Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Introducing Armchair Reviews

I know what you're thinking... there is no way she is starting another page to this blog. But I am! I watched a terribly horrid movie the other night and I so wanted to post about it here and warn you all away from wasting your money and your 88 minutes of free time.

And then I got to thinking about how I love to "talk" books, movies, tv, and other forms of arts and entertainment with people, and how I long for Christians to engage in critical thinking when interacting with media of all kinds. And then I thought maybe in a small way I could contribute to the discussions and have a place to jabber on about arts, media, and culture.

The page is up and running, although it will likely be spiffed up with more bells and whistles as time marches on. My first review is up, of that terribly horrible Sleuth, and just as with the recipe blog I will post a "window entry" here at Armchair Housewife to alert you of a review, and you only need follow the link from here to the review. No need to "follow" the other blog unless you just want to fill your blogroll up.

I must tell you this review was pretty short and sweet becuase of time constraints, but in the future I plan to be a bit more extensive and thoughful in my reviews. I really hope you ladies will take part and comment on items you have read, watched, or viewed, and will give your two cents.


sunshine said...

Great review! I won't bother seeing the movie.

My sister in law Debbie and I go to the movies every Tuesday night. I should be doing reviews too!!!

We saw The Day The Earth Stood Still, last night. Booooooo! And I love those kind of films!!!

Great review!

Armchair Housewife said...


Yes, my hubby went to see it with his dad and brother and was quite disappointed. We are totally sci fi geeks, too, but he said it was pretty flat. Thanks for contributing!