Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Got the Winter Blues?

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Got the Winter Blues?

I find it is so easy to get into a funk or even a little bit of depression in the winter. I struggle with so little light in the evening, and if the house feels dark and quiet, it is prime time for the enemy to get me feeling lonely and for some reason I am so prone to reflect on the negative and my failures when it's too quiet and dark on long winter nights.

So, as someone who struggle with this myself, can I make a few suggestions that really help me?

1.) Pray. Seriously, get on your knees alone with the father, confess any sins you are harboring, tell Him you need His spirit, tell Satan to get behind you and geta big dose of love from your Heavenly Father. Get real with him, get open.

2.) Read the Christmas story in Luke, starting with Elizabeth's story.
Advent is one of the most "feminine" times of the year if you think about it. The season is literally pregnant with the hope of the coming of a Savior. Reading Elizabeth's and Mary's journey, and the beauty and mystery of the second person of the Trinity becoming a child so that we might know Him and be saved.

3.) Light some candles around your house.
Even if your house is a wreck and needs cleaning, light candles first! I find candle light is such a comfort during the winter, it brightens and warms all at the same time.

4.) Put on your favorite Christmas Music.
Christ-centred carols are the best, but even the fun secular stuff like Bing Crosby and Perry Como can just warm up your mind and heart if you have fond memories associated with the old classics. Put it on right after you light all the candles.

5.) Put on a pot of Apple cider.
Don't have apple cider in the house? Do what I do: Open a can of Apple juice, and put in a few cinnomin sticks (or even ground cinnomin if that's all you have), and make a pomander out of an orange and some cloves. NO cloves? Just cut the orange in half and stick it in. Have any cranberry juice around? Throw a dash of that in as well. Whatever it is, just get it warm and bubbly on the stovetop; the smell is so warm and comforting and makes any place feel like a home you want to be in.

6.) Clean your house. Not only will things being more clean make you more cheerful, but just the act of cleaning, being up and around and doing things, being active, will help chase away the winter blues. This can be the toughest one because if you are already feeling blue and cheerless, it can be hard to get started. But if you light the candled, put on CHristmas or your favorite worship music, and put that cider on, you'll be in the mood to make the house look as warm and homey as it smells and sounds.

House already clean? Then start a project of some sort, or get into cleaning a closet. Be active, do something that will feel like an accomplishment.

7.) Watch that silly video I made of me, Caleb, and our dog Stuart. If that doesn't give you a laugh, you are have a lump of coal for a heart. :)

Merry Christmas, ladies.
I am praying today that none of us will allow the enemy to steal our joy at this precious time of year. We all struggle with it. But God is mightier than any seasonal blues.

Love you all!


the voice of melody said...

I just love what you've shared (and the video was so cute!). All of them are such great suggestions for bringing joy and comfort into our home and heart.

Many sweet blessings! :)

Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful, creative lady you are! Thank you for the reminders to seek out light during a dark time in the winter when one can feel tired and overwhelmed rather than refreshed and renewed in what God has made possible for us through Christ.

Something I like to do is go for a walk in the evening. It is a quiet, silent occassion to breathe refreshing air and take in the beauty of the snow and coloured lights.

And yes, I did have a good chuckle over your "family Christmas video." That silly dog (well, granddog!) just makes me smile even when he is not dancing a jig.

Love Mom Mueller

Armchair Housewife said...

Mom, the walk is a great idea! Especially when the snow is falling and you can appreciate God's beautiful creation, even if it is cold!

sunshine said...

Thanks for the idea's.
I'm going to go and clean my house...there's always something to do in that department.

Anonymous said...

I think the number one thing to do to beat depression is to read "The Armchair Housewife" It is always such an encouragement and brings a smile to my heart. I was laughing outloud at my desk at the video. Stuart is quite the talented dog!!! Thank you for sharing the gift of your heart with me and so many others. I do agree prayer is one of the most healing and inspirational things we can do. This year I have served in many various areas in our community which by focusing on others has helped me focus less on myself.. I have rang the bell for Salvation Army, helped at Our Father's House and wrapped gifts with Sr. citizens whose arthritic hands have a hard time doing those things, but the stories of their lives and the faithfulness of our God have been instilled in my heart forever. I even took on a project "Can Hunger" inviting people to bring their canned goods so we could donate them to our local food pantry because hunger knows every season. I'm not sayig this to bring glory to myself but to honor God with the gifts He has given to me to honor Him through service. It has been quite an adventure :-) Much Love to All!
Aunt Sheila

Armchair Housewife said...

Thanks for adding all of your lovely ideas, ladies: going for walks, doing volunteer work, reading my blog... haha! Thanks for being a part of the discussion!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

This is definitely what I needed! Thanks, I'm off to light some candles now!

Lianne said...

I thought this was a great post! And, you know what? All these suggestions are practical for other times of the year too. Maybe you will have to substitute lemonade for the apple cider in the summer and maybe praise music for Christmas music (although there is a station in Alabama that plays it in July), but all of these uplifting ideas are great ideas for everyday life!

Thanks for your ideas. I'm off to light candles and vacuum as I listen to Christmas music! (I am NOT going to clean the bathroom today, though. It's extra sparkly from its "cleaning" yesterday!) :)