc, while I am working, and multitask both office work and "home work".

And this development couldn't have come at a better time. God's timing is so good, ladies. We moved back into our place on Saturday afternoon after housesitting for nearly 3 weeks, and I had a lot to do to get the house in order. I got to work saturday afternoon, and worked away yesterday all afternoon and evening, and was at it again today. I was feeling quite good yesterday as i was working away at cleaning the fridge and rearranging my cupboards (before and after pictures to follow soon!),taking pictures and looking forward to sharing on the blog. And today started off so well when my beloved took me to the Antiques warehouse in town and took advantage of their going out of business sale (I'm super bummed they are closing! Thanks, Walmart, for buying up their lot for parking!) and bought be a buffet/cabinet for my kitchen!! I am so super excited about it, ladies, and promise to post a picture very soon. I have been wanting a cabinet for my kithen for a while that would replace the rather ugly microwave cart I have had for years (and have been thankful to have it, as it was free!) and give me more space. I'll blog more on it later, but the point is was so excited to get it here today, and fill it up, and work away on my kitchen.

And then I got a call this afternoon from a sister from church who is in the hospital with pnuemonia. I had told her I was happy to help her with anything, and she asked me to help cover a shift at her home-run daycare on Friday of this week. She has a very able assistant, and I was more than happy to volunteer to help her out in this way. When i got off the phone with her, however, I started to get very anxious and started fretting about my week. It wasn't just the loss of all day Friday, but then I got thinking about how full my schedule this week is going to be in general, and then I started looking around the house at all the things I DIDN'T accomplish (instead of the things I had) and really started to feel panicky.

And then I remembered that I can now work from home! It was such a huge weight taken off my shoulders. I realized that i could do some work tonight, which would relieve my load tomorrow (Tuesday is my busiest day of the week, typically, where I'm gone most of the day until about 9pm) and I could come home the rest of the week at the regularly scheduled time and do my work from home. I actually go excited to sit down here at work on payroll! Haha... talk about a shift in perspective. :)

I will be posting just as soon as I can get all these pictures I've taken since Christmas off my new, gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, wonderful camera. I've been so busy (and/or sick) since Christmas that I haven't even installed the software yet! Now that's busy!

Ladies, thank you all so much for you beautiful comments on my posts, especially Fitness Friday.


Lianne said...

Go, go, you crazy multi-tasker, you! I hope Friday goes well for you. I pray the little ones will be obedient and merciful!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Technology is a wonderful thing allowing us to work from home. I work as a part time transciptionist and it has allowed me to be here for my kids all the time. Glad it's working out for you as well!

Ticia said...

Wow you have been crazy busy! And shortness I a great advantage on the couch! Your comment on my post about the foot wedge reminded me how much I hate having my feet dangle from a chair like I am a little kid! Oh well you take the good with the bad right. I am finally add you to my googlereader list so I will be notified when you post something.
Have a great day, Leticia

the voice of melody said...

How convenient that you can work from home! I'm sure that's especially wonderful when the weather's not so great.

Many sweet blessings!