Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kitchen Re-Dux

This post could double as a "Confession" as it shows the state that my kitchen was left in before I went away to house sit for a couple of weeks. As you may recall, I was sick in the week leading up to house sitting, and was also working extra hours as well, so I didn't have the time/emotional werewithal to leave things the way I would have liked to find them. As a result, I came home to this refrigerator:

And in case that doesn't look gross enough for you, here's a close up of how dirty the glass shelves were:

Can we ALL saw eeewww?

In addition, you may recall a previous confession about my baking good cupboard, which I forgot to take a new picture of before I cleaned it, but here is what one corner looked like, and you can imagine the rest:

My other pantry wasn't fairing any better. Behold:

Soooo... You can see why I spent the better part of an entire day working on my kitchen. And, a few gallons of elbow grease, three garbage bags, a full recylcing bin, and aching sore feet and knees later, and I am proud to present:

My Refrigerator:

Each time we have moved since being married, we have, like the Jeffersons, 'moved on up' when it came to refrigerators. Our first apartment in Ontario we had one of those old-fashioned refrigerators that still had the inside ice box, you know the ones that totally ice over and don't keep anything frozen? It was tiny, and didn't even have a produce drawer in the bottom, or a light to see by or anything. It shows how you adapt, because i would lose my mind if i had to go back to that. Our second apartment we moved up to a new refrigerator, with a proper freezer, but it was still an "apartment sized" refrigerator and was thus still quite small. You couldn't stand up a half gallon of juice or milk on the shelves, to give you an idea.

And then we moved into our current apartment, and I felt like I hit the jackpot- huge freezer, lots of space, and even a nifty cheese/cold meets drawer. And yet... I can fill that puppy right up! I added a couple of baskets/tupperware bins to help keep my breads, meats, and extra condiments organized. And no more mystery goo on the glass!

My baking cupboard:

I got rid of a lot of the junk that was forgotten up there over the past year. here's another mini-confession: I found marshmallows and fruitcake candied fruits from last year's baking left overs. Ooops...

And I labeled some things and made good use of the lazy suzy and a couple of baskets to organize.

My pantry:

I struggle to keep this one in order. Our kitchen is really a decent size, especially for an apartment, but itcame with almost no cupboards. As a result, we went a bought a piece that fit our space from Ikea, but it's really meant to be more of a book shelf than a pantry, and is quite shallow in depth. It's pretty easy to run out of space pretty quickly. But I got ruthless and weeded out foods that we just weren't eating and organized by category and this is definitely helping.

Well! This was so nice to sit and meditate on some accomplishments in the midst of this hectic week. I am still busy at work, and now with a cold (Jeepers, could this month of sickness be over, already!), but it was nice to sit on the couch and think about what i was able to accomplish in my home in the time the Lord gave me. Thanks, ladies, for visitng my kitchen with me!

Part 2 to follow soon!


The Graves' House said...

wow! you've been busy. i hope this will inspire me to tackle the 'closet' i've been avoiding...

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Wow! Everything looks so neat! I think I may take advantage of the snow day and do some reorganizing as well! Love the before and after pictures.

Sarah D. said...

Good job! Please don't come look in my cupboards or pantry!

sunshine said...

We've all got that cold here too. Ugggh! It's a butt kicker, itsn't it?
Your kitchen looks absolutly wonderful. Great job!!!

Angela said...

Great job girl!! Don't you just feel awesome

Elizabeth said...

Everything looks so organized! I know what you mean about it being hard to keep a pantry organized sometimes.