Saturday, December 13, 2008

Second Hand Armchair

I have done so many of these posts now where I show you second hand goodies i've purchased or aquired it almost seems like they need their own blog! That's pushing it but what they do need is their own post, sort of like Armchair Confessionals. So, introducing "Second Hand Armchair". Its the cutest thing I could come up with... hey, I never claimed to be creative. ;)

Some of you probably think seeing pictures of stuff I buy is about as boring as dry toast, but I post them because

1) I love the thrill of the hunt and want to post for my own enjoyment, but
2) because I really want to spread the "gospel" of buying second hand. It saves money, it recycles, it often gives some of the proceeds if not at all to a good cause

(even if the good cause is getting stuff out of people's houses at yard sales), and it's just so much more fun, in my humble opinion, to find a unique treasure for a deal than a mass-produced, overpriced retail object that everyone shopping with you has in their cart, too. Can you tell I'm into this?! Haha.. it comes from neccessity, I suppose, from not having tons of money, but it also is just a thrill for me. I find retail shopping dull at best and anxiety-producing at worst, so I'm hoping I can encourage some of you to consider second hand shopping, andto see the fun deals you can find.

I was at the local MCC store last week looking for an apron. I didn't find an apron, but I did find all of these treasures:

I paid less that 25 dollars for everything on this table.

I got this beautiful green and gold ceramic chip and dip that will be fantastic for both fall and winter entertaining. It is a hand-made piece by Mountanview Ceramics here in Ontario, Canada, and a piece this size probably went for 50 dollars or more when it was purchased, but I got it for... three dollars. Yes ma'am. It was originally six dollars, but the red tags were half off, so I got it for THREE DOLLARS. And it looks like it's never been used. I served veggies and dip in it for my ladies' dinner this week and got a compliment.

This picture is a good opportunity to say I am for the first time in my life actually thinking about collecting something, and that is colored glass. You have all seen my green glass finds (if not, see them here and here), and I have been using them so much this December and am so glad I found them! And I got thinking how nice it would be if i could have some colored glassware for all four seasons. I already had in my posession two bowls of ths beautiful golden brown glass, and I have since founds a few more pieces that will go in my "autumn" box I am creating for next year. Who ever thought I'd be someone with an "autumn" box?! Not me! :)

And I paid a total of five dollars for those items above.

When I had my inlaws over to kick off my Christmas dinners last week, I wanted to serve punch but realized I had nothing to serve punch in. I can safely say in my six years ofmarriage I have never had an occassion in my home to serve punch. So who would bother with a punchbowl?

And the very next day, last Saturday, i found this punchbowl with a complete set of cups (all mint condition) for... 7 dollars, cups included. Yes, ma'am. And it's clear glass so it's all-season and I plan to use it very soon.

This picture is of some goodines that my mother gave me. They were items she has picked up at garage sales or auctions but no longer had use for them. And actually, the clear glass bowl was my great-grandmothers, and she bequethed it to me. I used it to serve cranberry sauce this week at the ladies' dinner, so I was excited.

As you can see, all three bowls are the pretty golden-brown color I want to use for next Autumn's decorating and entertaining. I'm probably all set for bowls now! And the grand total here was zero dollars, although my mom probably paid ten dollars or so for all three pieces when she got them second hand. (can you tell I come by my second hand appreciation honestly? :) )

That's it for now. I just bought a few more lovely items yesterday, which are already being transformed into decorations. When I do my Christmas decorations post (by Monday or bust) I will show how I used those items.

Have a blessed Saturday, ladies! I am going to spend it baking, cooking for hubby's business christmas gifts and muffins and squares for my church's Christmas play. Thank you all SO much for stopping in and journeying with me; you are all so precious to me.


Angela said...

Guess what!! I have those red wine glasses, TONS of them. My mom gave them to me when my parents downsized from their home.Red is my favorite colour. Guess what! I LOVE second hand! I can't wait till May when yard sales start up again,lol. You will find my girlfriend and I out at 7 a.m. newspaper in hand and out we go till 12 noon. I have SAVED my family TONS of money! This year, with my husband out of work for the last three months, I took out my 4 rubber maid bins and FOUND all my goodies that I have accumulated since Boxin Day. MANY brand spanking new items. I have been able to provide beautiful gifts for SO many people. When people come to my home they will comment on this item or that item, and I usually say, 'yard sale, 10 cents, yard sale 1.00'.LOL. I have bought myself MANY items of clothing, praise God, since I've been losing alot of weight over the last two years. I REFUSE to buy full price for anything! I was able to buy a brand spanking new Nike sweatshirt, tag still on for 39.99 for 25 cents..yahooooo.

Girl, if your even down my way, guess what you and I will be doing,lol.

sunshine said...

I've never been able to get to yard sales. My kids all play soccer and during the good weather, Saturday mornings is game time.

Besides... I've got soooo much stuff of my own. (being Italian I've got glasswear still packed from my wedding showers over 16 years ago! ... wanna come over and get

So you are from Ontario too? You, me and Ang should get together for a diet pepsi sometime.. hehe. Perhaps you could both convert me to yard saleing! (highly unlikely though ;p )

Congratulations on your finds! They are lovely.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Wow, what great finds!!! I do love a good treasure hunt as well, but don't really seem to have the time anymore. Your collections seem very nice...have fun adding to them!!!

Anonymous said...

Caught up on your blog today. mJust love it. and you know i love second hand. love the decorations. i love you.

Armchair Housewife said...

Hey ladies, than you all SO much for your great comments and for affirming my love for all things second hand. Angela, I praise the Lord that He blessed your family with these saved up second hand treasures that are now coming in so handy with your husband being laid off, which by the way I am gla hear that and I WILL be praying for you.

And Sunshine, if we are all Ontario girl, who knows, maybe sometime in the future we could arrange something, although I must confess I am a bonafide diet COKE kind of gal... ;)