Monday, December 15, 2008

RIP Kodak Easyshare C530

Well, friends... after a long struggle my little camera has gone on to digital heaven. The poor little dear was never much to begin with, a little 30 dollar thing my hubby bought at a bargain shop and passed it on to me when he bought a real camera for work. It ate batteries with lightning speed, it never framed pictures correctly, any shot with the flash made the subject look like it was in a tunnel, and for the past few months the plastic hatch door for the batter compartment begun falling apart, first with a little crack, and eventually being reduced to pieces held together by masking tape and a prayer. Then, yesterday, as i was taking pictures of my mother in law's tasty no-bake chocolate marshmallow squares... good old C530 got knocked over into the sink. After multiple attempts to get it up and running again, we finally "called it" and made funeral arrangements.

This means that there will of course be no Christmas decorations post today but, not to be daunted, I went out and bought a little disposable camera yesterday. I fully intend today, in between and after baking about 5 dozen squirrel shaped cookies for hubby's business Christmas gifts, to take photos of my house with the disposable and get them turned into one of them-there fancy disks and upload the pictures. This means I may not have them up until the end of the week, but... better late than never, I suppose. :)

I have been nearly assured by Hubby Claus that I will be receiving a new camera for Christmas, which I am very much looking forward to. Until then I'll just have to make do with this old fashioned technology. But I'm a retro kind of girl, right?


Lianne said...

"Squirrel shaped cookies?" I am so laughing at this! It makes me think about the armadillo cake in "Steel Magnolias." What, pray tell, is your hubby's business that calls for squirrel shaped cookies? LOL!

Angela said...

My digit camera's memory card that holds TONS of pics has acted up. Thank God I have a spare, holds 12 pictures,lol. I need to get another one but that is a luxury that will have to wait. Looking foward to seeing the pics soon. ((hugs))

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Yes, I am interested in seeing these squirrel shaped cookies as well! Glad you'll be getting a new camera can we bloggers live without a camera??? Enjoy your day!!

sunshine said...

Definatly YES we need a shot of the squirrel shaped cookies. LOL

We started off with a crappy camera too. This year I finally put my foot down and bought a better one.

I mean seriously.. we have 4 kids and I was missing out on TONS of photo op's. We can't have that!

I hope hubby buys you a sweet pink little cyber shot like I have. I "wove" my pink camera!!!!!

((Hugs)) Laura