Friday, January 23, 2009

Fitness Friday

I have decided to join Fitness Fridays with Brenda and the gang over at The Family Revised, whom I discovered over at Terry's blog. Fridays seem like a good day for me to evaluate the week behind and what I have accomplished (or not) and i really like Brenda's Christ-centred focus on overall health and well-being.

It just so happens that she is asking today for the ladies involved to state their goals. As I said in my first post on this subject last week, right now I am only setting myself a few goals at a time, and not terribly lofty ones, becuase in the past when I have set myself many tough goals all at once, whenever I failed in the slightest I would get so upset with myself that I would become discourgaged and give up all together.

But I think it's good to talk about some overall goals for myself, long-term, even if I am not expecting myself to meet them right away.

Immediate Goals:

1. Workout at least 3 times a week for 40 minutes
2. Meditate and memorize Matthew 4:4 and Psalm 73:26

Overall Goals: Food

1. Eat little to know sugar (I have given sugar up in the past and have lost tons of weight and just felt better overall)
2. Eat very few refined carbohydrates (I find they do nothing for me except pack on the pounds, and are devoid of nutrtional content. This would include white rice, bread, pastas, etc).
3. Eat only healthy fats (Olive oil, fish oils, small amounts of butter and animal fats; no low-grade vegetable oils, reduced saturated animal fats, NO hydrogenated or trans fats)
4. If I can manage the above three, I won't have to worry about getting in my five fruits and veggies, because I'll be doing it almost by default

Overall Goals: exercise

1. I want to be working out at least five times a week, eventually.
2. I want to be fit. I want to be able to go hiking or cross-country skiing with some friends, and not feel like the fat girl that hold everyone up, or can't do it at all. I want to feel comfortable in my body, not so inflexible and immobile as I do now.

Overall Goals: Spiritual

I want to truly believe, and live out, Matthew 4:4, which says that "Man shall not live by bread alone but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God." Jesus Christ said this at a time of great, great temtptation, in the state of near-starvation, and I have a hard time remembering it when I'm reaching for the fifth cookie after a filling dinner. I want to have food in it's proper perspective, and I want ot be so in love with Christ that I don't need food, or even want it, to fill up those places in my heart and mind where only my Savior should live.


I'd like to get to around 120 as an ultimate weight goal, as that is what my doctor told me would be healty. But to be totally honest, I would be trilled to get under 130. I wouldn't be overweight anymore if I made it to 130, and I would be so much more healthy and light.

Progress Thus Far

As far as how my last couple of weeks have gone, I have been more or less sticking to my goals. Last week I worked out three times for at least 40 minutes, as stated, and I did mediated frequently on Matthew 4:4 and Pslam 73:26, both of which I have memorized. I won't lie and say that it had a very big effect on what I put in my mouth, but I was at least thinking about it, and it made me more aware of what I was eating, which is a good, slow step in the right direction for me, as usually I try to cut everything out all at once,a nd restrict my portions at the same time, and end up feeling insane and defeated.

This week has been a bit tougher and I've only been to the gym twice. But I still have tomorrow and Sunday before the week us up, and I do plan to workout at least one of those two days, even if it's just taking a long walk outside.

It is amazing to me how totally out of shape I am. Two summers ago I reached my lowest weight since college, about 139 lbs. At that point, I was exercising pretty regularly,and could easily jog a couple of miles (slowly, mind you, but still), and could work out every day of the week and only feel great because of it. Now, back at about 180 lbs, my poor body is not only our of shape but so heavy, that working out is very difficult. Where I once could easily jog, now I can walk, and not that fast, to keep in my target heart range. My ankles are very sore when I am walking on the treadmill, and I find myself wanting to break into a jog just to relieve the tension in the muscles by using them differently, but if I got for more than a minute at a time my heart rate shoots way up out of my range. I find mypoor ankles are so weak that it is distracting while I am trying to exersice; the rest of my body is fine, my cardio and heart rate are doing well, but I wan to stop because of my ankles! I can't ever remember this being a problem, and further demonstrates to me how heavy and out of shape I have allowed myself to become.

One really great outcome of getting up to workout is that I am being so much more regular in my devotional times in the morning. I have to be up for at least 30-40 minutes before I can brave the Canadian winter in the dark to get to the gym, so this gives me time to spend in prayer and in the word, while I warm up with a cup of coffee. I have always known that devotionals and exercise go hand in hand... it's just the discipline of doing them that is the trick.

Because I am still housesitting and don't have access to a scale I don't actually know what my weight is. I'll get to see tomorrow, though.

Yikes! Another long post! My readership seems to have dropped off since the inauguration... if you ladies were hesitant to comment on political posts, or you just disagreed with me, fear not... I will be back to posting homemaking content starting this weekend, when I get to go home!!


Sarah D. said...
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Sarah D. said...

I think starting out with small goals is a great idea! If walking/jogging are part of your fitness interests, then an idea down the road would be to participate in a local race. I'm by no means an athlete, but I've done a few and they are a good way to exercise with a goal. There are races for all kind of fitness levels and many just for fun rather than competition. I don't know if there are any in your area but it's just a thought (you could check You have all my love and support in any endeavor you choose!

Johanna said...

I love how you note that exercise and devotions go hand in hand! That is so true! I also completely understand feeling so out of shape. After half a pregnancy of bedrest followed by the 2 month recovery, my body is screaming at my workouts. But I know that if I keep at it, it will get easier!

Brenda said...

Well, you certainly seem to know what works for you (or has in the past). I think you have great goals and don't they make supports for ankles that you could wear? It seems like I have seen them.

You are right--when you cut out the bad stuff from your diet--fruits and veggies come more naturally!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the girls on the other comments. Baby steps. The more you exercise the easier it will be. I have muscles I didn't even know I had when I walk a distance, even when I ran and was fit. I wish I was there with you as I need fitness bad. I too have a weight problem, but as few realize to be skinney and unable to gain is as bad as the other end of the spectrum. Keep up the good work, getting into a routine is difficult, but you've done it before.
Can't believe you are still housesitting. Where are Laurie and Derrick?

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Good post. I think you are being wise by starting out with small goals. It can get overwhelming when you try to do it all at once.

karly said...

Welcome to Fitness Friday! :) Love your goals, and I totally agree wit you when you said that devotionals and exercise go hand in hand. That is so true for me too!

I know you will do a fabulous job and I can't wait to see your progress!

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Welcome, Armchair housewife!

I like your goals, and I agree- slow and steady wins the race.

Mi said...

Welcome aboard. I started w/ the same kind of goals. I told my hubby that I wanted to set goals that I would have to consciously decide not to keep. Even though I fell off during the holidays I can say that it surprised me how many of those goals had filtered into my life & I wasn't as off track as I had been in the past. Look forward to checking in next week.