Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why I am able to blog so frequently

I have had a few lovely ladies who read my blog comment on how frequently I blog, and most of them made the comment in a positive way. :) Thank you, Lianne, for saying you look forward to my posts; I look forward to yours too! You are such a funny lady, you write with such wit.

In case some of you think all I do is sit around and blog all day, let me clarify that I don't. I am able to blog as frequently as I do for the following reasons:

1. I don't have kids. let's face it ladies; this is the big one. not having children, especially minor children still in the home, gives me not only the time but also the mental and emotional energy to take ten minutes and do a blog post. I can quick sit down while the potatoes are boiling to do a quick post, and don't have to spend that time making sure the kids are setting something on fire in the next room because gee they seem awfully quiet all of a sudden... ;)

2. I work out of the home only part time.

3. I am a fast typer. Quite a fast typer, really. And I'm a fast talker, so whatever i need to say just comes all at once and I type it up and I'm done.

4. I keep my posts simple. Unlike some more thought-provoking blogs like Breathing Grace or Homeliving Helper or the LPM Blog, I really just post about what I'm doing that day, or one or two specific thoughts that are floating around in my brain. This blog acts more like a diary than a journal; I just keep a log of what I'm up to, which doesn't take the time or planning that a more serious-subject and discussion blog would take.

5. This is my "hobby". I don't scrapbook, stamp, collect stuff, facebook or myspace, read blogs other than the few homemaking ones that come into my blogroll, ski, golf, ultimate frisbee, whatever. I do other things as well like crochet when we're watching a movie on the couch, and I've been getting into some crafty things, but this is my "creative" outlet, at least for the moment.

6. I don't watch a lot of TV. Caleb and I watch two TV shows a week, and we do watch movies sometimes, but I'd say we watch about an hour a tv a day on average, some days watching none, others watching a whole movie, etc. In the evening when a lot of people snuggle up to watch TV, I am uploading pictures to make a blog post.

7. My house is getting more clean and organized. So I actually can sit down and do this and not feel like I'm neglecting my priorities.

So hopefully this helps dispel any notion anyone might have that all I do is blog all day. :) Thanks for tuning in, ladies, it's so much fun, and i am so honored that you'd take the time to read these pages. :)


Nana 2 four said...

Well, I personally am glad you can blog frequently! I enjoy your writings. I'm with you about t.v. We don't watch it around here - we live in the country and can't get cable and there's nothing on anyway, so I would rather be on the computer. Keep up the blogging! You are quite good at this!

Beth Herring

Angela said...

I too type very fast, 85 W.P.M. the last time I was tested. My computer is beside the kitchen, so like you I am able to multi task. I enjoy your posts and thank God that He inspires you to share from your heart.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I agree...blogging is now my hobby as well! So glad you can find the time to do EVERYTHING!

Lianne said...

I am glad you took my compliment in the spirit it was intended--I was definitely not saying "How do you find the time to to blog so much?" LOL!

The funny thing for me is that I don't have to worry about my kids setting stuff on fire when I blog...They are good that way. I have to worry about me forgetting that I was in the middle of doing, say, cleaning the bathroom. :|

p.s. Thanks for the shout-out!

sunshine said...

I too am very happy you are able to blog so frequently.. :)
P.S. I love Battlestar Gallactica!

sunshine said...

.... It's been 15 hours or so since your last blog post. Where the heck are you and why haven't you blogged??????!!!???


sunshine said...

Perhaps I should add a "LOL" after my last comment...

"LOL" ;)